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Conspiracy, Aggression, Betrayal!

Machiavellian plots, to erase the memory of the Free City of Danzig, in History, and to shame an indigenous people into oblivion.

The extra-ordinary case of the Free City of Danzig, " de jure" still existing to this very day! Which in the annals of World History, is unprecedented -and the ongoing denial of basic human rights and justice to the people of Danzig, who had to suffer deportation from their rightful Homeland, by force and by terror. Now they are condemned for the sins of others, have to live scattered to all corners of the Globe, sentenced to do Penance, Forever and a Day?

Joseph Stalin’s "Top Secret Orders" claiming dominance over Eastern Europe, including part of the former German Reich, east of Oder/Neisse, still prevail.

Whereas the Federation of Russian States have renounced and repudiated Stalinism and Stalin’s decrees, the western Allies on the other hand have given credence to it, have not only maintained

Stalin’s decrees but are defending it, elevating his decrees to the level of International Law!

Crimes against the People of Danzig, against Humanity itself, awful violations of Human Rights, violation of International Law, the laws of people. Carried out by undemocratic Regimes against a hapless, defenseless, civilian population, mainly Women, Children, the elderly and infirm, the indigenous, autochthonous population of the Free City of Danzig, the innocent inhabitants.

Total secrecy and ignorance surround the "real facts" about the fate of the Free City of Danzig and her people. Established by virtue of the Treaty of Versailles to become a Protectorate of the Geneva League of Nations in 1919, Danzig was unlawfully annexed by Hitler’s Germany in 1939. The ancient City was destroyed by the Soviets in March 1945.

Ethnic cleansing followed, carried out by a revenge seeking polish Mob, which robbed, plundered, in the end ruthlessly liquidated every German speaking soul from Danzig,s soil.

A rain of terror and tyranny had descended upon the hapless inhabitants of Danzig, many a life was lost and finally the citizens of a once proud and ancient City, the survivors of their Holocaust, found themselves stripped of all their earthly possessions, made homeless Refugees.

Now, the people of Danzig have been forgotten, their State has been eradicated from the Maps of the World, as a Minority Danzig citizenry has been annihilated. Human Rights entitlements are not applicable to them, nor is fair Justice, that too has been denied so far.

Yet, and in accordance with the laws of people, with international law, the State of Danzig, although War-occupied by the Polish Republic, is still existing, " de jure ", that is.

Over eager Politicians and Diplomats have blundered by not following their own strict rules and regulation, have forgotten their own diplomatic obligations and codes of International law?

In truth, a State once established by Treaty cannot be done with, such Treaty cannot be modified, save, with its own consent, that of the people.

Such are the facts which every educated Person ought to know, every Student of Law, Journalist, Diplomat, Politician, Human Rights Advocate or every fair- minded Person should know, but do not.

The ignorant, the ill-informed, now believe in a Myth which has been created whereby the Victims themselves have been vilified, demonized, by the use of willful Propaganda, Propaganda reminiscent of that all-time Champion, purveyor of the official untruths, the Charlatan Dr. Joseph Goebbels.

Ever since the Danziger have been asking questions privately in regard to their private Properties, the State of Poland has started a smear campaign, calling every living Danziger regardless of age, Members of an Aggressor State to which Human Rights entitlements should never be applicable.

The State of Poland also claims international compliance for having taken the private Property of every Danziger by force and every means, now she is busy in vigorously defending and justifying her claims and crimes before the World.

To the Poles it was absolutely necessary to root the indigenous Danziger out, to eradicate them for good as potential troublemakers! That how Poland acted and has mystified the World ever since! 

The "Neutrality" of the Free City of Danzig

1) Defenseless!

In accordance with the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, but very much against the wishes of the entire population, voting against a proposed Union with the nascent Polish State by majority of 97.6% in the Year of 1919, the Free City of Danzig was finally proclaimed, by 1920 the Free City of Danzig was off and running, was for ever separated by from the Motherland, the German Reich of which Danzig had been part of since 1793.

