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The Secret of the West

Greatest genocide of all time: hushed up! The real extent: US-led Alliance deliberately murdered 13.2 million Germans after 1945!
6 + 5.7 + 1.5 = 13.2
Western historiography an accessory to genocide! Sources include: German Chancellor Adenauer, American President Roosevelt, American Secretary of State Hull!

Letter from Gerd Honsik to the Presidents of Austria and Germany, Horst Köhler and Heinz Fischer, distributed in seven languages to eleven pro-German governments worldwide, namely:
To the governments of Russia, China, Japan, India, Iran, Ireland, South Africa, Turkey, the Vatican, Palestine and Brazil.
Re.: request for acknowledgment, review and distribution of the fact, suppressed by Western historiography, that the United States of America are directly or indirectly responsible for the murder of 13 million Germans, civilians and prisoners, after the War.
I, Gerd Honsik, am the first German to draw these conclusions from the facts and documents uncovered by Professor Dr. App (USA) and James Bacque (Canada), and state:
The war-aim of the US-led Alliance against Germany in the Second World War was the reduction of the German population by twenty million people through genocide. Thus, this plan represents the greatest intentional genocide in world history. This unparalleled, greatest genocide of all time was in fact carried out against more than 13 million Germans - in 1945, after the surrender.
At the same time I appeal to the Presidents of the German nations to see to the following:
1. To comprehensively inform the German people of their role as the victim of the greatest and most brutal genocide in all of history.
2. To close the Institutes for Contemporary History in Vienna and Munich and to dismiss all staff without notice, as well as to appoint an investigative committee composed of history teachers drawn from the regular universities, and to charge the same to investigate the genocide as planned and as actually committed against some 13 million Germans after the Allied victory of the US-led Alliance!
3. To demand the withdrawal of American troops from Germany, Europe and all nations of the world.

To the politicians of our nations I pose three questions:
1.) Is it true what Konrad Adenauer wrote in his memoirs, namely that of the 13.5 - 17 million German expellees only 7.5 million arrived in what remained of Germany after 1945? Yes or no?
2.) Is it true that the American Secretary of State and Nobel Peace Prize laureate C. Hull recorded in his notes that it was Roosevelt's and Morgenthau's war aim to exterminate 20 million Germans after the war by starving them to death? Yes or no?
3.) Is it true that population statistics show that after the "liberation" of 1945 the mortality rate in Germany rose from 11.5 per thousand inhabitants (1937) to 35 per thousand annually (1945 / 1949) and claimed a total of 5.7 million lives due to starvation? Yes or no?
The three elements of the American genocide:

1. Ordained starvation:
The American government strove for victory over Germany, not for purposes of liberation or democratization but for the purpose of genocide. While the USA reaped record harvests, they let 5.7 million people starve in Germany in 1945-1949. This ordained starvation struck everyone alike: the great majority who knew they had been defeated as well as the small minority who hoped they had been liberated. While the victors sat in judgment of the German Reich government in the show trial of Nuremberg, a great, million-fold, silent dying took place among the infants, toddlers and elderly in the German sphere: the victors pursued their war-aim dating from before the war, namely to reduce the German people's numbers by 20 million by means of starvation in order to break their industrial and military might for all time. The American-planned infant mortality rose as high as 60% at times. Mortality rates tripled after the "liberation", compared to pre-war times: for instance, 35 of 1,000 inhabitants died annually in Vienna between 1945 and 1949, as opposed to 11.5 before the war. Thus, in Vienna alone, the genocide claimed more than 200,000 starvation victims.
In order to promote this death by starvation, the United States
a) exported harvests abroad,
b) blew up artificial-fertilizer factories,
c) prevented the fishing fleet from sailing,
d) dismantled 75% of factories and moved their components out of the country so that the appointed administrations would not have access to means with which to avert the genocide,
e) banned the German Red Cross so that it could not document or perhaps even combat the genocide,
f) excluded Germany from world hunger aid, while the nations of North America were deceived about the continuation of the Eisenhower-Morgenthau Plan and prevented from rendering humanitarian aid.

2. Murder Instead of Expulsion:
The German governments knew: of the 15 million expellees, only 7.5 million - not 13 million - arrived in what remained of Germany. The Adenauer Administration knew that six million German civilians had lost their lives in the expulsion from the Eastern territories after the Second World War - not one million as today's governments state submissively under pressure from the Imperium.

