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Heinous crimes against Humanity

Ethnic cleansing

Human Rights Violation

A human tragedy, a mockery of

International Law



In pursuit of Justice:

We accuse!

prepared by : E. F. Kriesner


Free City of Danzig

December 1998


The whole world celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10, 1998.

Considered by free loving nations as the "Magna Carta" of all human beings the Declaration of Human Rights was adopted unanimously by the UN General Assembly in 1948, setting a common norm or standards for all nations to recognise and respect the rights of all people without discrimination as to race, colour, sex, religion, creed, origin and social status.

The drafting of the declaration was the first big task confronting the UN Human Rights Commission when it met first in January 1947, and although the drafting committee had a somehow broad representation including Members from India, China, Chile, Iran, Egypt, the Lebanon, there was the omnipotent presence of the Soviet Union and the Eastern Block Communist Countries.

And the idealism of 1945 had long been discarded as the dark clouds of the Cold War had swept over Europe and the rest of the world.

In the USSR, Stalin’s paranoia intensified, and a new purge was way, while Eastern Europe was being systematically incorporated into the Communist Empire.

Half a Century later, and counting up the results of 50 years of human-rights mechanisms, 30 years of multi-billion-dollars development programs and endless high-level-rhetoric, the world of double speak and diplomatic deceit coming out of the corridors of the United Nations Organisation, then it is realised:

"there is a failure of implementation of human rights on a grand scale that is shameful to all."

The gap between idealistic aspiration and actual achievement in human rights law is more than obvious:

"more people are now flight from persecution, war, human rights violations and other events than at any other time since World War II"

And it is also apparent that the fabric of international law is not sufficient enough guarantee anymore to hold up against repetition and assaults by evil forces.

In the light of this, We, the people of the Free City of Danzig feel tempted to despair when once solid principles and doctrines of international laws, - especially laws concerning Free City of Danzig State integrity and sovereignty,- have been eroded and/or manipulated, in favour of political expediency. As a result of this betwixt, paradox and unreal situation, we, the people of Danzig, are now in such a bad shape, much maligned, impotent and helpless, as we have much difficulty in rising our voices even in defence of our human rights, hardly able to remind the world of the many human rights abuses committed against us!

Historically the people of the Free City of Danzig had many an experience with human rights abuses and violations since 1918!

Right from the very beginning, from the very moment of being forced to accept Statehood, forced into isolation, and as they were given brand-new national identities as citizens of the Free City of Danzig, they found themselves surrounded by very greedy, hostile and over-zealous Polish nationalists!

The human right story that unfolded then, resulted in:

Extraordinary facts of human rights violation committed against the indigenous, autochthonous, defenceless people of Danzig, and the Free City of Danzig, still now remaining under illegal Polish War-occupation, 54 years after WW II.

The people of Danzig are punished, thrice in their lifetime, are punished for sins committed by others!

No other City and its people have suffered so much in modern history as the result of Wars, waged and lost by Germany, than the innocent people of Danzig!

No other ethnic minority in the world has suffered as much, on account of war-hostilities than the people of the Free City of Danzig.

Whereas the Free City of Danzig is established, by order of the League of Nations, in 1919, in accordance with the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, and as the Treaty of Versailles has not been repudiated; therefore, is still existing to this very day: The people of Danzig being of German origin, culture, language and customs had vehemently opposed their separation from Germany, had also rejected, by majority vote of 97.6% , a proposed Union with Poland. All to no avail, Politicians and Diplomats decided for them: By plain stroke of pen it was decided, whether they liked it or not; The Free City of Danzig was created, their separation and isolation from Germany was complete!

From the moment of being made citizens of the Free City of Danzig when they were given a brand new identity; a life of suffering and bondage began; a life of suffering and slavery began, which has, 80 years thereafter, still not come to an end! Today, they are more restless than ever, must roam the earth in search for their lost homeland. Just like the proverbial Jewish people who are condemned to wander, without rest, and having been robbed of all of their earthly possessions, their rightful homeland and identity, and being scattered to all corners of the globe, isolated even from each other, they must live a life of disgrace, restlessness and oblivion.

For they are condemned, are made pariahs, despised by all and the world!

For the crimes of others, they have been made to suffer. Foolish Politicians and Diplomats, from either side of the fence, have condemned them to do penance, for Ever and a Day!

Apparently it does not matter to the conscious of the world that the Free City of Danzig and the citizens therein, were demilitarised and defenceless. Was made defenceless; by order; was demilitarised, a neutral and a sovereign State! That the Free City of Danzig has come under the protection of the Geneva League of Nations! That they were outnumbered at a ratio of: 70 to 1 by Poles surrounding them.

Danzig therefore, was not in any way capable of taking any bellicose position or attitude towards any Nation, or anyone for that matter; And, all off Poland was all armed to the teeth, and had powerful Allies.

It was not the small and defenceless population of Danzig that threatened Poland, never, it was:

"It was plain greed, cupidity, avarice, covetousness and ravenous appetite and hunger by the cowardly neighbour, the Poles, their insatiable desire and craving for all and everything the people of Danzig ever possessed. It was not a political matter, as Politicians would like to tell us, it was plain greed!" That was the trouble, the real cause and real tragedy of the people of Danzig. And that is why the cowardly Poles committed "Genocide on the defenceless, civilian population", in order to clear the way for more crime, for the " Robbery of the Century!" Ethnic cleansing and brutal deportation of the people of Danzig however is not altering the undeniable fact that they still are: lawful and rightful owners of ancestral territory, the Harbour City, Pearl of the Baltic Sea, including Ship-building-yards. Fabulous shipbuilding-yards, on which their powerful neighbours Poland, and to a lesser extend Germany, after she had to give up Danzig in 1918, always had their beady eyes on for ages.

The real blame then for Danzig’s trouble and consequent demise however must be laid firmly at the doorsteps of the victorious Allies of World War I, for it was the Allies giving Poland the chance and the opportunity to have the Free City of Danzig at their mercy, and had subjected the people of Danzig to double jeopardy, putting them in such a devilish, unprotected and vulnerable position. The dilemma of the time was, too many Politicians and Diplomats played a game of most favourable policies in favour of a nascent Poland at the expense of the weak and disadvantaged. Plain stupidity and playing diabolical politics by the Allies created the Free City of Danzig, claiming that it had to be done in accordance with the Treaty of Versailles. Yet, the creation of Danzig was based on bias and prejudice, contempt, and complete disregard for the self-determining wishes of the underdog from the start, was a messing around with the natural order of things in the region.

The half-baked and always underdone solution, that was the Free City of Danzig, that proved to be the real cause of the trouble that followed. And caused much, too much trouble for the people of Danzig too, put the people immediately under stress, duress, and had them suffering from all the tension, upheaval, political and social disorder and whatnot!

The creation of the Free City of Danzig then, did not please anyone, least of all it pleased Poland!

And as it did not please Poland, the Allies then, blatantly, time and time again tried to appease Poland, but in doing so only succeeded in disadvantaging the people of Danzig, and made them to suffer and to pay for all the obvious mistakes which had been made, and thus their very existence became more and more unbearable. Conditions were always in favour of Poland, so much so, it was soon on much the nose. And as it happened, favouritism towards Poland at the expense of the underdog, the people of Danzig, who were unarmed and outnumbered by Poland at a ratio of 70 to 1, this in the end, led to the greatest tragedy of them all, the conflict that was brewing, the mother and grandfather of all wars. A terrible war did set the whole world on fire to last nigh on 6 years.

No doubt, partiality towards temperamental Poland was the crux of the matter. Favouritism, was the nail in the coffin of a poor and innocent people. When it came to the crunch of resolving the problem once created, the Danzig Question, peacefully and fair to everybody, the Politicians were not in the mood or prepared to do it. And so it came about, as always, the people of Danzig were just the meat in the sandwich, as they always had been "sitting between the devil and the deep blue sea".

And then there was oppression, and subsequent denial of basic human rights and fundamental liberties, as well as sanctions, imposed onto the people of Danzig. That in a nutshell was the cause, and as one wrong followed another, and as there was tremendous tensions allowed to build up, and diplomatic pressure bearing down on Danzig and its population, something had to give in the political arena of greater powers than, the Free City of Danzig. In addition there was enormous economical hardship for the people of Danzig, Daily grind and pressure bore down on the people, emotional, political pressure in way of social upheaval and disorder, massive unemployment, wide spread poverty, malnutrition, privation, affecting all and every age group, the young in particular. There was more than enough trouble brewing, political trouble and economical problems every day, as to their own destiny, the people of Danzig had not much to say!