The inhabitants of the newly created Free City of Danzig were given a new identity and from that moment onwards became known as citizens of the Free City of Danzig.

In accordance with the Treaty of Versailles and from thereon under the protection of the Geneva League of Nations, the small State of Danzig, had to face severe conditions as to the use and manufacture of even the smallest of firearms.

No defense force was permitted for the rather small State of 1,966 sq km in total area, with some 408,000 Inhabitants only.

Thus Danzig was forced into Neutrality. The League of Nations was the Protector, took on the role of Guarantor of Danzig’s territorial integrity, safety and security, and that of her people immediately.

At the Paris convention of 1920, the Free City of Danzig and the nascent Republic of Poland both recognized each other’s existence, mutual commitments, duties and obligations to each other.

The Polish Republic being the stronger, further promised to safeguards Danzig’s interest against any outside aggression.

2) Danzig declares " Neutrality" before the League of Nations!

Hardly established the nascent Polish Republic engaged the Soviet Union and the State of Lithuania into a bloody War.

Fearful of the consequences that War could easily be carried to her small, defenseless territory, the Danzig Government acted immediately.

Acting on a majority vote of its Parliament, the Danzig Government declared her intention to stay out of any conflict and to be Neutral, before the full Assembly of the League of Nations in 1920.

Furthermore and as a matter of principle, Danzig Dockers went on strike every time the Republic of Poland tried to tried to transport any kind of War material via the Danzig Harbor.

Having been made neutral and defenseless, yet " sovereign de jure", Danzig became automatically part of International law, protected by laws of the Hague Convention of 1907 concerning neutral Countries, was guaranteed protection to the civil population in case of War.

The Republic of Poland, among other Powers, was one of the signatories to The Hague Convention.

As a neutral State, the Free City of Danzig should have been immediately re-established in 1945.

Furthermore, there was always obligation of protection to person of neutral States, to safety, security and welfare of the Danzig citizenry, such should have been observed under any circumstances. As it happened however, the furies of War annihilated the whole of the Danzig population, with the Republic of Poland being the Administrator of a Polish and Soviet mob, running riot

The obligations to the victorious Powers were clear enough though, the USA, Great Britain and France however turned a blind eye to what did happen behind the Iron Curtain, bowed apparently to the wishes and commands of Joseph Stalin, and that of his Satellite, communist Poland. They all failed badly in their observation of even the basics of moral imperatives, failed humankind, they all fall miserably short in their duty to civilization. The Danzig citizenry had to suffer the consequences, they were subjected to ruthless deportation, experienced their own Holocaust!

3) Potsdam: Agreements not valid for Danzig!

The Free City of Danzig created by the Treaty of Versailles, was put under the Protection of the Geneva League of Nations from Day One, as a Protectorate, and must therefore be considered a Mandate State of the United Nations Organization, the "de facto" successor of the League!

All High Commissioners of the League of Nations were permanently residing in Danzig.

The last one, a Swiss National with Executive Powers, Prof. Dr. Carl Jacob Burckhardt was in Danzig until the morning of September 1, 1939, the very Day of the start of WW II when Danzig was illegally annexed by Nazi German!

Further proof of the commitment by the League of Nations towards her Protectorate Danzig was the fact that the League of Nations did protest vigorously against Germany’s illegal action and violation of International Law, throughout the World.

The League of Nations existed until April 1946. At no time did the League ever relinquish any of her responsibilities and obligations to the Free City of Danzig, kept the record intact, until replaced by a new World Organization, the UNO.

On behalf of the League of Nations the resident High Commissioner, Prof. Burckhardt protested. It did not help! He was arrested and deported back to Switzerland by the Nazis on the very Day of the outbreak of WW II, the infamous day of Danzig’s illegal annexation.

The die had been cast, Hitler had opened Pandora’s Box, had established a " fait accompli", by illegal means had taken Danzig, had violated the provision of the Versailles Treaty, thereby violating International Law.

It is because of the illegality of Hitler’s action, the inviolability of Danzig’s status in regard to international law and being established by Treaty that the" de jure" status of the Free City of Danzig has not been changed in any way until this very Day.

