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Excerpts of a speech by the Prime Minister in the House of Commons on September 02, 1939:
The Prime Minister, Sir Neville Chamberlain, concerning the opening of hostilities at Danzig, that happened in the very early hours in the morning of September 01. 1939, known now as WW II : '………………. and Danzig being made the subject of a unilateral settlement by force!'……………………..

There is one other matter to which allusions should be made in order that the present situation may be perfectly clear.
Yesterday Herr Forster who, on 23rd of August, had, in contravention of the Danzig constitution, become the head of State, decreed the incorporation of Danzig in the Reich, and the dissolution of the Constitution.
Herr Hitler was asked to give effect to this decree by German law.
At a meeting of the Reichstag yesterday morning a law was passed for the reunion of Danzig with the Reich.
The international status of Danzig as a Free City is established by a treaty of which His Majesty's Government is a signatory, and the Free City was placed under the protection of the League of Nations.
The rights given to Poland in Danzig by treaty are defined and confirmed between Danzig and Poland.
The action taken by the Danzig authorities and the Reichstag yesterday is the final step in the unilateral repudiation of these international instruments, which could only be modified by negotiations.
His Majesty's Government do not therefore, recognise either the validity of the grounds on which the action of the Danzig authorities was based, the validity of this action itself, or the effect given to it by the German Government. ………….