Within their new territory, the territory of the Free City of Danzig and rightful homeland, a homeland for which generations of indigenous people had toiled for, had cultivated and built up during two millenniums, Poland was much of an unwelcome permanent squatter!

Partial Polish control over their lives and destiny had to be endured. The foreign squatter (Poland) had been given rights to interfere not only into affairs of Danzig’s national interest, but also interfered in private, social, economical and customs affairs of the common people. And as Danzig was made defenceless by order of the League of Nations, was demilitarised and therefore completely at the mercy of others, she had to accept military protection. And this military protection task was left and entrusted to Poland, a Country well known for its desire to annex Danzig territory by all and every means!

Typically then of the hypocritical pretence by the tyrannical and insidious bureaucracy of the Allies and their instrument, the League of Nations, favouring Poland at the expense of the Free City of Danzig was the massive fortification by Poland on the Westernplatte. Not only was Poland allowed to bring into the City boundaries a "Trojan Horse", a fortification, that was only a few hundred meters away from the centre of the City, but the League of Nations also sanctioned this formidable fortification to house 180 regular Polish troops, at any one time.

Little wonder that under the prevailing circumstances the neutral and defenceless people of Danzig felt very uneasy and disturbed about Big Brother’s oppression and being subdued by Poland’s military power. About this kind of protection they did care too much!

Little wonder that Herr Hitler later felt that he had the perfect pretext when he attacked Poland in 1939.

From the very beginning of the Free City of Danzig everything is dictated! A Government, without being elected, was forced onto the people of Danzig

They are told and ordered, by British Military Occupants, how they must govern themselves, how to legislative, and how to exercise executive powers. How the Government had to function. How many Senators there ought to be, and how many Representatives the Parliament must have!

And how they have to vote! Under no circumstances were they to vote for the Communists!

Even the Constitution for the small and petty State is made up by the Occupants and is dictated, and the people are subjected not only to the Rules, Regulations and Orders of the Geneva League of Nations, but by the Allies as well! All of them!

In addition, the inhabitants of Danzig, a population of a mere 408,000, had to accept a Supervising High Commissioner of foreign origin, appointed by the League of Nation. And the people of Danzig have to pay him an annual salary, the princely sum of 100,000 Gold Franc, a mighty, enormous sum of money in those days.

Above all, all the Foreign Ministers of the 31 Member States of the Geneva League of Nations had the right to interfere and to meddle, in all internal and external affairs of Danzig.

As a workable solution to the "Polish Question" the Geneva League of Nations had seen it opportune to "invent the concept of the Free City of Danzig". From thereon however only to treat Danzig with contempt! In the end however and when it came to the political crunch, the Geneva League of Nations gave up and abandoned its own creation, the Free City of Danzig, entirely!

Not only was Danzig and the defenceless population betrayed, but was discarded in much the same manner as a child would discard an obsolete toy out of sheer and utter boredom!

When WW II broke out in 1939, Danzig had only 20 years of existence as a State.

People who were borne as citizen of the Free City of Danzig had not reached their majority when War broke out. Those born before or around the turn of the century were affected most by the turn of events; they had to suffer the effects of two devastating Wars. What a life of suffering it has been for a peace loving, small population, wanting nothing else but to go on with the serious business of living and to be left to live in peace! What actually then was their crime, their horrible, unspeakable crime? That they were born? Born at the wrong time, in the wrong place?

Or was it because of their ethnicity, of their culture, custom and language? Or was their crime connected to the fact that they are owners of a most valuable piece of land, a piece of "Prime Real Estate", strategically situated at the mouth of a major waterway?

What actually was the crime the people of the Free City of Danzig, born between the years of 1920 – 1939, what are they accused of? That is the big Question?

Too young to vote during the existence of the Free City of Danzig, too innocent to take part or show interest in any political affair, they nevertheless had to experience the full furry of horrible events in which they were caught up.

For being caught up in the furry of the war and political aftermath, is that why they were punished hardest by all of society, by a mad and insane world.?

And the punishment has not ended yet completed, is still raging, for the innocent, the losers, for they had to grow up in a world where there was no affection, very little of brotherly love, no home and family, but more of utter chaos and never ending trauma.

And now that they are old and very poor, have lived a life of trauma and misery, a life without family support and financial security, they are under attack again! This time, the attack comes from the rest of human society, which ought to know better but doesn’t, does not really care either, because it is either misinformed or brainwashed, or convinced already that the people of Danzig do not deserve any justice. Nor should they have an identity of their own or any place among the family of nation.

In order to shame the people of the Free City of Danzig further into oblivion;

insidious and very ridiculous pretexts are found and invented by the belligerents, –

the real belligerents, claiming to be the only moral defenders of liberties, -

of liberties which they themselves have time and time again violated and have trampled upon. Their motive: To further extend their hatred and to keep on punishing the wrong, once young people of Danzig to the grave and beyond, in order to erase memory of their existence completely.

The question must be asked then: why have the people of Danzig suffered so much condemnation and vilification, so much punishment, trauma and loss of homeland and identity?

The answer to this must be in the fact that they are still the legitimate owners of their homeland, that piece of " Prime Real Estate " some 2,000 sq. km of valuable land, which is the envy of Poland!

And certainly there was in 1945 the renaissance of Polish intentions of 1919: to grab the territory of the Free City of Danzig by all and every means: that’s why the Free City of Danzig became welcome loot to Poland, after the Allies and the Geneva League of Nations (which was in Office until April 1946) had quasi agreed, had nodded their heads, and when it happened, did nothing for the pigs being led to the slaughter house.

And as for the beastly, despicable deeds of " genocide " carried out against the helpless people of the Free City of Danzig, "irresponsible Poland" is claiming approval and much support by the world: on the grounds of representing liberal institutions, "and that the people of Danzig are a vile and terrible lot, a menace to humankind, eternal troublemakers, the enemy, an enemy which had to be destroyed, at all cost, and by all possible means".

And that Poland had found the territory of the Free City of Danzig empty of people, abandoned by it’s guilt-ridden former owners, who had fled to escape justice.

That seems to be the excuse and justification Poland is making,

And as far as the guilty people of Danzig are concerned, they are beyond redemption, and because of their guilt can only expect continuous discrimination, condemnation and contempt, for being what they are: a small and insignificant lot, a racial inferior minority, scum of the earth, politically incorrect and ethnically not acceptable. That is how the world does perceive them!

Gross Injustice and Human Rights Violation!

The Geneva League of Nations established the Free City of Danzig!

Against the expressed will of the Danzig population, opposing a proposed Union with Poland by overwhelming majority of 97.6 %: but in accordance with the Treaty of Versailles, and in order to somehow appease Poland, and as a compromise; the League of Nation establishes the Free City of Danzig in the year of 1919/20.

Thus the Free City of Danzig is established under terms of international law, which is explicit: " a State once established, established by treaty, cannot be repudiated,

except by consent of the people concerned".

A Government is forced upon the people, in fact, every thing is dictated to them, how they are to be governed, the composition of the Senate, the legislative Chambers, how many Senators and Representatives there are to be, and how an effective Government is to function.

The Constitution of the Free City of Danzig is from the beginning subjected to rules and regulations of the Geneva League of Nations and the victorious Allied Powers.

In addition to that, the small and petty State, a population of only 408,000 inhabitants, had to accept a High Commissioner of foreign nationality as a supervisor and mediator; His salary amounting to 100,000 Gold Francs per annum had to be paid by the people of Danzig, a horrendous sum of money at that time, when the whole world suffered from the effects of economical depression after WW I.

Furthermore and to make the frustration of the Danzig population complete; nearly every Minister for Foreign Affairs, of the 31 Member Nations of the League of Nations, had to have a political voice, a finger in the pie, had veto powers in all and every affair concerning the Free City of Danzig. Because of this, undue (political) interference which was the order of the day, the Danzig population, was at the whim of so many cooks stirring up the broth. It was not funny, yet they had to grin and bear it, had to toe the line, but never had any say in matters concerning their own destiny or autonomy.