It is equally clear that no legal contract or any lawful agreement, treaty or the like ever does exist to the contrary to prove the non-existence of Danzig as a State otherwise.

The " Provisional Polish Administration" as ordered by Joseph Stalin and agreed upon by the western Allies was just a political decision not legally binding as none of the victorious Powers had the legal means to change International Law.

The same must be said about the Polish decree annexing the territory of the Free City of Danzig in March/April 1945!

That too is and was an illegal act. Poland is War-occupying the Free City of Danzig until now, is there illegally, she has no rights to be there at all! Is there be force, not by any legal argument!

The Potsdam Agreement of 1945 is legal and binding as far as Germany is concerned, for Danzig however it is invalid! Only the League of Nations at that time had the legality to do so! Legal Powers were not in the hands of Politician or Diplomat of any of the signatory Powers at the Potsdam Conference at all! It was all for political reason, to pay tribute to the Great Dictator Stalin.

The League of Nations, if she would have wanted to change the international status of the Free City of Danzig would have done so in consultation and with consent of the people of Danzig.

In Potsdam the issue at stake was Germany and her Borders, as of December 31, 1937!

The Free City of Danzig however was not a part of Germany since 1919, when the German Reich did denounce any claim or title to Danzig for eternity!

Any German Reich therefore cannot ever speak on behalf of Danzig, cannot conclude any contract or agreement in respect of Danzig. German has no jurisdiction or justification to do so, least of all with the Republic of Poland, deciding the fate of a Minority and their rightful Homeland, their Territory.

Any political decision made at Potsdam by the victorious Allied Powers, lead by Father Stalin is null and void for the Territory of the Free City of Danzig. Danzig was not ever mentioned directly at Potsdam, was only put later under "Provisional Polish Administration". The final solution to Danzig, and the people, was to be made at a future Peace Conference!

4) Protection to the Free City of Danzig and her People guaranteed by the League of Nations!

Under the terms of the Versailles Treaty Danzig was made defenseless, was not allowed to have any defense forces or any weapons of her own, was not allowed to manufacture small firearms even.

Article 102 of the Versailles Treaty did regulate and made assurances as to the preservation of the State’s integrity, safety, protection and security of her people.

This protective obligation was the responsibility of the Geneva League of Nations.

The League of Nations however had no Strike Force and therefore had to call on fellow Members to help out in times of need.

Weakened by internal strife and disunity among her Members, Notably Japan and Italy, the League of Nation proved to be a real Paper Tiger.

In 1931 Japan attacked Manchuria, in 1935 a Fascist Italy showed colonial ambitions by annexing Abbessinia. That was the start of disintegration of the League

More or less the League of Nations proved to be weak, indecisive and slow.

When tensions in Europe reached alarming heights in 1938/39 it was everyone for himself among the Powers of Europe. Herr Hitler must have felt encouraged when the International Press made it clear that in any event the World would not ever care to go to War over the Free City of Danzig. " The Danzig Question" was not worth fighting for. From that moment onwards, the die was cast. Danzig was sitting on a Powderkeg, ready to explode any moment.

And so it was. When Hitler attacked there was nobody to lift a finger to come to the aid of the poor Danzig citizenry, nobody, least of all the Geneva League of Nations. Indeed Danzig was expected to fight Germany and their German relations with bare hands.

Sure enough the League of Nations was sending Notes of protest all over the World condemning Hitler’s action, but that was all.

Danziger today, speak of "betrayal by the League of Nation", speak of being thrown to the wolves and having to howl with the wolves. Of being let down by their great Protector, the League of Nations, let down by rest of the World!

War- occupation of " neutral territories", illegal!

The War-annexation by the German Reich of the " neutral Free City of Danzig has been declared illegal by the Nuremberg War Crime Tribunal, as being inconsistent with International Law.

The consequent German Law incorporating Danzig into the realm of the Third Reich, that by itself too was invalid even under German Law.

Hitler never bothered to recover a plebiscite from the people of Danzig as was required by German Law for he felt sure of his success and having achieved a "fait accompli".

