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THE DANZIG STIFTUNG LTD.* Charitable Trust for the People of the Free City of Danzig – INGO.

(International Non-Governmental Organization)--Registered in Edinburgh, United Kingdom-- No. 339232

Honorary-Chairman: Ernst F. Kriesner,  Honorary-Managing Director: Christian F. Mattner.





  Iustitia Omnibus Gedanum- Fair Justice for Danzig

 Danzig People have Human Rights also!


This document is about the unsolved situation on the subject of the exiled people of Danzig and the continuing breach of their Human Rights ever since the end of March, beginning of April 1945.


The Free City of Danzig is a Nation established by International Treaty, the Treaty of Versailles, never to be repudiated, and came under protection of the Geneva League of Nations on November 15, 1920, de jure existing to this very day.


Illegally annexed on September 01, 1939 by the Third Reich, her people immediately pressed into War service, all Danzig citizens, by this illegal act, declared as being illegal by the Nuremberg Military Tribunal, were forced to be citizens of the Third Reich.

The City of Danzig, as well as the whole territory of the City state was conquered by the Red Army in late March of 1945, and was put under provisional Polish administration by the Allied Powers at the Potsdam Conference until such time when a Peace treaty with defeated Germany could be concluded.


This however has not happened as promised, no decision in regard to a Peace treaty with defeated Germany has been reached so far, and the legal status of the Free State of Danzig still remains the same as it was on September 01, 1939.

As long as this urgent matter is left unresolved, in legal terms, and in every other respect, the territory of the Free City of Danzig is illegally occupied by Poland.


With the legal status of the Free City of Danzig as it is under the terms of International Law, yet remains to be illegally occupied by Poland, now a Member of the EU, a great many legal question need to be addressed, such as the, once upon a time promised peace treaty to be worked out between the victorious Allied powers and the Government of present Germany.

But things have changed with the re-unification of the two Germany’s, the question of a

formal Peace treaty has been circumvented, is not envisaged anymore, has either been put into cold storage, not intended, or even abandoned altogether.


The present Government of Germany, as the successor of the German Third Reich, with the Third Reich being named as the Aggressor against Danzig, Germany, now declares that she is neither willing, or able to formally take any responsibility as to the present unresolved situation as far as the territory of the Free City of Danzig is concerned, nor does Germany even think to consider resolving this very pressing, legally embarrassing matter with the Polish Republic.


As there is no action forthcoming on the part of the German government to resolve, once and for all, all and every legal questions about the territory of the Free City of Danzig, especially now that the Republic of Poland has been accepted as a Member state of the European Union, the Polish Republic is very happy to let sleeping dogs lay!


The centuries old Polish wish, dream and desire of having taken possessing of a “Prime piece of Real Estate” namely the territory of the Free City of Danzig, and with it the Danzig Seaport, seems to have come finally true as there is, seemingly no challenge coming from anyone, least of it from Germany.


We, the autochthonic, earliest know inhabitants of our rightful Danzig territory, who have been dispossessed of all of our earthly goods, and of our territory.

This was done by way of “ethnic cleansing” of the entire Danzig population as carried out by communist Polish regime that did expel everyone of Germanic blood by way of force, by way of mass starvation, and in most cases at the point of the gun from our territory, made only possible as darkness had descended onto communist controlled Eastern Europe.


That period in history, the Iron Curtain coming down, did last from 1945 until the fall of Communism, and the dismantling of the Berlin Wall.


Up to this time, we, the people of the Free State of Danzig, by quirk of fate condemned to wander to all corners of the Planet where an ill wind has blown us, a fractured, disjointed, marginalized and much demonised minority, therefore stood no chance to raise our voices in an organized manner.


In spite of all the difficulties, the hurt and humiliation experienced, we are determined as ever to assert ourselves, and to claim our rights, and place among the family of Nations.

We, original Danziger, as well as our descendants have grown in numbers therefore throw out the challenge to the Polish Republic, as well as to present Government of Germany, in an effort to set the record straight, we the people, as the original owner of our territory, lay legal claim again, as we have never tired to do so since early 1945, to our rightful Home land and territory, but also to all of our State and private property, as it was, on and before the German Third Reich did invade our territory illegally, and the Republic of Poland did likewise, did rob us of more than House and Home.


Sad to say, and as all the World is constantly proclaiming that Human Rights is for all inhabitants of our Planet as laid down by the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” we, the people of Danzig seem to be totally forgotten.


Not just forgotten but ostracized in the bargain, as the rest of the world does not even want to acknowledge, don’t want to know even that we still do exist!

We Danziger, have been obliterated from the annals of world history, and as a people we have been wiped off the face of the Earth, wiped off all World Maps and Atlases!

The powers that be have swept us, the people of Danzig, under the proverbial carpet!


All of our efforts to be heard have been, either ignored, refused to be taken notice of, or been put into the “much too difficult” waste paper basket.


