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Wednesday, March 03, 1999

The Hon. Mary Robinson

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland

Open Letter to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights!

Re: Human Rights concern of the people of the Free City of Danzig.

Truth must prevail, must never be manipulated or suppressed!

Your Excellency,

Wereas the United Nations has declared the International Year of Older Persons in 1999;

Your Office, by giving us the " silent treatment " is showing us contempt, disdain and disrespect!

Indeed, a disturbing, not exactly flattering image of the United Nations Human Rights Commission is emerging; an image of truculence, hostility and that of shabbiness, of being shallow, shoddy, shonky, (as in dishonest) of being unfair, unprofessional, ill educated, uneducated, prejudiced, biased, unethical, discriminatory, hypocritical, incompetent and most disagreeable! An Office devoid of any humanity, any sense of fair-play, any morals, or if there is any morality in your Office, then it is of the decaying variety, a selfish morality stinking to high heaven!

Whereas the UNO, the UN Human Rights Commission has divine obligation and responsibilities to discharge to all the people of this world, as indeed all good servants of the people ought to; it is your Office that has elevated itself to be Master of the people, abusing God-given priviliges! A Master who is dishonorable, beholden to vested interest, gross, immature, irresponsible, subjective, selective, sleazy, confrontational and arrogant!

So monstrously arrogant is the UNHRC; much spoiled bratty juveniles, under your leadership have the power to refuse, point-blank, to talk to us, victims of human rights abuses, poor and despised people that we are, we the people of the Free City of Danzig.

Whereas, we, the people of this world are kept under constant illusions as to the noblesse of all UNHRC Staff, the High Commissioner in particular, are of the highest caliber, a bunch of most fair minded dedicated and committed Humanists, this belief is now shaken to the core. Must we now believe that the good image portrayed is nothing else but Propaganda; that indeed the concept of humanity seems to be nothing but a dirty, indifferent joke? William Luntz, an educator and double-speak expert, is absolutely right: there are four kinds of double speak; euphemism, jargon, goobbledygook or bureaucratese and inflated language.

Your Office however goes one better; with forked tongue you say; ‘absolutely nothing!’

Is it to cover up something odious and awful? Or to keep us subjugated and firmly buried under mountains of cruel, wicked, hideous, horrible, hateful and revolting lies? Lies intended to perpetuate old discarded doctrines of manipulated communist states, evil nationalism, and fraudulent sovereignty, for no other reason than to please and favor, certain (still totalitarian) state rulers?

In order to achieve; hegemony, stability, peace and harmony, freedom and democracy, prosperity; apparently for our own good, but at our sole expense? Or is it to shield us from the awful truth about Politicians, Diplomats and Bureaucrats, as to provide us with an inverse image of truth under the skin of falsehood? Is it because we are expendable, politically incorrect, are too weak, too defenseless, too battered, defamed and isolated, considered lepers, much too inferior to be considered as being members of the human race?

We would dearly like to know the answer to the questions! Strange indeed, we are now being told by fat, juvenile bureaucratic cats, that we have not yet suffered enough immeasurable human pain, anguish, distress, loss of life and all earthly possession, that we must still hide our grief, silently, in the darkest corners of this world!

Are we going to take the insults, indignities, repression, intimidation, condemnations, being declared nonentities, outlawed people without any civil or human rights, without a home?

Not very likely, your Worship! Amends therefore must be made, must follow, Pronto! It is imperative therefore that we ought to be treated more kindly, and with respect! With a great deal of respect! Let that be understood, from the outset, and not just because we are Senior citizens!

Whereas your Excellency proudly proclaims in a message to honor the 50th Anniversary of "Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

……"this anniversary should serve as the source of a reinvigorated commitment to all that still must be done to ensure the realization and universality of human rights to all people"……

Sounds like a lot of nonsense, a lot of hypocrisy!

Simply, it cannot be true, your proclamation! You have excluded us! Deliberately and with intent!

You have excluded us, and perhaps we must count ourselves lucky not to have our heads chopped off by the UN Human Rights Commission! How lucky that the whole world is watching now, otherwise our fate would surely have been sealed, by now!

As to your syrupy statement concerning human rights entitlements for all: Political-double-speak it is; falsehood, hogwash and hypocrisy it is, a lot of that!

And of all of the above, we have had more than enough, more than a gut-full, up to our ears and eyes!