Equally inconsistent too with International Law was the "annexation by decree" as carried out by the

People’s Republic of Poland during the War Month of March and April of 1945, well before all War hostilities in Europe had ceased.

It is clear today that the decision by an "interim" Polish Government to annex Danzig was based on a

"Directive" by none other than Joseph Stalin! (Top Secret Orders of February 20, 1945)

Such annexation of Danzig by the Polish Group from Lublin, carried out during the time when War was still raging in Europe, accomplished in indecent haste, has no legal standing or basis in International Law, is not backed up by any legally binding contact, agreement or treaty.

The integrity of a State once established, by Treaty, cannot be dispensed with, save by consent of her own people!

The true status of the Free City of Danzig therefore remains "de jure" intact! International Law does say so, notwithstanding the ongoing War-occupation of Danzig by Poland, being under "Provisional Polish Administration" still. Poland is on Danzig’s territory illegally. International Law does not recognize War-occupation as reason for everlasting possession.

The question of private Ownership of the indigenous Danzig population too must therefore be addressed, as such deprivation of private property is a violation of human right and any laws.

The Nuremberg War Tribunal declares annexation of the Free City of Danzig unlawful!

The charter of the Nuremberg War-crimes Tribunal describes crimes for which the War Criminals were to be held responsible thus:

Crimes against Peace, namely: Planning, preparation, initiation, or waging a War of aggression, or a War in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances, or participation in a common plan, a conspiracy for the accomplishment of any of the forgoing:

Crimes against humanity, namely: murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation and other inhuman acts, committed against any civil population, before, during or after the War, or persecution on political, racial or religious grounds.

War Criminals before the Nuremberg Tribunal were not found guilty and were not punished for losing the War but for starting it in violation of solemn treaties and for its execution with utter disregard for the laws of War.

The Nuremberg War-crime Tribunal convicted all Leaders of the German Third Reich of breach of International Laws and Conventions, and in particular took issue with the War Criminals on the question of breach of the Treaty of Versailles. Specifically Articles 100 to 109, concerning the Free City of Danzig’s international status and neutrality!

The Tribunal found the annexation of the neutral Free City of Danzig to be illegal, not consistent with International Law and in breach of laws of War, conventions, agreements and treaties etc…

The very same ruling must therefore apply to the "annexation by decree" as ordered by Dictator Joseph Stalin and as was carried out by an interim Polish Government in March/April of 1945.

Poland therefore is equally guilty of violations of International Laws in the case of the Free City of Danzig and as she had engaged in brutal extermination, enslavement, deportation, ethnic cleansing and other inhuman acts against the entire indigenous Danzig population, must be charged with crimes against humanity as well.

The 4 + 2 Agreements between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of Poland have no meaning for the Territory of the Free City of Danzig, are invalid for Danzig!

Whereas the 4 + 2 Agreements between Germany and Poland, involving the victorious Allies are legally binding in every respect, such agreements concerning the former German Provinces east of the Oder/Neisse Line do not apply however to the Territory of the Free City of Danzig!

Danzig was not a German Province since 1919 and was not a part of the German Reich as of December 31, 1937, the date in question. Moreover, the Federal Republic of Germany has not had since 1919, and certainly has not now, any jurisdiction over the Territory of the Free City of Danzig!

For this very important reason, Germany cannot enter, conclude, or negotiate any legal contracts, agreements or international treaties, on Danzig’s behalf.

Furthermore, and notwithstanding the fact that the majority of the Danzig [population has found refuge in Germany after the War, Germany has no rights whatever to speak for or on behalf of the Danzig population. Germany does admit as much.

Under the terms of International Law the Free City of Danzig does still exist "de jure" and it is clear, the Danzig citizenry have never lost their identity. They belonging to the Free City of Danzig, are citizens of that State, not Germans. Their German citizenship is in addition, it has been bestowed onto them. Illegal it is. In matters concerning the Territory and Properties of the Free City of Danzig, only the League of Nations or the United Nations can decide, but even then, the UN must to consult the people of Danzig,

Germany cannot decide for Danzig. Poland cannot decide that either.

