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A short History of the ancient City State of Danzig

Concerning her standing in the Community of all Nations,
And her place in World History

When we come to speak of the "History of the City State of Danzig" we find that, especially after WW II, certain World rulers, and none other than the United Nations Organization, have decreed that the Free State, or Free City of Danzig has never existed, therefore, has no place in the history of the "free World!"
Equally amazing is the fact that no Map or World Atlas shows the territory of the Free State of Danzig anymore or tells of her people, although the City State of Danzig came into being by solemn Treaty, by the Treaty of Versailles, i. e. by legal means, by means of International Law!

The very existence of the Free State of Danzig came about by certain irresponsible Politicians miscalculations, and was dictated.
Dictated for the purpose of weakening the German Reich of which the City of Danzig was part of up to the end of WW I, but was nevertheless established in good faith, quite correctly and sincerely, under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, never to be repudiated!
International Law is very explicit about it.
Once a State is created by rule of Law, it cannot be disowned, disavowed, rejected or refused to be recognized, for all time, except by consent of a plebiscite as given by the very people concerned.

Indeed, this was done, by the powers that ruled the World after WW I, by means of brutal force,
by means of heavy-handed imposition on the people of Danzig, very much against the expressed will of all her people, who vehemently protested early in 1919 in Mass rallies against being separated from Germany.

The UNO, the successor of the Geneva League of Nations, formally established on August 24, 1945
by less than 50 Nations, was dominated by the communist Block from the very beginning of its inception at San Francisco.
And it was the communist Block, a communist Poland in particular, that pressured the other Members of the "free world" to wipe the Free State of Danzig off the Maps, and sanction
" Genocide", better known today as 'ethnic cleansing' of her people.

"Genocide" and wholesale Terror, waged against the innocent, helpless and defenseless civilians.
Such Terror campaign had been going on since early April of 1945 in the territory of the Free State of Danzig, not only there, but and in all other German Provinces east of the Oder/Neisse line as well.

In the territory of the Free State of Danzig however, the Terror was taken to excess!
And ever since that happening, the people of Danzig have been vilified. defamed, traduced, ill spoken of, degraded, debased and ostracized by the rest of the World.
Indeed, as more and more vile Propaganda out of Poland comes, the flames of hatred have been kept going, and going, and going to this very Day.

Did any of the UNO Members know about that massacre going on in that part of the World in 1945, and beyond? For sure they did!
And applauded Poland for getting rid of the German menace, once and for all!

That abominable decision by the United Nations Organization, which has caused untold misery,
not only for the people of Danzig, but for all the Millions of hapless German speaking civilians driven out of the Homeland east of the Oder/Neisse line, is something to behold, so horrendous it was:
And we are supposed, and forbidden by the UNO, not ever to talk about!

And as the UNO went along with Poland's demands, and by doing so proved herself to be part of the conspiracy and cabal, it even helped to cover up this kind of scandal from the rest of humankind by giving the people of Danzig, the silent treatment, and then being abusive, indicating that the citizens of the Free State of Danzig do not belong to the Human race, do not belong to the Family of Nations, therefore, have no rights even to exist on this Earth!

Why it was done is shrouded in mystery, for Poland although listed as a founding Member of the United Nations Organization, she did not even bother to attend the inauguration of the UNO.
The history of the Free State of Danzig, counting from November 11, 1918, is very much the history of Humankind altogether.
Namely, a sad and sorry tale of virtually unending oppression, violence, and unrestrained cruelty against already downtrodden people!
The few bright spots - Athens during the golden age of Greece, the early Roman Republic, the Renaissance, the American Republic up to around 1900 - only underscores the long periods of unrelieved darkness!

World history, as the adage goes is always written by the Victor, by the strong and omnipotent.

Another maxim and general Truth makes it clear that World history is ruled by Dogma, and by a great number of other factors.
Such factors determine how World history is presented in a variety of forms and of guises and made digestible by use of skillful propaganda tactics.

Spin Doctors masquerading as Historians, on either side of the fence, thereafter are always busy by adding, subtracting, omitting, distorting, falsifying or deleting to the score of World history whenever it is expedient.
What is true today might not be true tomorrow, and visa versa.
It always depends who is writing the account of certain events that did happen, or may not have happened in the manner described.
Sad to say, reality, more often than not, can and does, differ by as much as 180 degrees, or even more.
Which version of World history is right or wrong, more believable more than any other in most cases is hard to tell.
Accurate pictures of world events as to subjective and objective reality is always open to conjecture, therefore is very hard to pin point, or is destroyed deliberately, or is buried in dusty archives never to see the light of day.
The reason for this kind of thing happening is quite obvious, and lies in the fact that World history can and is usually manipulated, skillfully managed, politicized, twisted around the policy, or is otherwise influenced or distorted for a variety of reasons, mainly by vested interest to suit a certain purpose or agenda.

And when it come to certain dominant Rulers, or Politicians of an era, from any country, all of those who have had a leading hand in determining great events in World history, starting Wars etc… out of absolute nothing, there is proof aplenty, that what they did, or said, often later turns out to be a Lie!
World history therefore, is never clear- cut, or comes only in Black and in White!

It rather comes in all shades of gray, and various other colours, and distortions, and is very much influenced by certain political conditions at the time, and by induced human emotions stirred up by the Powers that be, and by much Propaganda suitable for all occasions used to sway, and to mislead the unthinking multitudes.