Whereas totalitarian regimes; including Fascist and Communist dictatorships have caused immeasurable humans sufferings and loss, degrading not only not every conceivable human rights, but the human spirit itself;

Whereas the poor, innocent and defenseless people of the Free City of Danzig had become the object of much political, diplomatic and economical intrigue, conspiracy and aggression, by vested interest, and by the Fascists, and (still) are subjected to international vandalism, which in the end left an indigenous people moribund;

Whereas the villainy of communism was dedicated, in particular, to the organized, willful and systematic eradication of an indigenous people, resulting in "ethnic cleansing", better known as "genocide; such villainy was also extended to destruction of private property ownership, including ownership of real, personal, business, and financial properties, by individuals, collectively, as a whole community, and as a legitimate and sovereign country;

Whereas the brutal expulsion of the indigenous population and consequent confiscation of property without compensation by totalitarian regimes was designed to victimize people because of religion, ethnicity, national or social origin, or opposition to such regimes, or was just carried out unlawfully and by force, for no other reason than plain, unbridled greed and robbery;

Whereas certain individuals and communities twice suffered the taking of their properties without compensation, first by the Nazis and their collaborators and next by the communist regimes;

Whereas refugees from communism, in addition to being wrongfully deprived of their property, were often forced to relinquish their citizenship in order to protect themselves and their families from reprisals by the

Communists who ruled the countries;

Whereas legal or administrative restrictions that require claimants to reside in, or be citizens of, the country from which they seek restitution of, or compensation for, wrongfully expropriated property are arbitrary, discriminatory, and in violation of international law; in any case, any such restrictions or legal requirements imposed by former totalitarian regimes; all and everyone of the indigenous people, citizens of the, - under international law still existing, - Free City of Danzig, are excluded and are forbidden under present and existing laws, conditions and political climate; to pursue any claim, regardless of entitlement or legal correctness, and;

Whereas the rule of law and democratic norms require that the activity of governments and their administrative agencies be exercised in accordance with the laws passed by their parliaments and legislatures, such laws themselves must be consistent with international laws and with international human right standards;

Now, therefore; let the human rights concern of the indigenous people of Danzig be resolved:

The above, is in short, not in detail, part of our human rights case and concern.

A much similar resolution has been passed by the US House of Representatives, on October 13, 1998, as it happened.

As the US Congress has seen it fit and proper to bring to the attention of the world still outstanding, or in limbo cases of human rights abuses, and also that of pending cases for private properties and other possessions, which have been unlawfully misappropriated by totalitarian regimes,

And as our human rights case has not as yet been addressed by any part of the United Nations Family Organization; we therefore must feel; what is good and proper for the US Congress ought to apply to the likes of Us as well. Don’t you think so? Or do double standards apply for us?

Silence on this matter by the Human Rights Commission, the kind of stone walling and contempt, as we have encountered since the very beginning of this year, is not the answer!

Silence, however is not always golden, it can be yellow! Please do understand! The people of the Free City of Danzig have a perfect right to bring to your Excellency’s attention our human rights concern. Where else can we go when today’s human rights standards are increasingly perceived as the essential fabric of our civilization, when the trend is towards enlightenment and more caring attitudes applying to all of human kind! Or so the wonderful story goes! Or is that just a fairy tale, a dirty Propaganda trick?

So what happens when we come to the UNHRC, in good faith?

Our E-mail is returned, yet, it has been opened, has been read, but has then been returned! Yes, disgustingly, the mail was returned, returned after six (6) weeks! It took all that long to look at.

That you, then, had the audacity to sent it back; is quite a scandal, a scandal of which the UNHRC cannot ever be proud off.

As to our subsequent message dated Jan. 14, 1999, faxed to your Office, the silence is deafening.

The Arrogance of it, the arrogance of your Office, is so unreal, so unbelievable, so disgusting and overpowering!

You people have no manners, none whatever, you improper, unprofessional, provoke anger, hurt, and in the process, cause much resentment and revulsion! What have we done to deserve slave treatment? The "silent treatment?" Are we just too stupid, too subordinate or inferior?

Are we not allowed to address the Office of the UNHRC at all with our human rights concern, a matter and concern, which is never trivial or of frivolous nature? So what is it all about, then? That you do not want to talk to us mere mortals, on any level? Do you perhaps consider yourselves as lofty, untouchable Icons? As omnipotent, as God, even? Anointed, consecrated and elevated on a pedestal?"

Let it be clear; the people of this world do not believe in anointed Monarchs, Presidents, Minister’s, Excellency’s, Diplomats, Politicians, Bureaucrats and Apparatchicks any longer.