The people of Danzig are never consulted, far from it, as from the beginning their human rights and civil liberties were most restricted. Indeed the concept of human rights and self-determination did not exist at that time and if it existed, it was not practised! Sentimentalities like human rights or self-determination was completely unknown or out of the question altogether, they had a Government, but the Government had to accept "dictatorship from every foreign power and from tormentor Poland. In the game of political intrigue, politics and brinkmanship by Politicians and Diplomats, the people of Danzig are never consulted.

The early twenties or thirties was still very much a feudal world, and democracy, a fashionable word, was still in the infant stage.

It was orders by the supervising Authorities, nothing else, orders rammed down the throats of the people. There was voting, again by order, but voting did not do any good to the people, their vote, plebiscite and referendum when given, was of no value, was totally ignored.

The over-riding reason why, why liberties, freedom and rights of the people of Danzig had to be suppressed, was political wickedness, power-play and intrigue, the desire and clear intention by the Allies to weaken Germany. Just too bad if Danzig was in the way, too bad if innocent people were in the line of fire.

From the Allied point of view, it was more important to lean in favour of a strong Republic of Poland in the year of 1918/19, because a nascent Poland, centrally situated in Europe, suited the political ambition of the Allied powers better than anything else. The Free City of Danzig was just a nuisance, but Poland, natural enemy of Russia, was more useful, more convenient, politically more correct! And there was the Soviet Russia to think of. Everyone in Europe was afraid of communism, the unknown quantity, throwing down the gauntlet to victorious European Nations.

About the people, and how political power-play affected them, Politicians did not care

Unfortunately, the people of the Free City of Danzig, did not fit into the political equation, did not fit into the political game and intrigue played, they were expendable, did not count.

As to the desire of Poland to incorporate the territory of Danzig into a new Polish Empire:

it is a well known fact: that had always been the dream of ardent Polish nationalists ever since the 12th Century. And the temperamental Polish Patriots had not forgotten the shame of Poland’s political partition, a partition which has been caused by their own nobility. Ever since then, and much before, had they been dreaming of a Polish Empire, and an outlet to the Sea.

The partition of the Polish Kingdom at the end of the 18th century had come about by peaceful means and not on account of any acts of war or other hostilities. Poland was divided by and among the ruling dynasties of that time, Austria, Prussia and Russia, was partitioned according to treaties. Polish corrupt nobility had shame fully sold their stakes to the highest bidders.

Poland’s claim then that Danzig was always part of the Polish Crown is quite ludicrous and must be taken what it is; a figment of very fertile Polish imaginations, nothing else, it is untrue and quite wrong!

There was no Polish Crown anymore in the 18th Century!

Strange it is, peculiar and hypocritical; pious Communists, or Republicans for that matter, bring along despised and rejected Royalty, to back up their bogus and spurious claims

The Port City of Danzig never belonged to Poland or the Polish Crown, never at any stage, proof of that, lies the fact that Poland throughout is history was never a maritime nation or power. It was always a land-locked country. Danzig on the other hand was the sea-faring nation, was associated with the Hanseatic League, with Bremen, Hamburg, Luebeck, Danzig and Riga, the prominent Members. And as a prominent Member of the Hanseatic League, Danzig had always managed to preserve her independence and freedom. And since 1793 was Danzig part of Prussia, part of the Prussian Kingdom.

A re-establishment of Poland was already suggested and contemplated by German and Austrian Governments in the year of 1916. And as the German Empire lost the War, the victorious Allies decided to forge ahead fast with the creation of a new Poland in 1918.

Polish Patriots had clamoured for a Polish Republic for a long time, had demanded direct and immediate access to the Baltic Sea. And so they kept on arguing that the River Vistula, one of the main waterways of Europe, flowing primarily throughout Poland, was Polish. Consequently then, or so the argument went; the mouth of the River, the whole delta, had to be Polish too.

To further strengthen Polish claims, a lot of false historic distortion and particulars had to be invented; like allegations of Polish settlements going back to times immemorial. Polish Patriots never got tired in believing their own shameful propaganda in support of their demands.

The insatiable Poles then tried to declare the south of what was known as East-Prussia as a Province belonging to Poland. A strong protest of the German population kept them at bay and lead led to a referendum in which the Electorate recorded a 90 % + vote in favour of Germany. True to their heritage, German they wanted to be.

This negative outcome to the Polish cause was the reason why Poland avoided another challenge and showdown with the people of the Port City of Danzig, that would have proved to be an even greater disaster for Poland.

Even though, it was only owing to President Wood-row Wilson’s (1856-1924) intervention, and the efforts of the Prime Minister of England, Lloyd George, that it was accepted that territories with a pure German population should not be adjudicated to a nascent Poland.

Danzig Harbor, the cause of all the trouble, and source of ferocious Polish appetite!

The Polish argument; if illogical historical reasoning could not achieve the desired results, then the geographical or the geo-political argument must hold sway.

Danzig, located at the mouth of the river Vistula must belong to Poland at all cost! This most important waterway does flow entirely through Poland, forming an economical unit with the Polish State. Ergo and therefore, the delta of the river, the Harbor City, Danzig itself, must also belong to Poland, not withstanding any argument to the contrary, notwithstanding the evidence of a population of pure ethnic German, not Slavic in origin.

After Germany had lost in 1918, she was obliged to accede to the annexation of West-Prussia and small parts of East-Prussia, to Poland.

With regards to Danzig, which was part of West-Prussia until then, the victorious Allies had to consider on one hand: Danzig never belonged to the Polish Crown, and more important, had to acknowledge the determination of the pure ethnic Danzig population, expressing their sentiment in opposing a Union with Poland by a majority of 97.6% of the vote.

Poland on the other hand was out to get a Harbor by all and every means. An outlet to the Baltic Sea; that was the dream and imperishable illusion of Polish nationalists who had nothing else in mind than to establish Great Poland, and for the first time in her history, as a maritime power.

The City of Danzig was most desirable and important for the nascent Polish Republic; desirable, not only because of the great Harbor the City possesses and which had served as a transit point for Polish goods and products for centuries;

but also because of the big ship-building yards in Danzig capable of major construction of war-ships, basis of future Polish maritime power.

According to the general opinion and philosophy at the beginning of the 20th century; only those nations with a sizeable Navy were considered as great military powers.

The shipbuilding yards at Danzig had not only constructed huge ocean-liners, but had proved their further capabilities by also providing war-ships for the German Imperial Empire.

This was the scenario under which the Free City of Danzig, an independent State, - but under special protection by the Geneva League of Nations comprising 31 Nations - is established. "Is" established is the word, in accordance with the provisions made under the Treaty of Versailles. And as the Treaty of Versailles has not been repudiated in any legal sense, the Free City of Danzig is "de jure existing to this very day!

To accommodate Polish demands for access to the Baltic Sea and to give her use of a Harbor: the nascent Republic of Poland was given far-reaching privileges to the Danzig Harbor, but was denied ship-building yards facilities.

Free City of Danzig established, Period between the Wars.

The defeat of imperialistic Germany in the year of 1918 saw the rise and establishment of the Polish Republic. Polish Patriots had achieved their lifelong ambitions and their dreams in this regard, but the wanted more, their aim was an ultimate Polish Empire.

In accordance with the Treaty of Versailles however, the former German territory of Danzig is separated from the German Reich, was not adjudicated to Poland, as Polish Patriots had wanted. But is on account of being a pure German speaking population (97.6%) established, as an independent and sovereign State, as the Free City of Danzig, from thereon in 1919/20.

Danzig was given a Constitution and that Constitution was fully supported and guaranteed by the Geneva League of Nations.

As the small Country was not allowed to have any military protections of its own. Territorial integrity as well as its independence had to be guaranteed by the League of Nations as was laid own by the Statues of the Treaty of Versailles.

Relations and future relations between Poland and Danzig are settled at the Paris Convention in 1920, with the League of Nations supervising the precise wording of agreements, mutual consent and understanding.

Whereas formally the Danzig Harbour and the Revenue of the Harbour, are the financial backbone and economical basis for the City of Danzig; this no longer was the case; the administration of the Harbour as well as the revenue was from thereon shared between Danzig and Poland.

Furthermore the inner Port was declared a " Polish customs" area and came under joint administration of Polish and Danzig Authorities.

Other special and preferential condition in favour of Poland did apply causing severe problems and a sharp decrease in Harbour Revenue.