George Orwell wrote in Nineteen Eighty-Four that those who control the present control the past. And so it is!
It would be difficult to prove George Orwell wrong, for surely it is not a mere coincidence that the dim picture of World history taught in government schools everywhere, and the even more vague history repeated incessantly by so-called intellectuals, just happen to create a worldview in which governments through the centuries have made it possible that everything is rosy, neat and tidy, good and decent in the world today.

A case in point, her standing in World history, is the case of the City State of Danzig!
The City State of Danzig is conceived to be the catalyst, Pandora's box, the cause of all that evil,
The very torch that ignited WW II, and has set the whole world on fire on September 01, 1939!
And ever since all the many Worlds conflicts, ongoing or in the making, have not come to rest even today.

For it is true, The Second World War broke out at Danzig, not as the rest of the World most passionately believes, in Poland.
That fact of World history alone should have assured the City State of Danzig of at least a footnote in history, and of being mentioned.
But no!
Instead, when WW II that started at her doorsteps, and virtually also ended there, the City State of Danzig had suffered not only total destruction and oblivion, but her people had to die a thousand Death, and had to endure the extra humiliation of being accused of having, aided and abetted the Nazis, and of actually having provoked WW II.

Because of that unspeakable crime, both, the City State of Danzig, and her, by the Geneva League of Nations, disarmed people, have been most diabolically punish for, and then thrown onto the rubbish heap of History, never to be mentioned again.

Here, we accuse the United Nations of prejudice and bias in favour of Poland, and of being a part of a conspiracy of "Poland's genocide inflicted onto our people!"

More than six decades thereafter, Arguments, however, about the legality and correctness or otherwise, of the City State of Danzig being eradicated, and wiped off all Maps of the World, is still raging, and going on.
Such arguments that are underpinned by much abuse, personal hatred, violence, discrimination, rejection, coercion and racial hatred ongoing still, can never be decisively settled without fairness and good will, and therefore are fodder for endless scholarly dissertations ostensibly "proving" this theory or that!

As to the chronological time table of the history of the City State of Danzig, notwithstanding Polish assertions to the contrary;
How old the City of Danzig is, nobody really knows for sure, but we'll try to give an unbiased account of it the best we can:

Fact is that from around the first Millennium B.C. to around the year 500 A.D. Germanic tribes (Goth or Vikings) already had established settlements at the Vistula River Delta where later the City of Danzig was to be situated.
Burial sites of Germanic tribes discovered at Oliva, (only a few km's from the City proper) prove that without any doubt, history of that age does not tell us of any Slavonic people having lived there before.
Indeed, Roman coins found in that area are traced back to around the year 200 B.C.

In 78 A.D. Plinius mentions the River Vistula as a German River, whereas Tacitus cites settlements of Germanic Goth at the mouth of that River Vistula.

Whereas, the more modest Germanic people, German speaking Merchants in particular, only speak of Danzig being granted some kind of City status, under the laws of the German city of Luebeck being a center of Commerce on the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, in the year of 1224,
Slavonic Poles, on the other hand, having their own agenda to push, very much like to put the date of the existence of Danzig forward at around the year 997 A.D.

997 A.D.
Poles say, is the date of Danzig's birth, and promptly, for Propaganda purposes, have celebrated the founding of the 1,000 year old City in 1997, although evidence of that is more than vague, and most speculative.
In spite of lack of any real evidence, modern age Poles are most eager to point to the existence of an obscure document that speaks in (suspicious) Latin terms of ( urbs Gydddanyzc) when in fact there might have been nothing more but a small fishing village, perhaps.

1224 The City of Danzig was granted City status under the Laws of the German City of Luebeck!

Just 5 years after being granted City status, Danzig was invited by Luebeck to join the Hanse, (Hanseatic League) and from that time onwards the Merchant city of Danzig really started to flourish, grew in accumulation of wealth and riches unrivalled in the region.

Danzig submits, and comes under the control of the Teutonic Order of Knights.

13. 09. 1309

The Teutonic Order of Knights pay, to the Duke of Brandenburg, the sum of
10, 000 Marks in Silver, for possession of most parts of Pomerallia, including Danzig.
The German King, Heinrich VII, confirms the sale.

1359 - 1502

The Church of St. Marien, (St. Mary's Church) construction of it that had begun in around 1240, was greatly enlarged during that period, to become the biggest Gothic style, solid brick Building and place of Worship in the whole of Europe. Other impressive buildings like the Arthur's Court soon followed.

15. 07. 1410

In the battle at Tannenberg (Grunewald) the Teutonic Order of Knights lost badly against the combined forces of Poland and Lithuania.
The Teutonic Order so weakened, having lost most of its power, had to give up their hold on Danzig.
Danzig, meanwhile, from 1440 onwards, joined the Prussian Bund in order to shake off the dominance of the Teutonic Order of Knights, and started to take up alliance negotiations with the Polish Crown in order to seek protection.

06. 03.1454

The Polish King Casimir did sign a document that put Danzig, and the West-Prussian Staende, (Estates) under the protection of the Polish Crown.