Government-in-Exile of the Free State of Danzig!

In order to execute the legitimate claims and ambition of the people of Danzig more competent and purposefully, a legal representation of her people was legally constituted on September 1, 1995. Seat of Government is Frankfurt a. Main, Germany. The Government has Representatives in other parts of the World.

In its duty as a Government, the Vienna Convention for " diplomatic and consular services", was joined in Membership.

The necessary declaration was handed to the Secretary General of the United Nations Organization,

The Egyptian Diplomat, Boutros-Boutros Ghali.

On the diplomatic level now a legitimate Danzig Government-in-Exile has paved the way to have the legitimate claims and ambitions of the People of Danzig recognized and realized.

By doing so our Government is making her intentions clear to have the international status of the Free City of Danzig restored to its pre-War condition.

Appeal to the United Nations Organization and Heads of State of the victorious Allied Powers!

Ever since the end of WW II, since the middle of 1945, have the people of Danzig, individually and collectively, tried to raise their voices.

They did appeal to Leaders of the World everywhere. An Appeal went out to the UNO, August 1948

The Iron Curtain and the general political situation in Europe did not favor the Danziger.

Furthermore Danziger found it most difficult to get organized, for they have been driven to all corners of the Globe.

The collapse of Communism in Europe brought "New Hope" to Danzig’s people. A Danzig Committee acting on behalf of all and every Danzig citizen petitioned the United Nations Secretary General in 1994.

This Appeal was repeated again in 1996 and 1997. The same Appeal was passed onto the respective Heads of States of the victorious Allies.

It is not clear why not one response or echo, was ever given, which should have been, considering the sincerity and importance of the matter. Danzig’s human rights concern must be addressed, " their Day in Court", has to come. Justice must be done!

The United Nations Organization, Conspiracy and the Danzig Problem!

In Peacetime, until September 1, 1939, the Free City of Danzig was a small, but sovereign, neutral Baltic State, a most priced possession of the indigenous population, a piece of Prime Real Estate, with an ancient Harbor City to boot, the pearl of the Baltic Sea.

Created out of the ruins of a defeated Germany, by Treaty, the Treaty of Versailles,

Danzig became part of International Law, came under the protection of the League of Nations.

Under the terms of International Law a State once establish by treaty cannot be dissolved without the explicit consent of its own people.

On the eve of War, September 2, 1939, this is what His Majesty’s Government of King George V had to say about the status of the Free City of Danzig, indicating reason, why Britain was prepared to go to War with Germany:

"The international status of Danzig as a Free City "is" established by treaty of which His Majesty’s Government is a signatory, and the Free City of Danzig was placed under the protection of the League of Nations. The rights given to Poland in Danzig by treaty were defined and confirmed by agreement between Danzig and Poland!"

The British Government statement went further on to say: " The actions taken by the Danzig Authorities and the Reichstag is the final step in the unilateral repudiation of these international instruments, which could only be modified by negotiations.

His Majesty’s Government do not therefore recognize either the validity of the grounds on which the action of the Danzig authorities was based, the validity of the action itself, or of the effect given to it by the German Government."

It is very therefore clear, the annexation of the Free City of Danzig by Germany was illegal, as it was unlawful. Under the terms of international law; the status of the Free City of Danzig is still the same as it was before Hitler’s action. " de jure" Danzig is still existing, due to the absence of any legal contract, remains " Sovereign de jure " of its territory to this very day!

The War-occupation of the Free City of Danzig, whether by the German Third Reich or by the People’s Republic of Poland, has no legal standing under international law.

Only treaties concluded by the legal Government of Danzig with other Governments and the League of Nations, after April 1946, the United Nations, are legal, this according to Article 77 of the Charter of the United Nations, and only with consent of the people concerned.

"de facto" however, and under "occupatio bellica" condition, the Republic of Poland is still ruling over the territories of the Free City of Danzig, is there without any legal rights!