From the beginning there were severe restrictions for Danzig in diplomatic activities and representation.

The country being so small could not afford its own diplomatic service and representation.

As a consequence of this economical malady, Danzig representatives had to be integrated into Polish consulates on their own soil.

Although the Free City of Danzig was allowed to issue Danzig Passports to its Citizens, a Polish Visa was required every time to travel anywhere outside Free City of Danzig boundaries.

This meant further and severe restrictions on civil liberties to citizens of a sovereign State.

Provocation, violation of international law by Poland, and Conflict!

Whereas the small, defenceless Free City of Danzig was not allowed to have any military force of any kind and description, or to produce small firearms even or any munitions. The League of Nations on the other hand permitted and later turned a blind eye towards a Polish heavy fortification, (Trojan Horse) complete with heavy artillery, deep-seated bunkers and ammunition-dump, situated directly on the estuary, in control of the whole entrance of the Harbour, very near the City centre.

The existence of this Polish Fortress, only a stone-throw away from the City of Danzig proper, manned by 180 Polish regular troops, gave Hitler the golden opportunity to testify to Poland’s bellicosity!

So intensely fortified was the Polish Fort, it took the might of the combined German Army, Air-force, Navy, Stuka-dive-bombing and flame-throwing attacks, seven full days to prize it open and make it surrender.

A similar story was that of the Polish Post Office (a former Hospital) near the heart of the City.

Poland had smuggled into a neutral Danzig regular troops, before the attack by Hitler, had disguised them, as civilian Polish Postal-workers. All were armed to the teeth, and the Post-Office itself was nothing but a fortified military Arsenal, put there, to intimidate and to provoke, the defenceless Danzig population, and to pounce on them at any given time and opportunity!

Declaration of Danzig’s Neutrality in the face of Poland’s aggression and bellicosity!

No sooner is the new Polish Republic established, Poland starts a war in 1919, against its neighbours Lithuania and the USSR.

The Polish aim is to establish an Empire of Great-Poland, claims and tries to annex territories beyond the eastern borders.

After defeating the Lithuanians, and with further expansions in view, Poland invades the Ukraine, conquering Kiev, but was eventually driven back to her own borders by the Soviets, liberating Lithuania in the process, also.

Since Poland had permission from the Allies to use Danzig’s Harbour and had the liberty to used the territory of the Free City of Danzig even for shipment and storage of military equipment and all sorts of ammunition and explosives, and had used Danzig’s harbour for military purposes and aggression; the provisional Government of the Free City of Danzig was in fear of being the target of attack by the Soviet Union and or by Lithuania.

Being demilitarised and not able to defend itself, and being at the mercy of the Allies playing a dangerous game of brinkmanship by openly supporting Polish war-aggression;

the provisional Government of the Free City of Danzig declared Danzig’s neutrality in a majority vote of August 20, 1920.

The declaration of Neutrality by Danzig was done in the hope that storage and shipment of Polish war material would have to be discontinued.

In support of declared neutrality and peaceful intention of all citizens, Danzig’s wharfies (dock workers) went on strike.

They refused point blank to have anything to do with Polish or English war material, or with Polish aggression carried to their shores.

When a British aircraft got damaged in the tussle of unloading, Danzig’s warfhies are accused and charged by the British military Authorities with sabotage.

The High Commissioner of the League of Nations, Sir Reginald Tower protested in strongest terms to Heads of the provisional Senate of Danzig over the incident.

Danzig is forced to apologise and has to atone for the strike action of the wharfies, their punishment was demanded by the Allies, but Danzig, by apologising had manifested legitimacy of declared Neutrality.

And as declaration of Neutrality has never been revoked, it remains in force until this very day.

Further and systematic bullying tactics by Poland to weaken Danzig’s economy!

Other economical and administrative concessions given to Poland by the League of Nations did contribute to blanket decline of Danzig’s economy.

The Railway was put under Polish Administration and following that, Poland employed only Poles on what the called, their Railway. For this purpose a systematic influx of Polish migrants took place resulting in over-crowding at Railway, Harbour, Post-Office facilities. And any position in agriculture the Polish State could find or undermine; was filled by Polish workers, such tactics were used in order to boost the Polish element in Danzig,and to boast of a better record!

The ordinary Polish worker in particular was at any time prepared to work at a fraction of the minimum wage of a worker from Danzig, he was always willing and eager to undercut the Danzig worker because wages in Poland were that much lower as in Danzig. And so they came, by the thousands they came, especially at harvest time!

Poland was also allowed to use the Canal-system, free of charge, and was further permitted to install as many Polish Post-Offices, Schools, Kindergartens as they wished and liked, even so it meant that for those Post Offices there were few customers; for Schools and Kindergarten none or hardly any pupils. Poland with purpose in mind, and with money to spend, was determined to maintain those facilities nevertheless.

On the absurdity of giving Poland most favourite treatment in regard to the livelihood of Danzig, and reliance on the Harbour, that was nothing the Geneva League of Nation can be proud off.

No, the Allies did not seize the land of the Danzig population, instead they bullied them by taking away their means of existence; chaining up the Harbour. By chaining up their harbour, the League of Nation gave Poland the opportunity to go for their throats, to strangle them!

Very soon the economical decline of Danzig Port came to pass, the Budget went down, fast, the Free City of Danzig showed a deficit.

This kind of development was very much to the liking, hopes and wishes of Poland.

Indeed it was Bankruptcy of Danzig’s Harbour the Poles were just waiting for: " an economically depressed harbour couldn’t last very long" such was the hope, sentiment and thinking at that time.

To accelerate a more than certain decline of Danzig harbour, the League of Nations permitted the construction of a harbour at Gdynia, inside the so-called Polish Corridor. This artificial harbour at Gdynia, a mere 20 km away from Danzig, was constructed and financed with the help of French capital. As soon as the new harbour came into operation, Poland then, had the lever to break the Danzig economy apart. From there on was Poland in a position of dictating terms. Terms on fees of all harbour and customs duties and the like. And Poland then was directing trade traffic away from Danzig, by setting all fees chargeable lower at Gdynia, up to 50% cheaper. That was a real blow to Danzig’s economy!

In addition, Poland started to build War-ships and soon had them stationed at Gdynia Port.

The Republic of Poland then was sitting back like a spider, waiting for the inevitable to happen: "Was waiting for the Harbour and the Free City of Danzig to go bankrupt! Poland then, was ready to take over the whole of the Free City of Danzig and its economy:

"like a ripe fruit is Danzig going to fall into our hands", so Polish Propaganda was shouting, and the situation was made worse by public proclamation of intent of further boycott to the City of Danzig, and the harbour. Whenever necessary, Poland was to tighten the thump-screws even more!

The people of Danzig however would not easily be bullied and beaten, they rose to the challenge of open Polish provocation.

That was not the first time were they had to tighten their belts. Such had happened during the many times of ups and downs of their economical and national history, they had experienced many a hardship, economical down turns galore, and every time they had responded with exceptional determination and tenacity.

"Nec Temere Nec Timide" that was their cry, and they kept up their spirit in spite of Polish provocation, intimidation, boycotts and reprisals.

And they found a friend:

Aware and conscious of the fact that it was the Danzig population having to suffer and to bear;

"the heaviest burden of the first World War"

the Government of Germany, ( before Hitler’s time) came to the aid and support of the Free City of Danzig, with several subsidies to its public finances

In spite of Germany’s generosity the Free City of Danzig however, Danzig was forced to become indebted by raising loans abroad. Nobody else from the League of Nations was prepared to help, or even trade with starving Danzig, nobody but the Soviet Union, but the USSR, was not a Member of the League of Nations at that time and had its own political reason to create instability.

The Republic of Poland meanwhile kept a jealous and guarding eye on Danzig’s economy, was watching zealously, in case Germany went too far in getting Danzig off the hook, out of financial trouble and the mess she was in.

Crimes against Humanity! Crimes committed, against, a poor, impoverished, neutral, defenceless Danzig population!

November 11 marks the Anniversary of WW I, the end of a War which was the War to end all Wars!

Now, 80 years after the World is still in turmoil and for the people of Danzig the end of suffering has not yet come!