Danzig thus had entered into a Personal Union with the Polish Crown per se, not to be confused with
the Polish State, and is granted certain privileges by the Crown of Poland without losing any of her independence, or having to submit to suzerainty.
This kind of 'real politik', an arrangement that worked well for either side, with the Polish Crown profiting enormously from Danzig continuing growth in wealth, wealth that was gained from unrestricted maritime trade and commerce. A Commerce and trade that expanded far beyond the boundaries of the Baltic and North Seas, deep into Russia even.
From this arrangement, a perfidious Poland always relates "eternal feudal rights over Danzig!"

Danzig under the protection of the Polish Crown (1454 - 1793)

1520 Danzig under siege by an Army of the Teutonic Knights
1522 Reformer Jacob Hegge preaching in Danzig
1526 Polish King Sigismund is using force (unsuccessfully) to stop the Reformation in Danzig

1577 Stephan Barthory, King of Poland lays siege to Danzig, unsuccessfully

1626 A Protestant Danzig is besieged by Protestant Gustav Adolph, King of Sweden

1660 The Peace treaty of Oliva (Friedensschluss) does end the second (1655 - 1660) Poland - Sweden War, therefore the Swedish siege, and Harbour blockade of Danzig

1709 Outbreak of the Pestilence that played havoc, and had struck down the best part of the Danzig population.

1734 Russian and Saxonian troops besiege the City of Danzig
1772 First partition of Poland
1773 Prussian troops occupy the City of Danzig

Danzig under the Kingdom of Prussia (1793 - 1807)

March - May 1807 Danzig is besieged by the Armies of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Danzig, after suffering starvation and daily bombardments, is City is taken by the
French Army, and remains under French occupation until early 1814.
The French occupation shaped the culture and idiom of Danzig's society to a great extent.

Danzig, the Free City (first version) by the grace of Conquer Napoleon (1807 - 1813)

09. 07. 1807 Peace Treaty of Tilsit

Danzig declared a "Free City" under Napoleons rule.
The French then simply raided the City's coffers, and imposed all kinds of Taxes on the hapless Burghers.

Jan. - Nov. 1813 Russian-Prussian siege of Danzig

02. 01. 1814

Danzig surrenders to Russian/Prussian troops.

Danzig under the State of Prussia (1814 - 1920)

1824 - 1878

Danzig becomes part of Westprussia, and is administrated from Koenigsberg/Prussia


The River Vistula, in the flood of the century, finds a new bed and breaks through to the Baltic Sea at Weichselmuende.


The Prussian King proclaimed as the German Emperor

1895 - 1897
During this time the Defense walls, that surrounded the City of Danzig, are taken down.

The Treaty of Versailles (28 June 1919)

Danzig declared a "Free City" (again, for the second time around) under the terms of Versailles, comes under the protection of the Geneva League of Nations.

28. 03. 1919

70, 000 + Danziger, nearly all of the City's adult Male population, protested against being separated from Germany.
The German Reich meanwhile had to renounce all claims on Danzig

09. 11. 1920
Covenant between Free State of Danzig and Poland that regulated all legal and other questions as to rights and relations by either side, is signed by Danzig alone, and is ratified.
Under pressure from the League of Nations, Poland followed suit on November 18, 1920, most reluctantly.

15. 11. 1920

On that Day, the Free State of Danzig, under the terms of International Law
is legally proclaimed a State!
Established thus, by means of solemn Treaty, as dictated by International Law, the existence of Danzig as a State is assured, therefore can never be disputed, nor repudiated.
Except by consent and plebiscite of the very people concerned.
That provision, however, has never been tested, and the people have never been asked.

04. 08. 1921

General strike by Danzig Harbour Workers, who refuse to load and unload Polish War material.
That War material was to be used by Poland for purpose of waging War against Lithuania!
As the direct result of that Strike, the Danzig Senate took action to declare the Free State of Danzig's Neutrality!

17. 04. 1924

The Geneva League of Nations gives permission to Poland to control the entrance to the Danzig Harbour, by military means, and to establish an Ammunition dump on the Westerplatte.
This concession allowed Poland a garrison of 10 men to be stationed there.
This precedent as set by the Geneva League of Nations opened the door for all kinds of Polish chicaneries and aggressions against the City State of Danzig!

The Free State of Danzig, already forced to pay crippling War reparations indefinitely, was
further burdened to pay to the Poles the horrendous sum of 3 Million Danziger Gulden for the construction of the Ammunition dump at the Westerplatte, that in the end turned into a solid Polish Fortress, a Trojan horse, manned by a 180 + strong Polish Regiment.

3 Million Danzig Gulden was a lot of Money in those days to be paid, especially by a small population that was already bled dry financially from paying reparations to the Allies for WW I.

To make financial matters worse, the Geneva League of Nation imposed on the City State to pay the princely sum per of 100, 000 Gold Francs per annum, to every League of Nations Commissioner appointed. Of the League of Nations Commissioner appointed, there were quite a few!

31. 08. 1924

A census conducted on the day showed the number of the total Danzig population to be 383, 995 persons.
Of that total number: 97. 6 % declared their ethnic identity to be of Germans, the small percentage of the rest declared to be, either Polish, Kashubish, or of other ethnic origin.
(The point must be made here: relations between the majority of ordinary people Danzig citizens vis-à-vis the minority, be it Poles or others, have always been more than cordial, never was there any difference or racial tension. On State level, however, especially from the Polish State side, there was resentment either way!)

