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1945 Death of a City, called Danzig

Apocalypse Two

Throughout WW II the ancient City of Danzig suffered relative little damage from enemy attacks. Even a bombing raid, as carried out by more than1000 American B 52 flying fortresses on October 1944, only targeted the ship-building facilities, but left the City proper untouched.
Towards the end of the War, Russian artillery bombardments, and concentrated allied bombs raining down on the City, especially during the whole of the Easter period at the end of March 1945, whilst causing a great loss of life among the civilian population, and the many refugees that had fled the ferocious Soviets, such bombardments did cause only some damage to the inner City, but not serious enough to her ancient buildings.

The willful destruction of the City however started in earnest well after the German soldiers defending the City had left at the end of March 1945, and had declared the City open.
Meaning, after all War related hostilities had ceased, and long after the " Liberators" had taken possession of ancient Danzig City.
And here we need to remember that Germany capitulated on May 08, 1945.

First, the "liberators", Soviets and Poles alike, had their beastly fun in raping, ravishing and violating all females, from babies to grandmothers.
Females of all ages were mercilessly hunted down! "Frau komm, Frau komm," was their cry! And Uri, Uri, Uri… (Wrist watches they were after)
The 'Liberators* (there was little, if anything, to distinguish Russians and Poles in their respective Uniforms except their caps, perhaps) then went onto a wild looting spree, engaged in wholesale robbing, plundering and stealing of everything and anything of worth that was not nailed down.

It was only sometimes after the bloody orgies of plunder and rape, that continued unabated, had somehow quieted down, that the ancient City was set on fire.

Was set on fire according to a diabolical Master plan. A Master plan that had the clear intention to root-out, and exterminate the German population by means of brutal expurgation!

The City was set on fire on all four corners simultaneously, and the 700 years old City, some of the buildings, like the Krantor (Crane-gate) entirely made out of centuries dried out timber, burnt especially beautifully.
The inferno that followed, the heat of the fire, was so fierce that the bells of St. Katharinen, St. Johan, St. Brigitten, Barbara, Elisabeth, Peter and Paul, that of Trinitatis, and Corpus Christy churches melted in the belfries, and dropped down without a clang.
St. Mary's church, that mighty, 72 meter towering brick building burned from the inside, as the great fire jumped easily from one end to the other, helped by closeness of all the buildings to each other, all the small and narrow Gassen. (Alleys)

No attempt at all was made by the Polish authorities to extinguish any of the flames.
They just looked on in glee, and let the City burn.
And burn it did, for nearly 4 weeks, until the fire had consumed itself, with the dark smoke, and smell, hanging around the devastated City for much longer.

Whereas atrocities galore committed by the Russians were bad enough already, the Poles toped such atrocities by far, making a much better job of it!
Systematically, with the fires still burning, with German speaking population of the City caught up in the inferno, robbed of any shelter, fleeing in a panic, ferocious Poles rounded up all the survivors, and robbed them even of the rest of their meager possessions.
And herded them, like cattle, into hastily made up Concentration camps.
In those concentration camps, the infamous Narvik camp in particular, indiscriminate killings and maiming really began, more in a subtle manner by starving them slowly to death!
Soon all kinds of deceases broke out among the unfortunate women and children, the elderly and infirm, killing them like flies.
The denial of food and water, of medical care and supplies to the countless desperados in those camps, and all over the territory of the Free State of Danzig, can only be described as a crime against all of humanity.

And then the great expulsions of the, still surviving, rest of the entire Danzig population (what was left of them) to war-torn, devastated and defeated Germany started.
They were brutally driven out at the point of the Gun.
That atrociously wicked and cruel act was, and still is, a War crime of horrendous proportion.

The smoking Gun, the telltale sign, the real explanation to the burning question of:
Who had set fire to the ancient City of Danzig, who had the motivation, the interest, the impelling reason and overwhelming need and desire to commit that horrible Crime!

This very question Poland answered most emphatically; by eradicating later on, all and every trace of German culture, heritage and other documentation that existed within the boundaries of the territory of Danzig, in order to create the Myth, and to make it appear, to all the World, that Danzig was, since feudal times immemorial, Polish throughout!

With this in mind, Poland removed all, and every inscription in the German language from every public building, school and institution from inside and out.
And replaced any such inscriptions with Polish symbols
Destroyed German books and documents, and much more. In short, everything that spoke of German language and tradition was extirpated.
Poland then had the audacity to steal our 'Coat of Arms' and made it her own, and with it, made it part of her own folklore and national history.
Even our Motto, dating back to Danzig's maritime belonging to the Hanseatic League: "Nec temire, Nec timide" was hijacked.

Poland wantonly, and with intent, vandalized and destroyed all monuments, and every other documentary evidence of Danzig's history, every book and scripture, and did not even spare the cemeteries, left no gravestone untouched that bore a German name.

With the help of the United Nations, Poland made also sure of the very name of Danzig
is rubbed out from history books, and removed from all World maps.
In order to do that, systematically, the former inhabitants of the territory of Danzig were stripped of their dignity, discredited, then robbed, not only of their personal possessions, but also of their identities, all their properties, all landholdings, titles and patrimony.
All of that was confiscated, and made the property of the Polish state!
Furthermore, the Marxist- catholic Church of Poland, then took the opportunity and invoked the doctrine of the "Counter Reformation", meaning; every church that was Lutheran before, destroyed or not, was turned into a "holy catholic Church."

Having thus eradicated any traces of German culture and heritage, and of the autochthonous people who had lived there, Polish official propaganda then spoke, and still speaks, to this very Day, of the City of Danzig, as an "eternal Polish City!"
And of our rightful Homeland and soil, as "holy Polish soil."
By doing so, Poland then smeared the names of the cosmopolitan people of German culture and heritage, labeled all of them as Nazis, and keeps on demeaning and demonizing us to this very Day!

The City of Danzig has been re-built in a fashion.
Re-building started slowly in the burnt out city of Danzig, unlike the reconstruction of all of the totally destroyed German cities that were rebuilt and totally modernized in less than 7 years after the War had ended in 1945.
In Danzig reconstruction started in the late, from about 1960 onwards, and that was only possible, ironically, with the help of German, and foreign Monies.
Yes, Germany had to pay for, Poland made absolutely sure of that.
Yet, even now, in the year of the Lord 2006, many a ruin still can be found.
The ruins of, what once was an ancient City with a glorious past, still speaks our language, ever such stone does.
The City has another name, and is, at best, a poor imitation and shadow of the former.
The new City has no character anymore, and has no soul, and no spirit, as all of it, with the brutal removal of all her former, autochthonous inhabitants, has gone, forever.