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Free City of Danzig

Justice delayed is Justice denied!

Lest we forget

As far as human memory goes a few of us can remember the tragedy of the Baltic States, the tragedy of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Thrown to the Bolshevistic wolves by Hitler in 1940, people of the Baltic States became the hapless victims of vicious political intrigue, victims of Joseph Stalin, the Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians suffered untold miseries under a brutal communist regime. For more than half a century they were kept prisoners, constituents of the Soviet Union, that lasted well after the Berlin Wall came down, which signaled the collapse of Communism in Europe.

Who of us however is truly aware of the cause of WW II, the greatest tragedy the world has seen this century, of DANZIG the object of a bloody dispute between Poland and Germany. It was at Danzig where it all began, where it all but ended, the horrendous, gruesome "Holocaust" suffered by the innocent, defenseless, neutral citizens of the Free City of Danzig!

Danzig, the Free City "is" established in 1919/20 as the "Free City of Danzig". Although the entire Danzig population voted against such proposal, voted against a Union with Poland, it did not help. Politicians had the last say. Right for self-determination was denied

The Free City of Danzig was firmly placed under the protection of the Geneva League of Nations. The treaty of Versailles dictated the international status of the Free City of Danzig. In accordance to that treaty and in accordance with the wishes and dictates of, - too clever by half Politicians, - acting in bad faith and to the advantage of Poland; seeds of doom were sown, in preparation of the greatest catastrophe and calamity human kind has known so far, WW II.

Towards their own fate and destiny, the small, defenseless population of the Free City of Danzig never had anything to say; To-day however, the same kind of Politician and Diplomats, do blame and condemn every Danzig citizen, regardless of age, guilty or not, for being born, for being the rightful owners of a strategically situated piece of "Prime Real Estate", for being the catalyst to the horrendous disaster befalling the whole of humankind, which in the end, spelled oblivion to the Free City of Danzig and even more so to her people.

Danzig, a settlement was founded by German speaking people, and later gained recognition and status as a City under the laws of Luebeck in 1224, and thereafter became known as a member of the Hanseatic League. As a prominent Member of the Hanseatic League, Danzig played a major part in trade and commerce of the Baltic and North Seas.

From 1309 to 1410 Danzig came under the influence and dominance of the Teutonic Order.

In the year of 1410 however the Teutonic Order of Knights suffered defeat at the hands of Poland and Lithuania in the battle of Tannenberg.

Danzig was on the side of Poland in the defeat of the Teutonic Order, was instrumental in providing Ships to give tactical support, enabling quick movements of troops.

As a reward Danzig remained free and enjoyed its independence, the Polish Crown and Kings granted Danzig privileges, Polish Rulers indeed depended very much on Danzig financially, on its riches as a trading power within the Hanseatic League. Poland itself was never known to be a maritime Power, never was a sea-faring Nation.

Danzig, although never a Vassal of Poland, never at any stage of its history under the Polish Crown, but due to its geographical location, later became a part of Prussia in 1793, when Poland was partitioned by the great powers of that period, namely: Russia, Prussia and Austria.

The partition of Poland had came about on account of a treaty, more particularly, on account of total corruption and falling apart of the polish nobility at that time, and not on any account of war or other hostilities.

Any Polish claim to the contrary is utterly false, is a total distortion of historical facts, flies in the face of " truth in history", as it is radically, fundamentally untrue!

After Germany had lost the War in 1918, it was decided by the victorious Allies, that in accordance with the dictates of the Versailles treaty, Danzig was to be separated from Germany and to be established as a Free State.

In accordance therefore and under the terms of that treaty, the "sovereign Free City of Danzig and adjudicated territory", some 1966 sq. km of "Prime Real Estate", with the best harbor; "Pearl of the Baltic Sea", was to become a Mandate State of the Geneva League of Nations.

To the defenseless population of Danzig, - 408, 000 inhabitants, of German heritage, culture, custom and language to 96.7 %, - the Geneva League of Nations, - the United Nations of that time, had guaranteed protection, safety and security to the Free City of Danzig and to preserve the integrity and international status of the Free City of Danzig against all-comers.

In particular it’s powerful neighbors, Germany and the nascent Polish Republic.

To oversee the State affairs of the Free City of Danzig, the Geneva League of Nations did appoint a resident High Commissioner.

The last one, a Swiss National, Prof. Dr. Carl Jakob Burckhardt, was in Danzig, until that fateful day, 1st of September 1939. On that day, black Friday, Germany attacked Poland and unlawfully annexed the neutral territory of the Free City of Danzig.

It was Germany forcing the issue on the "Danzig Question", which always and predictably received a bellicose Polish reaction. Poor, defenseless Danzig did not have a say, the die was cast, WW II resulted, soon the whole World was on fire.

The tragedy and calamity of the people of Danzig unfolded, they never had a chance, were always sitting on a Powder Keg, sitting ducks, always between the devil and the deep blue sea.