07. 01. 1931
Agitating flyer-leaflets, appeared on the streets of the French capitol Paris, warning of:
"The Free State of Danzig" being a dire threat to World peace."

15. 04. 1931

Poland is demanding of the League of Nations to allow direct military intervention into Danzig's affaires. This matter comes before the International Court of Justice in The Haag,
(Cour Permanente) finds no support.

31. 01. 1933
Poland, having established an alternative Seaport at Gdynia, from 1924 onwards, with the help of
French Money is continuously trying to strangle Danzig's Economy by bypassing Danzig as a Harbour.
This move, politically motivated, is reflected in a sharp rise in Danzig's Unemployment figures!
Unemployment on this Day showed a staggering 42, 300 people being out of work.

That was nearly 50 % of the working population was out of work, and had the effect of the people of Danzig voting with their stomachs, for the NSDAP.

Let there be no misunderstanding in what is stated here:
Whereas, the people of the Free State of Danzig, up to this point, had, by tradition, since the end of WW I, always voted for the SPD, in their down trodden state, and starving to the point of a slow death in the bitter cold of the Winter of 1933, they now turned to the NSDAP as the only viable alternative in the hope to turn their miserable conditions and misfortunes around!

With 17 different political Parties in the Danziger Parliament, the Volkstag, the people of Danzig had enough, had no other choice but to vote against Polish tyranny and oppression.
Indeed, Poland, in her desire to make the City State of Danzig fall into her hands like a ripened fruit, had overplayed her hands by putting too much pressure onto the Danzig population.
That population, "ethnic German" to the core, was from then on most determined not ever to submit to any Polish blackmail and despotic tyranny unleashed.

March 1934

Poland mobilizes her military might and threatens to take Danzig by force.

Elections of 1933/1935

Result of the Election: NSDAP = 44 Seats, SPD = 12 Seats, Zentrum Party = 3 Seats,
Polish Party = 2 Seats.


Throughout the whole year, political tension in the whole of Europe reached boiling point.
All of Europe is gripped by paranoia.
Talk of War is coming from everywhere.
Danzig was sitting on top of a Volcano, a Volcano ready to blow up any moment.

This kind of War talk was spreading fear, uneasiness among the small Danzig population, only some 408, 000 in number, is surrounded by, armed to the teeth, 35 Million Poles.
Besides, we knew that the Geneva League of Nations, a talking Shop, had no 'military forces' to command, therefore could not protect us as promised!

March 1938

Poland, in a show of Might, is partially mobilizing her forces again, threatening Danzig with forceful military occupation!

At the end of 1938 however, paranoia subsides somehow, and life in Danzig somehow normalizes.
Only to flare up again, and to reach a crescendo again in the summer 1939 with negotiations taken place in London, and resulting in the signing of a Pact between Poland and England.

Out of this the trouble, and political brew, conflict really started to prosper between the various antagonists, with the people of Danzig not having any say in the matter.

Whereas, Poland rejected all offers from Germany to resolve the Danzig Question peacefully, the Pact between Poland - England in place, the Germans then counter acted and signed a Non-aggression Pact with the Soviet Union. The stage was set. The die was cast!

25. 08. 1939

Under the provision set out by the Geneva League of Nations, the Free City of Danzig was allowed to receive the visit of a German War ship every second year.
In 1935 and in 1937, Germany did send a modern Light Cruiser.
On this day, Germany did send the old, WW I vintage, almost decommissioned Battle cruiser Schleswig Holstein on a so-called Goodwill mission to the inner Harbour of Danzig.
The Schleswig-Holstein anchors directly opposite the Polish fortress of the Westerplatte.

30. 08. 1939

Again, as she had done previously, and as several Border conflicts between Poland and Germany had occurred, Poland did set her forces on War-footing, fully mobilizes, and speaks openly of her intention to march to the gates of Berlin.
Throughout the length and breath of Poland, Banners flying everywhere making clear Poland's intention, this time around, Poland means business!

01. 09. 1939 The Day of Infamy in World History! (Black Friday)

At creak of dawn, at 04.45 hours precisely, the German Cruiser Schleswig-Holstein opens fire onto the Polish Fortress named Westerplatte, inside the Danzig Harbour.

World War II had begun, at Danzig.
What followed just followed!

All, in all, it took 8 days, of the combined forces of the German Navy, Air force, and the Army to crack the defenses of the Polish fortifications at the Westerplatte.
Poland had indeed built a mighty Fortress in violation of the League of Nations condition set.
The gallant Polish garrison surrendered!

03. 09. 1939

England, and France declare War on Germany

England however, did not at any stage declare on the Free State of Danzig.
(See Prime Minister Chamberlain's speech before the House of Commons, 03. 09. 1939)

On the contrary, England, point blank, condemned the Third German Reich for violating the Integrity of the Free State of Danzig under International Law, and called the annexation of Danzig, by Germany, unlawful.
Furthermore, England refused to put the Free State of Danzig on the list of her enemies at any stage and time throughout the length and duration of the War.
Conversely, it was Poland that made the list of the enemies of England.
Moreover, it is a fact in history that England never came to the aid and assistance of Poland, as had been promised and guaranteed!