And how they had to suffer and how the are still suffering, 80 years thereafter! Not enough that they had to endure the madness and rigours of the Great War, the many sacrifices and the deprivations a lost War had brought. Immediately they were confronted by problems hitherto unknown; by stunning social upheavals of a collapsing society, a society torn to pieces by broken down values, broken economies, broken Empires, and decaying moralities. And there was another menace rearing it ugly head; Communism! Throughout Europe, Communism was on the march, worse still, Bolshevism was at their very doorstep!

And suddenly there was fanatical Poland, an ultra-nationalistic, nascent Poland; demanding that Danzig must be incorporated into Poland by all and every means! Poland had come along with the pretence that Danzig was always Polish, and had a claim, a ridiculous claim of ancient history going back 1000 years, on Danzig’s piece of "Prime Real Estate", on Danzig Harbour, on Danzig City! The Allies, ever eager to please and listen to the wicked claims of the Poles then wanted Danzig to be in Union with Poland. To the Danziger however such a stupid suggestion was completely out of the question. And they said so, loud and clear, rejected such a proposal by the victorious Allies by overwhelming majority, by 97.6%.

In the end it was the British Prime Minister of the day, Lloyd George, who convinced the Allies that handing over a City of pure German culture and language, to the newly formed Polish Republic would be a serious mistake.

General Haking, the British military Commander in Danzig had this to say on September 5, 1921, about the sentiment of the Danzig population: "…almost the whole of the inhabitants of Danzig talk German and the vast majority are unable to talk Polish"

And in a prior report to the League of Nations on Feb. 08, 1921, Representative Attolicos declared:

"Danzig is frankly and avowedly a German and anti-Polish community". Whereas: the new British Consul Bernays commented at the end of yet another crisis in the relationship between the Danzig population and the Poles in the Autumn of 1929:

"…the dislike of the Danzigers for the Poles and all their works is apparent at every turn, far more than I expected. At the slightest provocation, whether it be a comment on the quality or cost of things, or a reference to the journeys, customs or whatnot, the average Danziger will throw the onus for all his troubles on the Poles"!

And trouble there was, trouble, misery, despondency, privation, destitution, anguish, pain, distress, provocation, anger, incitement, chicanery, trickery, deception and subterfuge!

And there was poverty, want, need, destitution, a kind of destitution wide spread. High unemployment, unemployment figures hitting 50% at times, and in some places, high unemployment there was, human misery and economical despair all-round!

There was political upheaval, political upheaval, pressure and much bullying coming from Polish zealots, from communists, from the clergy, and later from the nazis, and all that instability and social upheaval which was born out of extreme penury and the feeling of gross injustice.

Gross Injustice inflicted upon a small, peaceful population of just 400,000 inhabitants by the victorious Allies and then administrated by the same identity in the shape of the Geneva League of Nation.

The sentiment of the Danzig population was reflected in the way they voted, which was always in accordance with the emptiness of pain in their stomach.

Right after 1918 they voted for the Socialists, the strongest political Party.

Next in line, taking the place of the SPD which had failed them, was Communism.

But the promised "Paradise of the Workers" did not eventuate or materialise, did not bring relief from problems of high unemployment, but in the end proved too dangerous a path to follow.

The Centrum Party too, representing the Churches was an illusion, a Fata Morgana. So in the end, and as they were stifled and oppressed by the economical condition weighing them down as by a cope of lead, Danziger partly voted for the NSDAP at the 1933 Election. That was the only option, the only alternative left in the face of all the overwhelming problems pilling up, and bearing down onto a poverty-stricken Danzig citizenry.

As vicious, malicious and quite obscene widespread Polish Propaganda will have it nowadays; "absurd as it is; in much abusive terms is Danzig blamed even today for having voted that way in 1933." Reason enough to stand condemned forever, so Poland says.

This condemnation, political misjudgement notwithstanding, cannot be right or be made to stick for eternity. ( We wonder why, and wonder what Sigmund Freud would’ve made out of this) All the people of Danzig ever did was perhaps err in political judgement, (something which happens all the time around the world, without people having to lay down their heads on the chopping board) nothing else, they exercised their democratic rights, expressed their solidarity with their German blood-relations, and reacted in the only way they could, in resenting and resisting ever present Polish chicanery and bullying.

Danzig looked upon the Geneva League of Nations, quite obviously always favouring Poland, with much fear, suspicion, dismay, anger and resentment.

There was this foreign, biased and hostile administration interfering with their lives and clearly violating human rights entitlements of the indigenous Danzig population in favour of Poland. The Polish louse had been placed on Danzig’s body, permitted suck dry their blood. A hostile Administration which paid scant regard to the fact; all civilisation and all indigenous people have the undeniable right to be Masters in their own house.

In their rightful homeland, a homeland which many generations had built up and cultivated during two millenniums Danzig was no longer the Master of the house.

Danzig had to allow a squatter in the hose to the effect that the squatter was calling the tune.

Furthermore, the apparent hostile administration, the Geneva League of Nations, that had made them exist as an independent, small, defenceless and demilitarised Country, was curtailing and robbing them of economical opportunities to prosper. Indeed they were always kept short and were deliberately reduced more and more in size and in importance as a State, a petty State as it was, being put much at the mercy of a most bellicose Poland, a giant of a State, with a population of more than 30 Million people, all armed to the teeth! And as the League of Nations had no Peace-making force of her own, they made Poland’s Military, -of all People - their sole Protector and Guarantor of their safety and security.

That was like asking, and trusting, a hungry Goat to look after a beautiful Garden!

Placing new territories and for use at Poland’s disposal at the end of WW I signalled new injustices unto innocent people. Severe injustices, which from the beginning, meant the loss of basic human liberties to many people, loss of self-determination, loss of self esteem, loss of human rights and loss of democratic principles.

All this was done in favour of the newly formed Polish Republic! For no other reason, than political expediency and to weaken a defeated Germany even further. The real victims of such a policy then was German speaking people in territories formerly belonging to West-Prussia who lost all of their possessions to the new Polish State, and the German speaking, small Danzig population, although Danzig kept their homeland, that time! It was punishment whichever way it went, but punishment for innocent people has never been any concern to Politicians and Diplomats. Poland had to be accommodated before anything else!

All Danziger born around the turn of the century was particularly affected by the heavy hand of Politics.

These people had not reached majority when the Great War broke out in 1914.

Not having reached their majority did not matter, they were nevertheless good enough for Cannon-fodder.

When the war ended, when they tried to settle down, to have a family, to get on with the real business of life; Super-inflation and then the great recession hits them from 1922/23 onwards.

Wheelbarrows full of Bank-Notes valued by the Billions and Trillions, they had to cart home, straight from work, (if they had any wheelbarrows) but heaps of Trillions in useless paper-money wouldn’t even buy a loaf of bread in the next hour. If that was not enough then the Great Depression and the Stock-market-crash of Oct. 1929 certainly did the rest, and that Great Depression lasted nigh on ten years!

And there were the many, many disputes Danzig had in regard to questions of Sovereignty that came before the Courts over disputes involving Poland, time and time again! Time and Time again, was Danzig before the " Cour Permanete " the International Court of Justice, in the Hague, the Netherlands, to settle serious controversies with tormentor Poland. Right up to the out-break of WW II, Poland used to put the Free City of Danzig and her people under suspense, intimidation, pressure and threats as to her intent of solving the " Danzig Question", by force if necessary!

The many times that Poland did fully or partially mobilise her armed forces before and especially after 1934 with most alarming regularity, are countless, but for the population of the Free City of Danzig it was living hell to have to sit on the edge of their seats.

The uncertainty, the paranoia of the antagonists, Germany and Poland, all added up to a schizophrenic situation engulfing the Free City of Danzig and the people of Danzig as sitting ducks. The writing was on the wall, right up to September 1, 1939:

Danzig was sitting on a Powder-Keg with the fuse already light from the early beginning.

Life, never was like a bed of roses in the Free City of Danzig, on the contrary, life was more like "living hell", for a Danzig population not allowed to prosper and to live in peace. And for all their trouble the people of Danzig are still branded by the Republic of Poland and the World, as the "real trouble makers and agitators!"

How charming and how shameful vile Polish Propaganda is turning things around, and is telling the world by way of a well calculated and orchestrated "smear campaign": it is, and was, the attitude of Danzig, which has to be blamed! How weird, the people of Danzig are to blame for what did happen:

The victim is now the villain, that according to treacherous Polish Politicians and Diplomats of today.

That precisely is what perfidious Polish cowards are saying now:

They are saying that the indigenous people of Danzig are the Aggressors!