The hapless Geneva League of Nations strongly protested the illegal annexation of the Free City of Danzig throughout the world, to no avail.

Hitler utterly ignored the protest and had the Leagues High Commissioner arrested and unceremoniously deported back to Switzerland.

The League of Nations also protested the invasion of Poland by the USSR on Sep.17, 1939. The Soviet-Union, a Member of the League of Nations was expelled even, only to be re-admitted later to play a fundamental role as a founding Member of the United Nations Organization, Oct. 1945.

Indeed it did not take long for the Geneva League of Nations most prominent Members, Great Britain and France to forgive the Soviet Union for their crimes against Poland. The Free City of Danzig and her people was no further a concern of the League of Nations.

Obviously the people of the Free City of Danzig were expected to resist the invasion of their German blood relations with their bare hands, but as the League of Nations had abandoned them, had proved unwilling and unable to fulfill its protective obligation towards Danzig, people of Danzig had no

other choice but to howl with the wolves, howl with the Germans, during the war.

Indeed most the citizens of Danzig did welcome the Germans, their own kind, with whom they shared not only the same cultural bond of language and customs, but also the sense of never ending injustice, which the Versailles dictate had imposed onto them. Furthermore, they had to recall the threats and harassment by Poland, the constant fear of Polish annexation, as Poland had been crowing that it would take Danzig by force if necessary; The Polish Republic had been threatening to do so on more than one occasion. Was it not that on a number of times, Poland had openly put its military forces under mobilizations over the "Danzig Question", a question which Poland too wanted to have solved, one way or another.

Stoically then the citizens of Danzig endured their fate, but worse was to follow, the fortunes of war changed dramatically, drastically turning the lives of Danzig’s populztion, up-side down, once again.

War was again carried to the walls of Danzig, again Danzig was annexed, first by the Soviet Union and then by an interim Polish Regime.

Again the people of Danzig had much to suffer, much to endure.

As an instrument of terror their beautiful ancient City was burned down, deliberately, not on account of war-hostilities but on account of bloody-mindedness.

A reign of terror followed, deprived of shelter the Danzig population became a target of the militia, a blood-thirsty Mob of disorganized communist, Soviets and Poles alike.

Everyone of German language, mainly Women, Children, the elderly, the handicapped, -not one able bodied Male among them,- was hunted down. They were subjected to hunger and starvation, brutality, all kinds of atrocities.

Females of all ages were raped, by the multitude, murdered, if they ever dared to resist.

Ruthlessly and without mercy, were Danzig citizen driven off their properties, flushed out of their rat-holes after they had lost their proud homes.

"Ethnic cleansing" followed, was practiced and carried out in all brutality by the Communist in Danzig, long before "ethnic cleansing" became is fashionable by-word of western society. Many a life was lost and it is estimated, that the "Genocide" carried out on the hapless people by Poland, had inflicted such a devastating loss on the Danzig population, more than a quarter of the indigenous population perished, an estimated 120,000 innocent Women and Children.

The rest of the population was deported, brutally expelled from their rightful Home-soil. This was done by Poland to prove to the world once and for all, that Danzig was Polish, always had been, that no German speaking soul had ever existed on Danzig soil and territory.

Some indigenous, autochthonous Danziger did survive however, but the Poles did set a very high price, Polish citizenship they had to embrace, if they wanted to stay. For those accepting Polish nationality the Polish Regime created new laws, strict and extreme laws, under which they were systematically subjugated, use of the German language, culture and custom was forbidden, radically punished under the new laws.

That such laws were contrary to the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" and therefore a crime against all human beings on earth, did not and does not ever bother the Polish Regime.

It has to be recalled that the People’s Republic of Poland, although not physically present in San Francisco at the inauguration of the United Nations Organization, on Oct. 24, 1945, was nevertheless invited and therefore considered a founding Member of the UNO.

It was not until the year of 1990, the collapse of Communism, that things did improve in Danzig. Polish Authorities then allowed the Danziger to organize them selves into a German speaking minority. Such was allowed only after 45 years of brutal oppression and inhuman subjugation.

Real freedom however in today’s Poland is still an illusive dream for the Danzig minority. In what they call their own Homeland, Danziger are nothing but pariahs, are the poorest of the poor, are not allowed to own or claim back their rightful properties and earthly possessions, such the Polish State has confiscated unlawfully and wants to keep as Polish State Property. Until now, the Polish Regime, supposed to be democratic, does not recognize private property at all.

The same rules and harsh condition apply to all the forcefully expelled, scattered all over the Globe original Danzig citizens, they too have still to suffer loss of Homeland and possessions, unlawfully taken by the Polish State. In spite of this, the Polish Regime is ambitious to join the European Union.