3. Slavery and Death by Starvation:
After the "liberation" of 1945 a total of eight million Germans were led into "post-war captivity", i.e into slavery, out of no military necessity and in violation of the "Geneva Convention". Eighty years after the end of the American Civil War (1865) the USA returned to the practice of slavery. The only difference was that this time the slaves were White!
There were no news of American death camps because everyone there was stripped of their POW status and remained imprisoned until they starved to death. Only the regular POWs returned from captivity, and while they can tell about hunger and severe maltreatment, to this day they have no idea of the magnitude of this murder of prisoners.
The USA sentenced one million German
post-war prisoners-of-war to death by starvation.
In American custody twice as many young, innocent German prisoners starved to death in peacetime as did so in Russia. While it was the lack of provisions that resulted in death in Russia, the US Army fueled stoves with butter and grain while standing guard over the millionfold famine death of the German youth.
The German governments were aware of these death counts and of the extent of the US-ordained genocide, but for reasons of state and by means of the falsification of history they took pains to hide this crime from subsequent generations, as well as from the war generation itself, who did not know the exact figures and interrelationships.
The Americans have twice as many German post-war prisoners-of-war on their conscience as do the Soviets. The 6 million victims of the expulsion and the 5.7 million starvation victims whom the liberators have to answer for are thus joined by a third category of victims which is hushed up, downplayed or even denied in post-Adenauer times by the German governments and their historiography: the great, silent dying of the post-war "prisoners of war".

Balance Sheet of the "Liberation"!
"Peace" cost us 30 x Stalingrad!
6 + 5.7 + 1.5 = 13.2
6 million victims of the expulsion (instead of 1 million as claimed to date)!
5.7 million starvation victims (instead of zero as claimed to date)!
1.5 if not 2 million starvation victims in post-war slave labor camps (instead of 0.5 as claimed to date)!
Since the genocide was carried out largely against the "expellees", 7 million of whom never arrived in Germany, and by means of a targeted three-year starvation blockade that claimed the lives primarily of newborns, toddlers and the elderly - 5.7 million of them - the German people have never yet become aware of the true magnitude of this crime.
The prehistory of the greatest genocide of all time:
The American government's five genocide plans against Germany from 1918 to 1948.
Committing genocide on the German people was the Western powers' goal as far back as the First World War. What prompted the USA to set themselves this goal was not any one ideology prevailing in Germany but rather the wish to eliminate the German competitor from the world market.
The five genocide plans hatched by the USA against Germany in the twentieth century, whether implemented or not, were similar in their goals and methods. They were:
I.) The Dictates of Versailles and St. Germain. (Collective guilt, collective punishment of all Germans through starvation, and collective enslavement and impoverishment.)
II.) The Kaufman Plan. (Castration of all fertile German men over 16 years of age. Settling of Germany by foreigners to alter the ethnic base.)
III.) The Hooton Plan. (Abduction of all German men to lifetime slavery abroad, and importation of foreigners in order to breed the "warlike genes" out of the Germans. Harvard University.)
IV. The Morgenthau Plan. (Expropriation of a quarter of the German land and dismantling the German industrial facilities in order to trigger a mass starvation which Morgenthau calculated would cost the lives of 20 million Germans.)
V. Liberation of 1945. (Now the genocide is implemented against 13.2 million Germans by means of starvation, murder and expulsion, regardless of the victims' political affiliations. As it turned out later despite all official denials, the plan to be carried out was the Morgenthau Plan after all.)
The racist motive!
The American people are innocent:
The race hatred and race-based distrust of the Germans did not have its roots in the attitude of the American people as a whole, but rather in an intellectual clique at Harvard University which, probably acting against its better knowledge and on the orders of political and economic vested interests, creatively endowed the peaceful German people with a sort of killer gene in order to have grounds for denying them their continued existence as an ethnically defined community.
The bulk of the Americans, then as well as now, are just as unaware of the implementation of this first crime against humanity as the bulk of the Germans today. They were deceived, in that the American politicians kept the implementation of the Morgenthau Plan from public knowledge!
In other words, the motive for this greatest genocide in human history, carried out after 1945 by the US-led Alliance that purported to combat "racism", was a racist one.
The Harvard-spawned genocide plans show that the American elites who were based there pretended to believe in a "German gene" for making war, which could be bred out by means of race-mixing or by reproductive handicapping and immigration. (Compare this with the theories of Harvard-based historian Daniel Goldhagen today.)
National Socialism as a Smoke Screen
Eliminating National Socialism was only a smoke screen for the Allies, who evidently saw nothing criminal about the National Socialist program themselves: to this day National Socialist parties, badges or symbols are neither prosecuted nor banned in the USA. However, there certainly has been prosecution of Communists! Why? In the years from 1933 to 1939, in other words before the war began, Anglo-Saxon politicians interacting with National-Socialist Germany did not raise any objections to any criminal characteristics inherent in the program of the state party that might have demanded a cessation of diplomatic relations. After the guns fell silent, all Germans, regardless of their party affiliations, were included in the genocide plan.
What can justify genocide? Nothing!
And this is the Hallmark of the American Imperium!
This greatest and thus unique and unparalleled genocide in the history of mankind exposed here, committed on the German people, was not, as our politicians and church leaders claim, the "logical consequence" of actions committed "by our side" earlier. And therefore even the Jewish fate of persecution cannot justify the genocide plans outlined here, concocted by the US-led Alliance against Germany. These plans of genocide of the German people were devised by the American government years before the relevant accusations against the National Socialist regime were made and publicized.
Furthermore, crimes against innocent persons can never be justified by crimes which may have been committed earlier against other innocent persons. Doing so would be the same criminal insanity with which the perpetrators of genocides have always sought to vindicate themselves.
The fact that the Jewish fate of persecution did not figure among the motives of the Alliance in planning and carrying out their genocide of the Germans is also shown by the recollections of de Gaulle and Churchill, who - oh, disgraceful! - did not deem the extermination of the Jews deserving of mention in their memoirs.
Instead of Rule by the People - Rule by Foreigners;
Instead of Democracy - "Democratization":
There is no Crime in the East which the USA did not Initiate or Tolerate.
The US-led Alliance of the Second World War never intended to install democracy in Germany but rather to set up a tyranny led by enemy-appointed puppet governments. Under these parameters, Adenauer, a member of Coudenhove-Kalergi's "Pan-Europe Movement", made Roosevelt's short list of candidates, and Renner was chosen and installed in power by Josef Stalin. That these puppet governments tried after the war to ease the consequences of the Allied tyranny and genocide invested them with popular authority after the Allied-ordained starvation had finally ended. After the Second World War, Allied propaganda and re-education succeeded in cleverly laying all German post-war casualties - in so far as they could not be hushed up - at Hitler's door by portraying their fate as the logical consequence (causality) of his policies. In particular the mass starvation, which was deliberately brought about in times of world-record harvests by confiscating and sabotaging the German crops, has been portrayed to my people and to the world, not as North American genocide, but as a consequence of the war.