That they are Nazis! And as Nazis and as Aggressors have the people of Danzig lost any right to be called human beings, have no right to private or State property.

On this question, on the question of private Danzig property even, the Polish State wishes to close the books for good.

The people of Danzig defenceless in 1939 and outnumbered by Poles to the tune of 70: to 1, and are now outnumbered by more ten times that figure; Danziger have to be blamed, be blamed for everything, for all the evil in the world, for opening Pandora’s Box, for their downfall, for their own oblivion.

Cowardly Poland, she has so much to hide, but is still pointing the dirty finger onto the innocent people of Danzig, and likes to have them and their descendants: "vilified before the world!"

And that is how the world has treated them ever since, as "evil characters", as Villains, there to be punished beyond belief, and to be ostracised, human beings the people of Danzig are no longer! From what once was their Paradise, their rightful homeland, they have been driven out, "by force and under terror", but even that is obviously not quite enough for insane Poland!

Not enough that they have been robbed blind, victimised, vilified, "ethnically cleansed", and that they have suffered, their "own brand of holocaust,"

Not enough they have been stripped of everything, of their dignity and their identity, and have been dispossessed, of all their earthly belongings, that they have been reduced to nothing else but " modern slaves"

and as modern slaves, they are not allowed to return as free people to their ancestral homeland.


Free City of Danzig under German War-occupation.

On black Friday, September 1, 1939, German military forces attacked Poland, and in a swift operation occupied the neutral and demilitarised territory of the Free City of Danzig.

Prior to that, a German Warship, the Schleswig-Holstein, which had come to the Port of Danzig on a "good-will" mission, had taken up a position directly opposite the Polish Fortification in Danzig Harbour, the Westernplatte, opened fire at dawn of light

The Germans, blood-relations, appeared as credible Liberators from the constant fear, disgrace, shame, chicanery and humiliation the people of Danzig were subjected to by Poland.

Indeed the Germans were most welcome, accepted with open arms, the burden of Polish oppression had been lifted from the shoulders of the population, for the first time since their State was born they felt free, freed from the Polish Tormentors! 20 years of isolation, insulation, privation, and the constant threat of a Polish military take-over, was gone.

But little did the people of Danzig know what was in store for them; that in the end it would be the Germans betraying them also! Little did they know that it was the Germans who needed their hard-earned monetary reserves for financing War-adventures. That the Germans would confiscate Danzig’s Gold, monetary properties and other securities, and that they were in for yet another war, another conflict.

There was no call to colours by the Danzig Authorities; indeed, the Free City of Danzig, as a State did not declare War onto any Nation and nobody declared War on Danzig. Germany then went ahead, and immediately declared all citizen of Danzig; as legal citizens of Germany,(not possible under international law) and started to order and press Danzig’s youth into war-duties

The annexation and incorporation of the Free City of Danzig was considered by Hitler a "fait accompli" from the start, although it was as much a violation of international law as it also violated German laws and Danzig’s international status and the neutrality of the country.

So sure was Herr Hitler of his right to incorporate the Free City of Danzig into the German Reich that he did not even bother to comply with his own laws, the German Law. A Law which in any case required the recovery of a plebiscite from the people of Danzig in order to make a Union with Germany legal.

It would be fair to say that the people of Danzig would have, in all probability and under the circumstances, given this kind of mandate to Germany. However this plebiscite never happened, never took place, simply nobody was asking for it, therefore: the annexation of the Free City of Danzig was not legal, not legal by any standards, not legal by German Law, and certainly not legal under the terms of International Law.

Consequently, the annexation of Danzig by Germany continued to be; merely, a military occupation, a occupacio bellica, unilaterally accomplished under war-condition, conditions which in no way does abrogate the international status of the Free City of Danzig and her constitution.

In consequence thereof and in consequence of international law; the Free City of Danzig

remains; "military, an occupied country, and the naturalisation of Danzig citizens remain invalid"

A subsequent war-occupation in March/April of 1945, by the then People’s Republic of Poland is equally illegal. And a Polish decree concocted in indecent haste (March/April 1945) which does speak of an incorporation/annexation of Danzig by Poland’s People’s Republic has no international validity!

Under the Germans the people of Danzig had no other choice but to howl with the wolves.

And howl the did, out of fear, frustration and sheer inability to grapple with their destiny using their bare hands.

Anyone showing dissent or any kind of opposition, to harsh and unjust German rule was dealt with most severely by the Authorities.

As a first measure of German rule and domination and martial law: All anti-fascists, unionists, pacifist, remaining Jews, some prominent people and other opposition to the Nazis, and anyone who dared to express their disgust to the annexation of Danzig; were rounded up. Many disappeared in concentration camps. Among those rounded up: father and uncle of this correspondent, arrested for no other reason than being conscientious objectors to war and violence, and for alleged political participation in the Spanish civil war. The number Nazi victims among the Danzig population was exceeded 8,000 and of those, over 2,000 (two-thousand) were liquidated (killed), or otherwise did find an untimely end.

A lot of bodies compared to the small population size of Danzig citizens.

Martial law was the order of the day and every on had to follow, or else! A typical example of German paranoia and oppression, how brutal martial law was exercised: Even little things, like listening to the Radio was regulated, listening to any foreign broadcast, that was Verboten!, that was high on the list of prohibitions, was punishable. Such and other minor violations were punished by Death! And the sentence was always carried out! No disobedience was possible!

In order to survive the people of Danzig had to grin and bear it, there was no other way!

They could not resist their German relations with their bare hands!

Not that they wanted to, but it seems that a cruel, unforgiving world expected just that, "open resistance" against their German relations, from the German speaking Danzig population!

Why did they not risk their comfort, their livelihood or even their lives, to combat Hitler? That is the question on which the people of Danzig seem to stand condemned!

Some, of course resisted Hitler but did nor live long enough to tell the tale of heroic foolishness!

Danzig occupied by the Red Army and Polish Militia. The Holocaust, Ethnic cleansing and Genocide of the Danzig population!

The Soviet Army met with little resistance in Danzig at the end of March 1945. Germans Troops had taken to the hills, had abandoned the City, there was only the civilian population left which had swollen in numbers by countless refugees from East and West-Prussia, mainly women, children, the elderly and infirm.

Immediately the territory and City of the Free City of Danzig was taken under Polish control, under " Provisional Polish Administration", responsibility for all the following heinous crimes committed must therefore be attributed fairly and squarely, not to the Soviets, but to Poland!

Damage to the City was minimal, initially, some houses were destroyed by Artillery and Bombs, in substance however the ancient City was more or less intact.

Kill, Kill, Kill, was "the official Order given by the Soviet when the Russians and Poles came into Danzig. Everyone was given a free hand for a whole week; to loot, ransack, plunder and steal, and to; "rape every female, regardless of age", (by the multitude) not just once or twice but up to fifty times a day and this for many, many month on end!

Soviets and Polish Militia, supported by the Polish Mob and hooligans, went onto an unbelievable rampage of outrageous crimes, bestial orgies, looting, burning and totally terrifying the defenceless civilian population! Atrocities and heinous crimes of that kind went on for many, many a month!

Shocked by the brutality and bestiality displayed by the Mob, many Danzig citizens took their own lives!

In their drunken stupor the Soviet soldier then, aided by more than willing Poles, set fire to the ancient City of Danzig.

The many century old buildings partially constructed out of timber dried out burned exceptionally well and so, the City of Danzig was razed to the ground, was destroyed and reduced to 95% of its former glory.

The Poles must have studied Niccolo Machiavelli very well, because according to Machiavelli: " to keep total possession of a conquered City, it must be burnt down first!"

Ironically now, the City of Danzig, re-built in a fashion, is on World-heritage list!

By the time of the great fire of Danzig the City and the territory of the Free City of Danzig, was already decreed to be annexed to the new Polish People’s Republic, according to proclamations made by a Provisional and Interim Polish Government. The blame for the wanton destruction of Danzig City must therefore be charged to Poland, to Poland alone, for it was under Polish Administration that arson was allowed to happen.

Equally all other atrocities and cruelties as carried out against a helpless civilian population, to humankind at large, that in particular, was the responsibility of Polish Administration.

The excuse of Poland, that is was the mad Russians who did it, does not make sense, do not hold water, cannot be accepted, as it only shows the schizophrenic character of the Poles, who think of themselves as the most noble and chivalrous people in the world, and therefore can never do wrong!