17. 09. 1939

On that day, Poland was attacked from the rear by the Soviet Union!
For this cowardly action by the Soviet Union, the Geneva League of Nations expelled the Soviets as a Member state.
Expulsion from Membership of the League of Nations it was for the Soviet Union, nothing else.
Ironically then, the Soviet Union was immediately welcomed back into the Camp of the Allies.
And would you believe it, it was prominent Members of the Geneva League of Nations, Great Britain and France, the holy Alliance against Germany, that called on Lucifer himself (the Soviet Union) to help in the fight against Hitler!

Ironically too, a catholic Poland, that had for centuries regarded, and fought against Russia, the Arch Enemy, made a U-turn, also made a Pact with the Devil himself, and turned Communist overnight, and got into Bed with the Soviet Union.
For the next 45 years then, until 1990, a paradoxical, schizoid, catholic and yet self contradictory Poland, turned ardently Communist overnight, became more radical even than the Bolsheviks.

27. 09. 1939

Poland capitulates.

Long before the capitulation however, the whole of the Polish Government, Hierarchy, Leadership, the top Brass of the Military, led by the Marshal himself, absconded.
Took to the hills, deserted their posts, had fled the country in a panic, leaving the hapless Polish people to the mercy of the Germans.
Remarkable, all of the above, including the highest military Leaders, did not have the courage to face the Music!
A Music they all had invited, and even provoked, with absolute recklessness!
Although a Government-in-Exile was later constituted in London, another, Polish communist dominated Exile Government emerged later in the Soviet Union.
It was this (communist) Lublin Government-in-Exile, Stalin's protégées, that eventually called all the tune, virtually replaced the Polish Exile Government in London, that determined the fate of East Europe, and with it the German land east of the demarcation line, the Oder/Neisse Rivers.

September 1939 - March 1945

The Free State of Danzig under the Dictatorship of the Third Reich

Immediately, being occupied by Germany, Danzig citizenry found themselves being put under strict martial law and German dictatorship!
Freedom of speech and assembly was suspended.
Immediately, the male population was pressed into War service
Dissent or resistance was useless, also made no sense to fight one's own blood relations with bare hands. The few whow did, like this writer's father and uncle, became the target of the Gestapo and finished up in Concentration camps to be re-educated, and later drafted into the Army.
On the whole however, German troops were welcomed with open arms as Liberators from Polish oppression and tyranny!
And what a Polish tyranny, and dirty trick oppression it had been, an outside tyranny imposed on our people that had lasted far too long, from the word go, from 1918!

Immediately also, Germany suspended (unlawfully) the Danzig constitution, made it null and void, on paper, not in reality or in law, as Hitler did not even bother to recover from the Danzig population
a plebiscite as he should have done.
And would have got in all probability! But it did not happen, and that makes all the difference!

A Plebiscite that was required under provision of a "peculiar German Law", to allow for lawful incorporation into the German Reich.
Strange as it seems, Hitler did not bother do it. For him it was a fait d' accompli.
Legally then, under strict German Law, Hitler's action to incorporate Danzig into the Third Reich was null and void as there is no legal basis under which Danzig was incorporated into the Reich!

Legally therefore, under International Law, the City State of Danzig still does exist, to this very day!

Immediately, at Day of occupation, Danzig was robbed of her Gold reserves, and the Danzig Gulden, based on the currency of Gold, was confiscated.

Germany introduced the Reichsmark as legal currency, and everyone had to exchange the Danzig Gulden, i. e. all the coinage was in Gold, Sterling Silver, or Copper, whereas the German Reichs- Mark was just Paper money! A very bad exchange therefore.

Every thing else of worth was also confiscated, like all State property, rolling stock, ships etc., all and every other facility was turned into War material.

12. 07. 1942

The City of Danzig suffered her first bombardment from the air.

Oct. 1944
A thousand Allied Bombers dropped their Bomb loads on Danzig and Gdynia, causing heavy damage.

09. 03. 1945
The City of Danzig proper came under Russian Artillery fire and Air attacks, causing heavy damage, and loss of loss of civilian life.

16-26. 03. 1945

Air attacks continued, especially during the Easter period, Allied Bombers, American and British, attacked the City relentlessly.
Attacked the City that was filled to the rafters with Refugees from East Prussia, and elsewhere, fleeing the ravages of the advancing Red Army.
The Air raid bombings caused massive casualties among the civil population.
Yet, in spite all the damage the City of Danzig had to take and to suffer, virtually the inner City, as well as all the historical buildings, was more or less undamaged and intact.
Nearly all of the ancient buildings still stood.

28/29. 03. 1945

German troops leave the City in order to prevent its further destruction.
The City is declared an 'Open City.'

08. 05. 1945

Germany capitulates

Evil crimes as carried out by the Victors against the civil population on the territory of the Free State of Danzig, the awful tragedy of an ethnic people that was unfolding, happened even before all Guns were silenced in Europe.

End of March - Early April of 1945

Death, and total destruction of an ancient City!
Intentional annihilation of an "Ethnic people" on account of their ethnicity and race, forever wiped off the face of the Earth!
And with the total eradication of the people of Danzig, the City State's proud history was re-written and distorted, by a cruel, and communist, Polish Regime.

In those days of chaos, atrocious crimes were committed against Humanity, against the defenseless, civil Danzig population, by an 'Evil Communist' conspiracy!
By the Bolshevist hordes coming out of central Asia, but on a more massive scale by a perverted, and a blood thirsty Mob of Polish liberators.