Any call by our people, and this has been going on since 1945, for a fair hearing and justice for Danzig, has to this very day been treated with total silence and indifference, not to mention the utter frustration and anguish we have to endure every time the powers that be, all the World Organizations and Human Rights Institutions and Advocates, do not ever give us a “fair go”, no justice of any kind nor do we get a hearing, fair or otherwise, only deadly silence is coming out of the corridors of all the Bureaucrats who’s job it is to keep us at bay indefinitely.

And by they, we do mean World institutions like the United Nations Organization, the European Union, the World communities, International Courts etc.


All of the above and more, deny responsibility for our dismal existence, and to make matters worse, we are shut out from any legal process.


Talking about Human Rights, such a notion does not apply to us, as is evident that some people, especially the well to do, the favoured and politically correct, are more equal than others.


A case in point also is Amnesty International, and we are asking how on earth is it possible that no entries about Danzig, and her people, can ever be found on AI web archives?


Or is it --as many Danzigers suspect, that a worldwide conspiracy of certain powerful circles are sweeping our Human Rights, Rights for a Homeland and property under the proverbial carpet?

What does it take to get the world to sit up and acknowledge our plight and decide upon these unsolved issues?

We, the people of Danzig worldwide demand to know the answers to all of the outstanding problems and questions!


At present, the Human Rights issues of Tibet has drawn the attention and support of the world--in spite of their case for autonomy and territorial independence being rather a feeble and weaker case in comparison to the legal status, by International Law, of the Free City of Danzig.

We have no living God representing us, we have no Dalai Lama --and our compatriot, the Nobel Laureate for Literature, Guenther Grass, is keeping silent, for his own guilty reasons.

So what are we to do?


Any peaceful, non-violent approach by our people to achieve at least some kind of fair justice has been ignored to date.

Sheer frustration is prompting some of our Senior citizens, on the brink of utter despair, to sacrifice themselves by way of protest, to douse their bodies with Petrol and immolate themselves in front of UNO buildings, or EU houses of Parliament, in order to draw attention to our peoples plight, so the world must listen, and finally does act!


Does it really need to come to this? Is this kind of desperate sacrifice needed for anyone to listen and take notice of the state of utter frustration and hopelessness we Danziger are in?


We, the people of Danzig are listed as Members by UNPO, and, in order to bring attention to the world of our existence there is our English language site:

Still under construction but this site has a lot of facts about the Free State of Danzig that any serious minded, and unbiased people may want to know about Danzig glorious historical past since Danzig became a City of the Hanseatic League under the Law of Luebeck in 1224, and was independent as a mighty commercial power ever since.

After WW I, Imperial Germany had to relinquish all rights over Danzig, by solemn treaty, the Treaty of Versailles, an instrument of International Law, in this way Danzig became a Free City!


As to our Web site in English, that has been in operation without a break since early 1996.

Therefore, no excuses can be made for the UN not to know about us.

This applies especially so to some of our postings directed to the UN, and also mailed by way of registration to UN HQ in New York, and to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva.


Further information about Danzig can also to be found on Google and Wikipedia, but some the info there must be taken with a grain of salt, whereas some of the facts are truly presented, others have been manipulated and distorted to suit a certain political agenda.


An excellent source of information on the subject matter are documents as published by Prof. Alfredo de Zayas,  Prof.Gornig and the Book in the Volume in the German language by Dr.Hans Viktor Boettcher, on: Die Freie Stadt Danzig/ISBN 3-88557-181-1 — Wege und Umwege in die europaeische Zukunft.

Historischer Rueckblick, staats und voelkerrechtliche Fragen.

(Historical flashback as to State and International questions of Law)

It is our great misfortune that far too little is known about this, and even less published in the English language.


Accordingly, and as we, the people of Danzig are struggling with a great many a problem to find some recognition, are without any friends and support, we are on our own!


What can be done in our situation?

Help we need in any shape and form, who can help us, assist us in our dire struggle, guide us in the right direction?

Currently we are preparing, for a worldwide Census, the "Census Gedanum"--with the view to involve all surviving Danzig families, and their descendents scattered around the World, in a Class Action.


Not an easy task to do in this uncertain time of human history, political changes and upheaval.

Yet, as hope burns eternal we are optimistic that there might be some well to do, decent people out there prepared to come to our aid. Even moral support would lift our spirits, but our needs to climb the steep mountain are manifold.



Perhaps there is a lover of mankind, a real philanthropist, or two, out there, who would be prepared to give us a helping hand?


Some Funds also might be awaiting for a deserving cause, and our cause the Human Rights entitlements of the people of Danzig comes, without doubt, in the category of worthiness.

In any case, we are hopeful, even though our destiny is very slow in the making.


We also would appreciate some help/guidance in completing the formalities of our INGO Trust Foundation.




                                               Christian-Fredrick Mattner

                                               Honorary First Trustee and MD

                                               Danzig-Stiftung Ltd.


                                               Ernst F. Kriesner





 *Charitable Trust for People of the Free City of Danzig



THE DANZIG STIFTUNG LTD.* Charitable Trust for the People of the Free City of Danzig – INGO.

(International Non-Governmental Organization)--Registered in Edinburgh, United Kingdom-- No. 339232

Honorary-Chairman: Ernst F. Kriesner, Honorary-Managing Director: Christian F. Mattner.