Robbed and deprived of their shelter the people of Danzig had to come out of cellars, like rats!

That was the beginning of a reign of unbelievable terror, misery, starvation, slavery and persecution, ill-treatment, harassment and ended in " ethnic cleansing and genocide" for the unfortunate people of the Free City of Danzig who were caught by the cruelties of war, found their Waterloo and destiny.

The Polish Mob was let loose, and they went on a blood chilling orgy of revenge!

On the rampage the Mob went, like wild animals and hooligans they behaved; in bestial, wicked and frivolous ways, disguised and passed of as Russians, on whom they later laid the blame for all the cruel crimes and excesses committed, Like Vultures, with ruthlessness efficiency and spreading terror, they fell over the defenceless population, in an orgy of looting and raping with unbelievable cruelty. Virgins in particular was their target

Nothing was sacred and nobody was safe. Among the women and children who had survived the horrors of the invasion by the Red Army and the Poles, and the burning down of the ancient City, there was: "not one able-bodied man left, but only women, children, the elderly and the infirm!" The able bodies, the God of War and the Germans had swallowed up already.

And the communist hoodlums, the mob of Soviets and Poles alike, in Uniform and without Uniform, descended onto the terrified women and children, and ravished them, like wolves!

It did not matter to the blood-thirsty militia mob and civilian bandits, uncivilised barbarians, that they were dealing with defenceless women and children, that was of little concern to them.

It was madness and rage, primitive instincts, barbarism and bloodlust, and unimaginable wickedness, and terror, which went on and on and on, which was carried out with brutal efficiency.

Any female regardless of any age, not willing to submit readily was murdered, on the spot most likely right in front of the mother or friend, as it happened.

Gruesome tales are still told today of the full horror of the "Holocaust" and what had become of wounded German Soldier laying sick in various Hospitals. The carnage inflicted on ten-thousand sick and wounded! (10,000) was most sickening! They were all thrown out of windows unceremoniously; to clear rooms for Poles and Russians!

As for the rest, they were starved into submission and forced into slave labour, into concentration camps.

In the face of this, Poland is unrepentant, maintains; Danzig did only get what it deserved!

Yet, they are wicked and abominable! They are the wickedest people that ever lived in the history of humankind, and perhaps are also the most schizophrenic Nation on earth!

Even today, Polish attitude and position has not softened in any way, on the contrary, now, as the Polish Republic is seeking admission to the European Union, the opposition and recalcitrance of Poland to any claim for justice and to private property Danziger wish to make, is rather hardening. Polish nastiness and hatred is growing, has grown out of all proportion, is not diminishing!


the Catholic Poles bragged to the starving Danzig population, refusing them any food.

We’ll never forgive and we’ll never forget, and that is how the treated the conquered Danziger.

To the Nijemneski, the religious Pole would not give any nourishment, no rations at all, to hell with him, he was only good enough to clear up the Polish shit and rubbish, or to starve in Concentration Camps a slow a painful death due to constant hunger.

Like flies they were dying from all kinds of diseases, from dysentery, typhoid, typhus and any other kind of infectious diseases spread by lice and fleas, of which the Poles had plenty and caused by most appalling unsanitary condition.

Cruelty spoke a Polish language, torture and torment the same.

Hatred was Polish, and so was Chicanery and DEATH. Death especially spoke a Polish language, and so did Robbery.

Where later on the Russian sometimes showed some humanity and kindness, especially towards children, the Pole would take much pleasure to inflict even more of the most cruel and diabolical of punishment onto the starving Danzig population!

To the rest of the survivors, Polish Authorities had given the choice and the option to accept Polish nationality, or else! There were few takers! Still, it is estimated that about 10,000 indigenous Danziger remained in and around Danzig. They choose to remain there because of love to soil and homeland in the mistaken belief, that the Allies would surely re-establish the international status of the Free City of Danzig, and that international law would prevail!

That proved to be a total miscalculation, a misguided hope and a fallacy!

A further estimated 1,700 000 German speaking people remained in the Polish occupied Zone. And from thereon; German culture, custom and language, was and remained outlawed in the German Provinces East of Oder/Neisse Line under Provisional Polish Administration! The Polish Administration passed laws, which forbade not only the German language, but also German culture and customs.

Use of culture, custom and language was forbidden under threat of punishment

Any violation was punished severely by law, an inhumane law, which was in force until 1990, the collapse of Communism in Poland and Eastern Europe!

Human rights violation at its best! To think of it Poland is not only a founding Member of the United Nations Organisation but has subscribed to the Helsinki and other Human Right accords, and has broken them all! Every treaty, every convention, the lot!

Before Poland enforced final deportation of the Danzig population, the people were subjected to terror of starvation, deliberately, and in order to drive them out! Minimum daily rations in concentration camps were either not given or there was only a soup of water, never any meat or any decent vegetables, hunger drove them to despair and insanity!

For a piece of bread they had to work with pick and shovel, all ages, even octogenarian were forced to slave if they wanted to go on living one day longer!

For the one’s who opted to accept Polish naturalisation because they wanted to hang on to rightful soil and homeland, life was not any easier.

They had to carry the stigma of their culture for ever among the Poles, were under constant fear and oppression as language, culture and custom was forbidden by law and threat of severe punishment, made worse by the fact that until 1990, Communism, evil Communism reigned supreme in Poland.

It was only in 1990 that the Minority of Danziger in Danzig, was given permission by the Polish State to organise them selves, and was finally allowed to practice their native-tongue again! It had taken all that long, 45 years of humiliation and violation of the most basic right of human beings, a crime if ever there is one, a crime against humanity.

Today, hypocritical Poland is proud of having again introduced German language into Schools, amazing now: the whole World is applauding Poland, for being so humane and tolerant!

As for the German speaking minority in Danzig, being able to practice native tongue, culture and customs, now in Poland, after all those years, it does not make much difference.

It is just the same as before; a wrong word spoken today by the German speaking minority today will invariably result in the burning down of a Business or Office or invite some other trouble and violent reaction, from the ordinary Pole who is still suffering from an inferiority complex, and for reason we will never understand, will take it out on the Danziger, for he seems to be much of a different kind, much different in ethnicity!

So much then for Polish tolerance and fairness! As to their former possessions, their houses and properties, they cannot have that back, By virtue of Birthright and inheritance such property and private possession ought to belong to the people of Danzig, but is now the property of the Polish State, a State which does not recognise any property in private hands.

The same applies to any Danzig citizen driven out by method of starvation in Polish Prison

and Concentration Camps, and dispossessed by the Polish mob and bandits of all of their earthly belongings, and having been ethnically cleansed, decimated, and then brutally expelled:

They stand today accused by Poland as being: "Members of an Aggressor State and as such have lost all and any right to claims for former private possessions"

So say Polish Embassy Officials in Germany! Such is their audacity!

This kind of official reckless imprudence and statements by Polish Diplomats in Germany is typical of treacherous Polish attitude and vile hate-mongering. Hate-mongering is still there, and is dominant as ever, and souring any attempt for reconciliation and establishing better relations between the people of Danzig and the Polish Authorities!

Statements and accusation of that kind are not designed to heal the wounds of the poor Danzig population but to condemn them further, and to rub salt into wounds!

Clearly, Poland does not ever want to talk about private Danzig property.

And to further justify the unlawful annexation of the Free City of Danzig and systematic genocide carried out against the people of Danzig, Poland is on the attack! Poland therefore never does let up on painting the people of Danzig in the blackest of colours with awful, polluting Propaganda. Polluting Propaganda, so vile, obscene and absurd, so argumentative and full of slander, slander designed to further discredit Danzig State and people.

Notwithstanding the highly successful Propaganda coming from a nation which has an identity problem, which does not know whether it is still a communist, catholic or a more fashionable democratic country, and as Poland has managed to convince the world; that the people of Danzig are of an evil kind and deserve their oblivion; "there is, nevertheless, never moral or legal ground for any victor to carry on defending the evil that Poland has done."

There is also no provision under international law that does permit, allow or even legalise, stealing (confiscation) of private property. No international law either (as claimed by Poland) to justify or the sanction the annexation of the Free City of Danzig, a neutral state, that" is" under the protection of the League of Nations.

Any annexations by means of hostility or war, such was outlawed already since 1907!