With German troops leaving the City, Soviets, disorganized Polish Militia and the Mob, quickly followed, and then engaged in systematic looting, plundering and the indiscriminate raping of females of all ages, that began in earnest.

Whereas, the Soviet troop under the command of Marshal Rokossovsky, who had given his personal word to all the inhabitants of Danzig, civilian and military alike, guaranteeing, not only Life, but also all personal possessions, were kept happy by their commanders with orgies of rape and plunder, brutal terror and even murder.
Murder, of anyone trying to resist being set upon, all of that on a scale unprecedented. Many a mother, or young son trying to defend her young daughter/sister, was brutally killed.

Polish communist militia on the other hand, and Polish civilian Bandits not in Uniform, that followed the Soviets, committed crimes of a different kind against the civil population, even more gruesome than the Soviets did.
They, the Poles, too had their fun with females of all ages.

But what the followed was not so funny anymore; namely a variety of crimes unspeakable, resulting in assassinations and executions, Concentration camp death, starvation, deportation, torture, slave labour and other mass, mental and physical warfare and other kinds of terror!
You name it, it all happened, and the Poles out did their partners in crime, the Russians, by far as if some competition was going on.

It is estimated that some 30, 000 innocent Danzig civilian population found their death in gruesome ways in the days that followed the withdrawal of the German troops, as everyone, from a two year old, to a grandmother, was considered fair game, therefore was hunted down.
The Poles, however, had a special score to settle with all the citizens of Danzig. Poland wanted their land, their houses, and all of their earthly possessions, by all and every means. And this is how it happened:

For some reason, the ancient City, and it happened well after, days after, all War hostilities in the City of Danzig itself had ceased, it was set on fire. Set on fire, deliberately!

For this to happen, and here the Poles do blame the (drunken?) Russians, and the (sober?) Russians blame the vicious Poles, the Polish Militia and Mob in particular.

But in reality, what did really did happen cannot be described as a mere accident, or can be blamed, as the Poles still do, on some isolated drunken elements within the Soviet troops, who went onto an uncontrolled rampage with arson on their minds.

No, the burning down of the ancient City was no accident at all, and not done by the Russians, who all along have denied any involvement in the beastly plot.
It was a deliberate and well planed action set in motion, for the City was set on fire simultaneously, on all four corners.
Fact is, there was hardly a difference in style and colour of Uniforms between the Poles and Russians!
For this to happen (the arson) that had to be carried out with military precision, and a lot of suitable fuel was needed!
Some drunken Russians did it? Not very likely!
The deliberate burning down of the ancient City was carried out with intent and gusto, and happened well after the orgies of the liberation of the City by the Communist, be it Pole or Russian communist alike, had simmered down to some extent.
Fact is, everything went according to a plan; the civilian population had to be flushed out of their Houses, shelters, cellars and other hide-outs, and then rounded up.
With this in mind, nothing was easier than to smoke them out. The plan was carried out like clock-work! The City was set on fire.
Was set on fire, on all four corners, all work done with precision, and well coordinated in perfect timing. Nothing easier than that!

The fires then broke out simultaneously, and the fire moved, from all the corners where it was lit, inside and towards the City center.

In an orgy of sadism and savagery that rivals any imaginable horror, the civilian population of Danzig, and the many, many refugees, got burned.

The old and ancient buildings then that had stood the test of time, the dried out timber work, that did burn down rather beautifully.
It was an inferno out of Dante's Hell!

So, it came to pass, about 90% of all the buildings in Danzig did burn down.
And having robbed the people of all shelter, the merciless Poles then went on a rampage.
Like rats, and other vermin, the poor surviving German speaking bastards, got flashed out of their holes, and once out in the open, were rounded up, and put into Concentration camps.
Only to be starved to near extinction, and the survivors to be expelled, by force, at the point of the Gun.
This wholesale Genocide of an "ethnic people", this 'wholesale terror' that took place was the work of the Poles alone, not of that the Soviets.
The Poles may like to tell the World a different story, but we know better.

Let there be no doubt about who did burn the ancient City of Danzig down!
Only one Party had a great deal of interest, the necessary motive(s), impelling reason(s), the power, and the, politically motivated, momentum to initiate the chaos that followed, a chaos that was ever so perfectly suitable to fit the purpose.
With the burning down of the City Poland achieved a number of objectives:
The great fire destroyed and completely changed and ruined the German character of the ancient Town.
It demoralized and terrorized all of the inhabitants, robbed them of shelter, home and comfort.
Broke families up, and forever demolished their unity, plunged them into desperation for the fires kept on burning for many days.
They had no water, and no food! Under these conditions any resistance was broken, there was only the will to survive.
It was important for Poland to get rid of every living witness of a glorious Danzig past and history!
Beyond that, Poland also had to remove any trace of an ethnic German people that could bear witness of the City State existence.
For if Poland had allowed the bulk of the Danzig population to remain on their Home soil, there would have been more than big trouble.
The same kind of trouble Soviet Russia experienced with all the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania for many decades.

Russia, as much as she tried to colonize the Baltic state people, found it impossible to subjugate the Balts, for the people hung grimly onto their soil, and onto their identity, no matter what.
Without her radical and most barbaric policies, the Genocide performed on the Danzig population, the brutal uprooting of their identity and ethnic belonging, Poland would never succeeded, and would never have been able to convince the World that Danzig always was Polish since time immemorial, and always had a Polish majority.
Fairy tale propaganda from behind the Iron Curtain made absolutely sure of that.
That was the overriding reason and calculation, the very cause why the City of Danzig had to burn down.
Niccolo Machiavelli would have been most proud of the Poles, they (Poles) had studied, and understood him just too well, had followed his advise to the letter!