Since August of 1948 have people of Danzig appealed to the UNO, to prominent Politicians and Statesmen of the world. Until now, they have not received a response, no echo has been heard. Seemingly, conveniently, they have been forgotten. A wall of stony silence has come down on them. Obviously they are condemned, nobody it seems likes to recognize their legitimate existence on this earth, an earth which belongs to all children, not just a selective few.

Legally and under the terms of international law, their State, the Free City of Danzig, does exist.

Poland however is now in the process of selling Danzig Property to German Money Interest!

Poland which has carried out the "Crime of the Century, the Robbery of the Century", is War-occupying the territory of Danzig, - is there illegally!

Politicians of this world have conveniently forgotten that the International status of Danzig "IS" established by treaty, by the treaty of Versailles, and therefore is inviolable. To this treaty a number of countries have been a signatory, Poland too had recognized the Free City of Danzig.

The terms of that treaty are clear, are as valid today as it was valid then, in 1918/19, and cannot be repudiated or defiled. Once established by treaty a state cannot be disposed off, can only be modified by negotiation, only by strict consent of the very people concerned. NO CONSENT HOWEVER HAS BEEN GIVEN!

This being so, a Government-in-Exile of the Free City of Danzig, has taken its case directly to the International Court of Justice in the Netherlands, in order to have the pre-War status of Danzig restored forthwith and duly recognized.

This Petition document however, legally correct and as it is supported by facts, is obviously boycotted, has failed to get past the Registrar of the Court in The Hague. The doors of the Court seem to be shut firmly into the faces of the Petitioners. The people of Danzig who are no terrorists, no rabble-rousers, are asking questions, legitimate questions, questions which demand an answer and must be answered in a fair and just manner. No answer however is given, is forthcoming.

Such is strange, very strange indeed. What is wrong, the people of Danzig are asking! "Due process of law", is what the people of Danzig want, to be allowed to have their day in Court. Justice they want! Justice must be done! Nothing more, nothing less!

Justice of any kind however has not reached the people of Danzig yet, only condemnation, contempt and denial of the most basic of human rights.

There lies the tragedy of smaller Nations; whereas now the other Baltic States have in part received full acceptance, recognition and redress, and have been admitted the UNO, the Family of Nations, People of Danzig are still declared as outcasts, have no rights or standing in the world.

Human right apparently is not for the people of Danzig, seemingly they have no right to exist even, no Birthright, and therefore no right to claim private property back, claim their monetary property, which is locked up in the vaults of the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States of America, the Banks of Switzerland, and the German Bundesbank.

Human rights of the Danziger, is very much an issue. The whereabouts of their monetary property too, is still a burning question, is on the lips of every living Danziger and their descendents. The Tripartite Commission may need to answer that, for it was the Tripartite Commission, which in the Autumn of 1976, has seen it fit and opportune, to hand over, to a then communist Polish Regime, 10 ton of Danzig’s Gold. Gold which the Nazis had stolen from the Free City of Danzig, Gold belonging to none other than the people of Danzig, - least of all to an undemocratic Poland! Yet, that Gold was given to the People’s Republic of Poland as a kind of War-reparation, for political reason, out of expediency and to further make a mockery of the poor and innocent.

It is the people of Danzig who have to suffer, more than any other minority on earth. They have been decimated, scattered all over the Globe, been robbed of all of their earthly belongings, robbed of their dignity and self-esteem.

53 years after the War, most of the people of Danzig are still impoverished, have not recovered from the cruel blows society at large has dealt them.

Condemned and forsaken, restlessly, they must roam the world in search of their Homeland, condemned to do penance for the sins of others.

The sad case of the Free City of Danzig highly dramatizes the plight of small people and smaller Nations whose "sovereignty" has become a joke, insignificant and expendable in an unpredictable


It is also an indictment against the selective nature of the freedom and human rights policies advocated today by the Western powers, and its both a valuable lesson and warning of the eventual results of such policies. The case of Danzig and its people is a case in point; international vandalism has left an indigenous people utterly destroyed, utterly impoverished, bruised and moribund. Mind boggling then, the people of Danzig are blamed; for everything; are blamed for their misfortunes and demise, for not speaking out loud enough now, for not engaging in any kind of terrorist activities to force the issue, for not letting the world forcefully know that they have a just cause, a cause which ought to be the concern of every decent human being, a cause which needs to be addressed and resolved.

Whereas all civilized nations of the world have declared themselves in favor of the constitutional state, the case of the "Free City of Danzig" is a unique exception, a departure from the rule.

That is frightening, and for this reason must it be pointed out that no state or nation can ever impose its own rules and condition on minority states, or, as apparently is the case, manipulate international law in order to pervert it.

International law however is quite clear and explicit; In Law, the Free City of Danzig does still exist!

Therefore, the case of the people of the Free City of Danzig must come before the Judges, their Day in Court must come. Justice must be done!

If international law does not apply anymore, so help us God, laws of the jungle might not just be upon us, but may become the accepted norm.


Free City of Danzig

August 1998