The Potsdam Conference agreements of the victorious Allied Powers placed the Free City of Danzig along with German Provinces east of the Oder/Neisse Line under Provisional Polish Administration.

As a Protectorate of the League of Nations however and being established by treaty, the Free City of Danzig should have never fallen into the category of a defeated enemy of the Allies. No Nation had ever declared War on Danzig, and the Free City of Danzig had never declared War on any Nation! One ought to remember this, the United Nations Organization in particular!

As to the Republic of Poland war-occupying Danzig’s territories illegally, she has broken all and every treaty, agreements and convention to which Poland had been a signatory!

The following come into question:

The Hague Convention on Warfare of 1907/08.

The Treaty of Versailles. (1919)

The Convention of Paris between Poland and the Free City of Danzig. (1920)

The Briand-Kellogg Act. (1928)

The Atlantic Charter (1941)

The Charter of the UNO. (1945)

The Convention on prevention and punishment of Genocide.(1948)

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. (1948)

The 4th Geneva agreement on protection of civilians in times of War. (1949)

The Covenants on Economic, Social, Cultural and Civil and Political rights. (1966)

From March 1945 onwards, the indigenous, autochthonous Danzig population was uprooted from their rightful Homeland, starved to death, brute terror reigned, the People of Danzig, Poland deported, ruthlessly, all their earthly possessions, their properties were seized, confiscated.

For the communistic People’s Republic of Poland it was most important to remove any trace of evidence of Danzig-German Culture, Custom, Language and Presents.

The language, customs and culture of the remaining indigenous Danzig population was outlawed by way of punishment and suppressed brutally until the year of 1990, when Poland became more democratically minded after it turned away from Communism for convenience sake.

Of equal importance was the falsification of Danzig’s History. Republican Poland as well as Communist Poland is fond of pointing to the Polish Crown, as being the origin of Polish claim over Danzig’s Territory, which is a fabrication, and utter distortion of truth, of truth in History. Until nowthe indigenous Danziger have not been allowed by the Polish authorities to return as free people, to lay claim to Danzig’s legal territory, and to claim back their private possessions.

Since 1948 have the citizens of the Free City of Danzig appealed and petitioned the United Nation.

The doors of the United Nations Offices however seem to be closed permanently, its walls are absolutely impregnable, impenetrable, not one echo has ever come out of the corridors of the UNO. All human rights pleas of the Danzig population have either fallen on deaf ears or have been deliberately ignored. Whereas Poles seem to be the crème de la crème of human society, Danziger always have been disrespected as Pariahs, regarded as such by the Family of Nations.

Peculiar to think that when the United Nations Organization was established on Oct. 24, 1945, a communist Poland was invited as a founding Member, yet Poland was not represented in San Francisco at all. The rest of the Soviet Block was, all other Satellite’s of Father Stalin.

Peculiar then, but not surprising, the Danzig Problem did not receive any mention at all, was swept under the carpet, where the Problem of the indigenous Danzig population still is, very much on the nose, laying dormant under the proverbial rug, starting to stink.

"Double Standards" by the United Nations? Favorable laws for Poland, double Jeopardy for Danzig!

The Danzig citizen however and as ever, are undying in their request for "restitution" of their lawful, small but valuable piece of "Prime Real Estate", the Free City of Danzig.

It is therefore expected from the United Nations Organization that the stone walling is to be stopped, that proceedings for discussion between all parties should start, to finally end the Martyrdom of the Danzig citizens, through peaceful negotiations. The rights of the Danzig population, their rights to their lawful Homeland, that civil and human rights must finally be granted, recognized!

As matters stand however, the United Nations Organization have chosen to stonewall any attempts by individuals citizens of Danzig to obtain a fair degree of Justice. A legal representation by a legitimate Government of the Free City of Danzig did not do any better, any appeal to the UN has so far has failed, has not been listened to, has been nipped in the butt, since August 1948!

A lesson to all Humankind must be learned from such an experience.

The Family of Nations is also barring the Free City of Danzig to file her case before the International Court of Justice, by unfair methods and tactics, on most flimsy grounds.