The primitive, unsophisticated Red army soldier, he was only interested in booze, and in rape, and in plunder, or all of the above, even the odd murder here and there, like they had done from high above, by throwing out of the windows all the wounded German soldiers they found in made up Hospitals of Danzig Langfuhr and Zoppot, many thousands of them got killed in cold blood, to make room for their own wounded.
But burning down of a whole City just for fun, that was a different matter altogether.
The wholesale eradication of the Danzig civilian population, however, was yet another story, to the Russians that could not have made any sense, they needed shelter themselves.
Poland, with blood on their hands, therefore cannot claim that it was the Russians who did burn the City down, or for the Russians to have initiated the "Genocide of Danziger civilians".
On the contrary, sometimes even unsophisticated Soviet troops found many a reason to intervene when bloodthirsty Poles went too far in carrying out bestialities!
Instances occurred were child loving Russians tried to protect young children, and gave them food, with the Poles not liking it a little bit.
When this happened, soon Gun fights and open hostility broke out between the Allies, who, after all, are sworn enemies. Nothing has changed as far as bad feelings are concerned between the two sides.
For the Poles confronted the Russian by making it clear that Danzig was their domain, their turf, to be ruled by Polish decree, and did not like anyone to interfere.

Today, what did happen in those days in April of 1945 is now called "Ethnic cleansing' although the term of Genocide is more to the point.
And after all, it is Poland, Polish Administration that is responsible for what did happen in Danzig itself, and within the borders of the territory of the Free State of Danzig.
Was Poland not in charge of the Administration?
Although it was only a "Provisional Administration, not a permanent one."

And we have to remember, the defenseless Danzig civil population was made up only of helpless Women and children, the infirm and elderly, not one able bodied man among them.
The War, and the Germans had swallowed all able-bodied Men up long time before.

Yes, the German-speaking people of Danzig were given a choice by Poland; the great chance to escape the hunger and terror; Opt for Poland, take on Polish nationality, or else!

Yet, the people who did, who fell for the trap out of love and desire to hang onto their roots, to their soil and rightful Homeland, and there were not many who did, all of those did not fare any better than the rest of their compatriots.

Poland soon outlawed the German language, German, and the local language, (idiom) was forbidden to be practiced in any shape or form, under threat of brutal punishment and imprisonment.
And the ban on speaking the German language was kept on the Law books for 45 years, until 1990!

When America became aware of what was going on behind the Iron Curtain, of the famine, the extreme scarcity of food that had gripped the whole countryside as scores of people were starving.
Food was immediately on the way, America dug deep to send it, in form of Food aid parcels. So did the Vatican.

However, such American food aid was only for the Polish peoples consumption,
People of Danzig origin, however, were excluded from receiving any food.
(and here we doubt the Polish version, that it was America that excluded all Danziger from food-aid)

To still their hunger, they had to work under worse than slave condition.
Soon typhoid, dysentery and all kinds of deceases broke out, and took its toll on the starving people.
Perversely, a lot of American food aid did finish up on the Black market, where the remaining Danzig starving civilians could buy it, with polish Zlotys only.
But polish zloty's the hunger-starved slaves did not have, and more and more of them died.
No problem for the Poles, who then refused them a decent burial in "holy polish soil."

According to very meticulous German statistic published long after the War in West Germany; out of a total population of some 408, 000 people that did inhabit the territory of the Free State of Danzig at the beginning of the War, over 115, 000 have perished, or more than 27% are unaccounted for.

This massacre of grim proportion as carried out, not only in the City of Danzig, but also elsewhere in territories that came under 'provisional Polish Administration" until such time a Peace treaty with Germany was to be concluded. (A peace treaty, however, is still outstanding.)

A provisional Polish Administration, for the time being, that was the decision made at the Potsdam conference, sometimes after the War was finished.

In any case, Poland had jumped the Gun.
At Potsdam, Danzig was not specifically mentioned.
Nevertheless, Poland went ahead, and engaged in the "bloody business of "ethnic cleansing" for the simple reason, that by ridden herself of any traces of "Ethnic Germans" once and for all, all her problems would be solved, and the World would swallow the Lie that no German speaking people ever lived there!
And that Poland, in any case, had a "feudal right" to the territory of the Free City of Danzig since time immemorial.

Poland also hid her crimes in other ways, and has explained to the world the taking of the Free State of Danzig under the smokescreen of having found 'terra nullius', meaning an empty land devoid of any people.

That's how the story goes, and Poland still makes a big spiel of it by saying, over and over again; that it was Tovarish Stalin, Poland's crime partner in arms, who gifted our rightful Homeland to Poland.
By order of Stalin, so that the Poles say, they were also entitled to take such terrible and a bloody revenge on our innocent people.
Tovarish Stalin however, apart from the fact that he is as dead as a Dodo,
has been discredited long time ago, is not the Law anymore, and never was!
This however, has never prevented 'feral Poles' to take bloody revenge against everyone whom they painted, and tainted of being Nazis!