We are therefore not amused about uncivil antics, distasteful, uncaring behavior and a culture of war-like hostility coming out of the corridors of the United Nations Centre for Human Rights in Geneva, therefore, our suggestion is that Genf’s City fathers ought to re-name the location to: Avenue de la Guerre.

Such is our feeling and impression! Therefore we would beg you not to disgrace, diminish and besmirch the integrity of your Office any further.

Show us some respect, make us believe that it is only your underlings who are getting angry with us shielding you from us, the rabble-rousers and troublemakers. That indeed you are noble, are genuine and committed Advocate of human rights. That it is all a tragic mistake, which should never have happened, that our case should have never been ignored or treated as a waste paper-basket case!

If that is so, I shall gladly apologize.

But then again, you might advise us to do what the Irish do best, (the I. R. A.)?

That you may tell us that our humble, cap-in-hand approach will never attract any attention. That it would be better for us to be more forceful; that only crime does pay, that violence gets results! That the world has become so blasť by now; that force, terrorism, deceit and subterfuge, is the only way to attract any notice at all.

Our case is a case in point: The case of the people of the Free City of Danzig, demonstrates the very fact and is due to conduct and political manipulation by various vested interests, by Governments, by the Victors, Victors manipulating and re-writing history, by the Allies and their Communist counterparts accusing us of wrong-doings. Is a scandal and disgrace, a scandal on a grand scale, without any precedent in the annals of human kind, and has remained a scandal to this very day!

For every time we try and have tried to raise our humble voices, we have been knocked down, have been kicked, kicked below the belt, whilst being down, and have not been allowed to raise at all. Not allowed to raise in body and even less in spirit!

Whereas the conduct by all of the above mentioned was unacceptable in the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, when it occurred, it is in the 90s that our human rights case must be addressed, come out in the open to see the light of day, must be examined, must come to a solution and conclusion.

Are we not entitled to just and effective treatment, in accordance with principles of justice and human rights, and in a manner that is just, transparent and fair?

Whereas; the people of the Free City of Danzig have always tried to raise their voices since July of 1945, and have taken their grievances and concerns directly United Nations Organization, since August of 1948;

they have not received the courtesy of an acknowledgement and reply. The United Nations Organization is obviously very much aware of the "Danzig Question" , but seems to have shut the doors completely on us, and seems to have started to conduct and wage a most vicious kind of " vendetta " on all fronts against the likes of us, innocent people that we are.

And the " vendetta tradition " seems to continue, having found a champion this time in the UNHRC insulting us further with contempt, prejudice and disdain.

The reason is any bodies guess, but it may have a lot to do with political expediency, political appeasement, manipulation, unfairness, bias, ethnicity and the fact that we are a small indigenous minority, unorganized, rendered helpless, and are kept Prisoners of an unfair

UNO system, forced to exist meagerly, scattered all over the globe.And the Gods are certainly not in the mood to talk to us, the Gods have double standards’. Whenever it comes to the question of human rights, and justice, for the people of the Free City of Danzig, the Gods bring down the "Iron Curtain"

Our human rights issue however is still there, and also the question of justice for our people still lingers and rankles; is not going to go away.

What is needed is a sober and clear cut statement by the UNO, by the UNHRC to have this question of " Guilt " (if there is any) properly examined and dealt with. Guilt, of which the innocent people of the Free City of Danzig are accused of, it must be resolved! Before we close our eyes, this burden is too hard to carry to our graves as our children and even our grand-children suspect us of unimaginable war-crimes unspeakable crimes against humanity!

Therefore it must be resolved, once and for All! As soon as possible, as a matter of urgency, in a manner which is due to even the worst of criminals! Whereas the ball is in your court; it is in certainly in your power to have this issue addressed: Act you must! We urge you to act; in the right and proper spirit, humanly and humanely, in accordance with the dignity your High Office demands, in the name of fairness, humanity and fair play! Under no circumstances send out the message: All people are equal under the UN system; when in fact some people are more equal than others. (On this point I’d like to stand corrected!)

Instead: Let Truth prevail. Truth must be spoken, as Truth wants out!

Therefore; a proper and kind response is in order, not only because we are Senior citizens, but also citizens of the Free City of Danzig, a suffering and indigenous people!

Until then, I’ll remain, sincerely yours,

Ernst F. Kriesner

Senator/Head of Foreign Affairs

Free City of Danzig


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