The US-Ordained Policy of Extermination Continues:
Low Birth Rate, National Debt
After Central Germany was "reunited" with West Germany by Chancellor Kohl along the lines decreed by the United States, the birth rate in the so-called "new Federal states" decreased by 50% within 9 months, and this would seem to be no coincidence: the USA's war goal, namely the permanent reduction of the number of Germans in order to make room for racially-motivated immigration, is likely to have determined family policies in post-War Germany. Part and parcel of this goal was the destruction of Honecker's kindergarten network by the Kohl Administration after the German re-unification. The birth rate dropped to half its previous level within 9 months.
Similarly, the "German Democratic Republic"'s heavy industry was dismantled, the farmers and estate owners - formerly expropriated by the Allies - were cheated out of the return of their property, the land itself was largely sold out to foreign stock companies and at the same time flooded with foreign settlers. The West German people's right to determine their financial policy (in other words, their politics) was surrendered along with the Deutschmark. In this way, the Federal government's ability to act, and thus the small niche of German democracy (self-determination), was destroyed. Entire areas in the former German Democratic Republic died - a zone of death and desolation. In the richest state ever to exist on German soil, the family as a social institution was driven to the poverty line by means of generation theft.
All these actions by the Kohl Administration clearly manifest elements of the old American war aims in Germany: the Kaufman Plan, the Hooton Plan, the Morgenthau Plan and the Kalergi Plan. The Kalergi Plan is a "light" version of the Morgenthau Plan! It is a plan about which we know that the USA picked up on it after 1948 for the purpose of a bloodless disposal of the German people and sought to install it as a guideline for Maastricht Europe.
In this context I appeal to our two Federal Presidents: Open the Archives!
To date the facts about their role of victim in the greatest genocide in human history have been kept from the German people, who know little more than what the grandmothers have whispered into their incredulous grandsons' ears.
I appeal to the eleven pro-German governments of the nations addressed by this letter to support our two heads of state in exposing - 60 years after the fact - this greatest genocide in human history, perpetrated by the US-led Alliance on the German people.
By acting as accessories to the denial, hushing-up and justification of this GAU of genocide, the German politicians and their court historians have incurred a great deal of guilt: not only towards their own people, but towards mankind as a whole. Let us only recall the Palestinians, the Iraqis, the Serbs, the Apaches and the Afghans!
The tyrants of the American Imperium have long thought themselves safe in the assumption that genocide of whatever magnitude can remain undiscovered if it is only lied about and redefined as "democratization" or "liberation".
In defense of our politicians, posterity will have to take into account the threatening stage set by the Cold War and by American politics: the Great Powers had faced off with each other, ready to wage a localized nuclear war on West and East German and Austrian soil, without German politicians being granted any commensurate say about the use of these weapons. But the tears which German politicians have shed on behalf of "victims of violence and genocide" to date may quite possibly have been crocodile tears!
The truth has waited long enough: more than 13 million German victims cry out in condemnation! I am calling for the revocation of the "Germany Treaty" (May 26, 1952) and the "Two Plus Four Treaty", since these dishonest treaties "obliged" the German government to accept and acknowledge the version of history peddled by these perpetrators of genocide. I am further calling for the ostracism and the unconditional surrender of German-American historiography and the permanent closure of the "Institutes for Contemporary History", those monstrous institutions of the occupation powers whose efforts at hushing-up, justifying and trivializing have prevented the exposure of this horrific genocide for 60 long years. And who thereby became its accomplices.