And any Nazi had it coming all along, and only got what he, or she, bloody deserved!

As Nazis then, all Danziger had to be liquidated, like vermin eradicated, driven from their houses, and dispossessed.
And Poland took their ancient land, their houses, and all of their earthly possessions.

Danziger today are scattered all over, to all corners of the Globe, where an ill wind has blown them.
Yet, already then, in the autumn of 1945, some 7, 000 of them congregated in the Church of St. Mary in the German city of Luebeck, and proclaimed their rights to their rightful Homeland.
A Homeland, (Heimat) from which they had been driven out unlawfully.

From 1948 onwards, having somehow organized themselves, whilst scattered all over the Globe
into Associations, and Danziger started to petition the UNO.
The UNO, however, dominated in the early years by the Block of communist Countries, and with the "Cold War" raging, the Iron Curtain down, declined to comment, and never had the courtesy of given an answer to the many, many petitions made.

It was on September 01, 1995, coincidentally, that day was also a Friday, like the "Black Friday on September 01, 1939, that, after every other avenue was explored, in their utter frustration, after every one of our pleas to the World communities had failed, responsible Danziger citizen constituted a Government in Exile.

Our aim, the aim of the Government -in- Exile of the Free State of Danzig is to get some recognition to out rights to exist as human beings on this earth, in peace and freedom.
With this demanded right also comes the question of rights to our Homeland, and heritage.
And to get a fair degree of justice, that is an absolute must.

Furthermore, we believe in Truth, especially in Truth of History, that must prevail and must be established. Also, Truth must be spoken.
As an 'Ethnic People' we have a right to be heard.
We have an absolute right not to be discriminated against it, and not be abused in any way.
Or to be called Nazis by everyone and sundry, for the rest of our lives, nor to be ostracized and condemned for the sins of others, especially by Polish people, as this is too hard to take.
We declare ourselves to be innocent of all the charges and all the foul allegations that been leveled against us by Poland to this very Day.

Former Polish President, Lech Walesa, of Solidarnosc fame, spoke the infamous words:
" If the Germans ever try to destabilize the new Europe, again, we'll have them wiped off the Map(s) of the World forever! Pure and simple!
That, in a few words sums up all the hatred and gall every Pole has been endowed with, been given in the cradle, to rant and rave, and to hit out in blind rage, without ever considering the consequences, against everything that is, to every Pole, a German dog!
Nowadays, such words, and behaving in such a manner, is likely to incite violence and stir up racial hatred. Such should be condemned, but in the case of a Polish President, the World kept silent!

The Free State of Danzig, indeed has been wiped off all Maps, and the memory of the German speaking inhabitants of that very State, has been obliterated and erased.
for the people of Danzig there is no place in history, or on earth any more.
Polish propaganda has made sure of that!
Every stone in Danzig, every Ruin there, however, that once spoke of a glorious Danzig past, still speaks a loud language, and the language is still German.

Concerning the history of the City State of Danzig, such history is mainly interpreted and recorded wrongly, by Poland, and also by the Germans.
Both sides make a great spiel of the integration of the City State of Danzig into their respective history, national psyche and conscience.
Yet, neither Germany nor Poland, however, has any right to proclaim feudal rights over Danzig, or to incororate Danzig in their respective national realm and conscience!

Danzigs has her own History, absolute proof of that is there, without any doubt.
Indeed, ever since the City State of Danzig threw off the chains of domination by the Teutonic Order of Knights, and fought on the side of Poland successfully to defeat the Teutonic Order over a period of time, since that time, the year of 1454, is Danzig a Republic!
Even the greatest political power, and spiritual ruler of that time, the Vatican, did not have the political might, to forcefully constrain or impel Danzig into any kind of obedience and servitude against her wishes.
Since 1454 then was the City State of Danzig an independent Republic.
A national identity that was politically, culturally, economically strong and ethnically so much a complete Unit, already then, as a Merchant class, was Danzig so very different, and so very much cosmopolitan.
In national character, the City State of Danzig did set herself apart from all the nations surrounding it, and was able to carry out her own policies, trade, commerce, directions, and determination of her destiny, as she has done over the centuries.

References to Danzig's History, in the German Language:

Erich Keyser, Danzigs Geschichte, as published in 1928, (300 pages)
Wolfgang Ramonat, Der Voelkerbund und die Freie Stadt Danzig 1920 - 1934 (566 pages)
Hans Victor Boettger, Die Freie Stadt Danzig, (Historischer Rueckblick, Staats und Voelkerrechtsfragen, 464 pages)
Peter Porella, Unvergaenglicher Schmerz, Protokol der Geschichte, Danzigs Schicksalsjahr 1945
(402 pages)
Horst Ponczek, Spurensuche: Die Wahrheit ueber den Untergang Danzigs 1945 (The Truth about the Downfall of the City of Danzig 1945) 123 pages
All of the above, and there are many more written documents concerning the "Rise of a Merchant State, and then "Goetterdaemmerung" (Twilight of the Gods) of a City State called Danzig, are unfortunately all written in the German language, of which the World knows so little.

What we have attempted to do here is nothing but, in a small way, to put the "Historical record of the City State of Danzig, and of her People, straight, and right!"

The great enemy of the Truth is very often not the Lie; deliberate, continued, and dishonest;
But the Myth: persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic!

John F. Kennedy