The Injustice done to the People of Danzig is diabolical, is the Grandfather of all the injustices done to humankind during this Century! Unprecedented!

Scattered all over the World, they now must live, discredited, in shame, in poverty!

Such is an ugly manifestation of a society that is unworthy of that name!

How the United Nations Organization can reconcile the human rights violations perpetrated against the Free City of Danzig and the indigenous People of that ancient City, with the " Universal Declaration of Human Rights " is any bodies guess, is a mystery, which the UN has yet to explain to the world!

Danzig’s Monetary Properties and Assets, that of the State, that of the People.

Initially the main bulk of Danzig’s Gold Reserves and other monetary Property, including Securities belonging to the Free City of Danzig, was confiscated by the Nazi’s on the Day of WW II .

It is believed that some of Danzig’s Gold was diverted into Switzerland and or elsewhere.

After the defeat of Germany, it was left to the victorious Allies to administer the monetary mess left . Commissioned by the victorious Allies the Tripartite Commission then tried to find the rightful Owners of Gold, confiscated by the Third Reich throughout Europe.

That Gold was reported to be stored in the vaults of the Bank of England and the Reserve Bank of the United States of America.

Over the last 50 years some 300 ton of Gold has been returned to the rightful Owners by the Tripartite Commission, but some 5,5 ton of Gold is still in the vaults in London and New York.

Mysteriously, and as to public records and reports, the Tripartite Commission has seen it fit to award to the People’s Republic of Poland, a Communist Block Country in July/August of 1976, 10 ton of Danzig’s Gold!, the monetary Property of the People of Danzig!

Ordered by the League of Nations, the Free City of Danzig was obliged, from 1923 onwards, to deposit with the Bank of England, Gold Securities to cover her own Currency, the Danzig Gulden.

The whereabouts of that Deposit is still unknown as of today.

Neither the Bank of England nor the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London is willing to comment to inquiries made.

It is further known that the Free City of Danzig had to maintain an Office in Geneva, the seat of the League of Nations. Danzig therefore had to have a Bank Account in a Swiss Bank from which it had to pay the Salary of the High Commissioner of the League, the Swiss National Prof. Burckhardt, the tidy sum of

100,000 Gold Francs annually.

Swiss Banking Officials, as well as the Swiss Government, are not in any mood to answer to any of our legitimate prying into their Bank secrets.

It is also reasonable to suspect that the Free City of Danzig must have had other Accounts elsewhere.

This Money must be found and returned to the rightful Owners.

International Court of Justice, and the case of the Free City of Danzig!

The establishment of a body where individuals are judged by an international institution, as in the case of Serb and Croat War Criminals, adds a new dimension to international law.

First up there was the case involving Danzig! Railway Workers asserting their right directly before the Permanent Court of International Justice, (series of B. 15 (1927/28) their claims for unpaid compensation against Poland pursuant to a treaty between Poland and the Free City of Danzig!

It was the Advisory Opinion of the Permanent Court of Justice that dealt a direct blow to the dogma

Of an impenetrable wall separating individuals from international law, and recognizing the rights of individuals to enforce claims directly!

The Court gave the opinion that no consideration of theory could prevent an individual from becoming a subject of international law where, as in this case, the parties to a treaty provided the individual direct access to the Court for the purpose of enforcing his claim.

That was in 1928, the Court was the same as the new Organ of the United Nations, the International Court of Justice now.

Against the opinion by the Court held then, we have:

A direct submission by the Government in Exile of the Free City of Danzig, and having failed to get past the Doorkeepers of the Court, the Registrar in the first instance;

a further more explicit submission was filed before the International Court of Justice by the German National, Prof. Dr. jur. Hans-Werner Bracht, to whom legal Powers of Attorney, is given. Again the case of the Free City of Danzig for Restitution of the legal State Territory failed, it was rebuffed, was stopped at the doors of the International Court of Justice, an Organ of the UN. Did not reach the Court at all, although the extra-ordinary case of the Free City of Danzig is a concern for all of humankind, a human rights matter of the highest order, a concern to all. Very Strange, strange indeed, being told by Bureaucrats that Danzig has no standing in the World, is not competent, individually or collectively, that as a State established by Treaty, Danzig can’t exist!