Gerd Honsik

The Sources:
1. "7.3 million arrived in the Eastern Zone and in the three Western Zones. Six million Germans have vanished from the face of the earth. They are dead and gone."
Chancellor K. Adenauer, "Erinnerungen 1945-1953", p. 186.
2. "...that means that only 60% of the Germans would be able to sustain themselves from the German soil, the rest would die."
American Secretary of State Cordell Hull in: "The Memoirs of Cordell Hull", New York, 1948, p. 1617.
3. "We must deal harshly with the Germans, and I mean the German people, not the Nazis. Either we must castrate the German people or else treat them in such a way that..."
American President F. Roosevelt, quoted as per James Bacque, "Der geplante Tod", p. 21 (original title "Other Losses").
4. "The statistics [N.B. the post-war mortality rates] published to this day by the Federal German government also contradict almost all other sources, German as well as Allied..."
James Bacque, "Verschwiegene Schuld", p. 141 (original title "Crimes and Mercies").
5. "Strictly speaking there is no longer any German Red Cross, because the Allies abolished it..."
Geneva, January 14, 1946, speech by Mr. Dayton of the American Red Cross.
6. "General Mark Clark, US Military Commissar of the American Zone of Austria, reported in April 1946 that the mortality rate in Vienna fluctuated between 27 and 35 per thousand annually..."
From the press release of the US forces headquarters in Austria, April 15, 1946. (NB: even though the death rate was already three times that of pre-war days, food rations were subsequently reduced further from 1,500 to 1,000 calories per day.)

Another 42 important sources, eyewitness statements and documents that substantiate this charge of genocide against the US-led Alliance may be found in the book by Professor Austin J. App, Hellbrunn-Verlag, Salzburg 1947 (original title "History's Most Terrifying Peace") as well as in the books "Other Losses" and "Crimes and Mercies" by Canadian historian James Bacque: Toronto, General Paperbacks, 1991, and Toronto, Little Brown and Co., 1997.

PS: thanks is due the Christian churches in the USA whose courageous resistance to the American genocidal policies against Germany after 1945 helped first to break the starvation blockade and finally to put a stop to these activities of the American government, after it already had the deaths of 13.2 million Germans on its conscience.

Stalin's victims within the Soviet Union, for example, indeed number several times as many as the German victims. However, these victims were on the whole selected according to political, not ethnic criteria. Thus, no genocide - whether of the 20th century or of earlier times - is comparable to the genocide committed by the US-led Alliance against the German people after 1945.

Photo captions:

Viennese boy struggling for survival in 1947. He is collecting the occupation troops' discarded cigarette butts, which his mother will later trade for bread. Some two hundred thousand Viennese lost their lives after the "liberation". In the great, silent dying, Austria is permitted to share in the German fate one more time.

German soldiers have surrendered in the West after valiant resistance. One young man smiles, glad to have escaped death on the battlefield. All of them are sure they will be treated honorably, just as they had treated their captured enemies. None of them suspect what a barbarous foe they have fallen prey to. In the weeks to come, a million brave young Germans would be condemned by US General Eisenhower and the American government to a slow death by starvation!