Whereas in the period following the Second World War, the individual has become not only the bearer of rights but also the bearer of responsibilities and obligations.

He has acquired the responsibility under criminal law with respect to certain serious crimes recognized and penalized by the international community.

It is our view therefore that the individuals ought to be regarded as subject, not merely objects of international law, " since it is to man now that the norms of international law entrusts international responsibilities of law and order.

Therefore the question must be put; is the case of the Free City of Danzig and her people going to be totally ignored and isolated from any norm of international law forever?

The case History of the Free City of Danzig was already settled after WW I.

The History of all times, Roman Empire, British Empire, has proven that every space expansion can only be effected, by breaking resistance and taking risk.

Neither formally nor today or at any time, has space been found without an Owner.

That is why the People’s Republic of Poland, urged on by Father Stalin, and her own insatiable appetite for the Danzig Territory,--a priceless piece of "Prime Real Estate"-- had seen it fit to seize

Danzig, ruthlessly, and to eliminate all evidence of Danzig’s glorious past, in the process, all of the People of that State had to be eliminated too!

"Ethnic cleansing", was practiced by a Communist Poland well before it became a By-word in our modern History!

That the Law had to be broken, International Law at that and every Law in the Book known to Humankind, did not seem to matter at that time.

At that time Communism was out to rule the World, had found many a supporter and sympathizers and friends in the highest of places, powerful supporters even within the Family of Nations.

Communism ruled, the Iron Curtain was down, was impenetrable, unconquerable.

Today however it is different, the Communist Empire and system has collapsed.

Poland has turned her coat, is more democratic now, the Wolf has become a Lamb.

The former Wolf now wants to join NATO, seeks entry into the European Union.

Within the European Union however it is not customary to steal, rob and plunder of each other!

Nor do they practice Genocide, liquidate a whole People, the entire, autochthonous, indigenous Danzig Population.

Poland however refuses to acknowledge any claims on private Danzig Property, stolen.

Claims historical rights on Danzig’s Territory, from Time immemorial, claims so fantastic, figments of Polish imagination only, far fetched, wild hallucinations fuelled up by evil Propaganda.

Imaginary, strange and absurd claims of a sizeable Polish Minority during the Free City of Danzig Period are peddled around any time the real story of Danzig comes out. There wasn’t!

Poland then do go on the Offensive, do accuse the people of Danzig of wickedness, of Aggression!

The Free City of Danzig and her People are portrait as War mongers, Members of an "Aggressor - State", and as such have lost all, and every right to be called human beings, as a People and as individuals, are put down and discredited at every opportunity. As Poland will have it, every Danziger has lost all human right in the World, eternally, have lost the right to raise their voices, to claim back from the Polish State what Poland had unlawfully taken.

In regard to the real truth of the matter however a different story emerges; the Free City of Danzig and her People, a poultry Population size of some 408,000, in number, never a danger to anyone, were not ever given a chance to decide their own destiny, their fate.

Indeed it was due to the Territorial clauses of the Versailles Treaty that unbearable, mutual tension between Germany and Poland developed, that a state of hostility existed. Danzig and her People were like sitting Ducks, the Meat in the Sandwich, between the Devil and the deep blue Sea, the contested Prize between two "lunatic Powers", Poland and Germany!

Both wanted War, at any Price! War had to come, sooner or later, Society was itching for it.

At today’s political climate it would’ve never happened, never been allowed to go on, for so long. And poor Danzig was in between, became the Victim! Was never the Aggressor!

This travesty of History has to be corrected. Truth wants out, wants out now!

Today therefore, the People of the Free City of Danzig are re-asserting their undeniable and legal claims for the rightful Homeland, their Birthright, their Patrimony, and private Possession.

Fair Justice is what Danzig is seeking, Justice Now!

Justice delayed is Justice denied!


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