Equally there is no right for revenge as per pay-back or in retaliation, under any civilised law! No right at all under any term of international law or by law of the people!

Furthermore there is no right to insist that the loser of a conflict is to pay a price, eternally such as the loss of a homeland, nor is there any law speaking of and insisting on eternal guilt and punishment.

On the other hand there is the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" which states among other things: All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.

Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self governing, or any other limitation of sovereignty.

And as we, the people of the Free City of Danzig, have not relinquished our claim to our legitimate homeland, as we have a Birthright like any one else, and as is given under provisions laid down in the " Universal Declaration of Human Right ", therefore, we, ought to have proper rights, and must be treated equally, just like any other human being, to whom the noble Charter of the United Nations do apply!

World War II, Polish Vendetta, Polish Hate-mongering, has not come to an end for the people of the Free City of Danzig!

According to very carefully compiled records the German Bundesamt for Statistics published some 15 years after the war: the Danzig population was decimated by more than 25%.

These figures however are based on a total population of only 380,000, not on

a figure of 408,000 or more as it should have been the case, meaning that some

28,000 people are unaccounted for.

Based on the same total population figure of 380,000, other sources however put the total population loss at 105,000, which is a staggering 27.7%.

The cold figures however do not tell the whole sordid and gruesome story; a story of unbelievable terror, horror and violence, bestial cruelty, of bullying, humiliation, privation, misery, destitution, despondency, suffering, pain and hunger, chattering of lives and families, distress, wretchedness, and of poverty, impoverishment, misfortunes, tragedies etc….. the people of Danzig had been subjected to under "Provisional Polish Administration." And how they had to cope, after the "Holocaust", after being torn apart and separated from their families, after being evicted from their homeland, by brutal force, pain and constant hunger.

The human story of their epic misery is recorded in a volume of a book entitled: " Unvergaenglicher Schmerz", this book unfortunately is only available in the German language, meaning; the world does not know!, which is due to the fact that the people of Danzig have not been able to express themselves properly in the universal language!

In war-torn, devastated Germany, East-and-West, they had to pick up the pieces of their devastated, homeless lives.

Life was particularly grim in the communist controlled parts of Germany, but was not much better in the American, British or French occupation Zones of Germany.

Camp-life was their daily grind, and in order to satisfy the ever present hunger; they had to slave for a living, for up to 100 hrs per week, just to make ends meet.

Utterly destroyed Germany had to be re-built, and re-built they did, helped in the economical miracle " Wirtschaftswunder" West-Germany experienced after 1948. A miracle from which not too many Danziger profited from, as they were disadvantaged, running behind the others and less regarded by the more fortunate Germans who were lucky enough to have kept their private properties in British, French and American Occupations Zones. Naturally and owing to human nature, the more fortunate never like to share their fortunes with the more unfortunate one’s and are most resentful to unwelcome strangers. Impoverished strangers at that, refugees who had poured in by the Millions into an already over-crowded, over-populated, devastated and equally starving Germany, in which everyone was competing and fighting for very little food, shelter and work.

The economical weak, the one’s without close family ties in particular, were the most vulnerable, they fell by the wayside, they had to suffer indignity, enslavement and discrimination among the Germans, who were not easily prepared to share their own meagre resources with refugees even poorer than they.

And the decimated people of Danzig, split and separated from their families, relations and friends, they always were in very small numbers, or much alone, had nothing to bargain for, and as they belonged to a different ethnic group, they were regarded as outcasts, as strangers, paupers or beggars, even as slaves. They did not belong among the more fortunate Germans, their ethnicity was always telling against them.

The "Iron Curtain" in the meantime had been drawn. There was no chance at all to even think in terms of manifesting their desire for justice and return to their rightful homeland as Communism was in full control over all of Eastern Europe.

Beaten, humiliated, decimated, scattered all over the places, blown to all corners of the Globe, miserable and forgotten, the people of Danzig could do nothing but hope for better days to come, and had to put their nose to the grindstone in order to survive, to stay alive!

Whereas the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania suffered similar destinies to that of Danzig, domination and annexation by the Soviet Union and therefore erosion of ethnicity; there was one most important difference:

All of the people of the Baltic States, with the exception of those who fled before the Russian invaders, were allowed to remain on their soil.

And to the soil they kept, hanging on to dear life! Clinging to the soil was the deciding factor.

This fact alone proved vital in the struggle for identity of the Baltic people. Not only did they manage to preserve their identity, but they also kept up their grim determination and resistance in attempts to wipe them out as ethnic and coherent Nations.

When Communism finally collapsed in Eastern Europe, the Baltic States got back their independent Statehood, freedom and identity!

This did not happen in the case of the Free City of Danzig.

Indeed, the Republic of Poland having cleansed the territory of the Free City of Danzig, had made sure by this dastardly and cowardly act to get rid entirely of the German speaking indigenous population in order to prove that the indigenous people of Danzig never existed. Poland is now more than ever engaged to prove that Danzig is historically a Polish possession, and that the German character of Danzig, the people who lived there in Danzig, until brutally driven out in 1945; was nothing, but a bad dream, a myth!

For Propaganda purposes and to further dishonour, shame and debase the memory of the Free City of Danzig, and her citizenry; An undemocratic People’s Republic of Poland, then, and a little more democratic version of that Polish Republic now, is not differing in aims: is doing everything possible to slander, and defame the Danziger as much as possible and for that purpose has engaged and is waging a Vendetta against the people of Danzig, in form of slanderous Propaganda, ever since.

And Poland seems to have succeeded with gross Propaganda campaigs spread world-wide against the people of Danzig, and to erase the memory of the Free City of Danzig.

Has succeeded in convincing the masses, the multitude, that the people of Danzig, their very existence in this world, does represent a danger to world peace, to harmony and to economical stability in the Baltic region, and far beyond!

Polish Politicians apparently have learned a great deal from the Master of deceit and Propaganda, the charlatan, Dr. Goebbels himself, who used to say: "The bigger the lie and the more and often the lie is peddled and told, the greater the chance that the lie will not only be believed in the end, but taken as true gospel." And that exactly is what Poland is doing; spreading the lie, the wild and crude tale of the Danzig population being a menace to the world!

And as Poland is not openly challenged, Politicians free safe and free to carry on besmirching and demonising the memory of the forgotten people of Danzig and their State. Evidently, perfidious Poland seems to get away with murder, is on the other hand continuing to paint the people of Danzig in the blackest colours possible. The reason is not hard to see, is very clear, being challenged now in regard to judicial matters concerning the "de jure" existence of the Free City of Danzig, Poland, however, seems to be very frightened, frightened of having to come clean, as Poland has to come to grips with her inglorious past. Sooner or later must Poland admit, that something awful has been going on: Poland is illegally occupying the territory of the Free City of Danzig. And that in spite of all the Propaganda efforts so far made by Poland, the "Danzig Problem", and the problem of the people of Danzig, does persist, has not gone away.

In this regard and in order to deal and silence the ever growing and ever louder voices of the people of Danzig, coming out of Germany and elsewhere; the Polish Government is putting much pressure to bear onto various Governments, the German Government in particular, so that Germany might subdue and silence the voices of the people of Danzig living in Germany.

So successful and chummy, has Poland become with the Government (Bundesregierung) of Germany, under Chancellor Kohl; the people of Danzig, most of them now living in today’s German must live in fear of being the target of oppression and persecution by the German political Police, the Bundesverfassungsschutz. German Chancellor Kohl in particular, friend of Poland, and for reason of political expediency, is hell-bent to bend backwards to any Polish wish and demand.

Under Chancellor Kohl and his Party, the Christian Democrats, (CDU) is every Danziger singled out as a potential enemy of the State! Indeed in Germany of today, political freedom and freedom of speech is not easily tolerated when it comes to demands made by people who apparently have run foul of Politicians, with their demands and appeals of right to homeland.

Every one then who even dares as much to breathe a word, or dares to raise his voice in protest against continuing Polish tyranny, injustice and attitude, is automatically denounced, and is further subjected to hysteria and police state methods and techniques in Germany.

The hysteria and discrimination has also spread to other parts of the world were the Danziger as a Free City of Danzig identity is not at all welcome!

To the German Chancellor, Poland is grateful, and out of gratitude thereof has Poland just awarded to Chancellor Kohl, Poland highest Order, the White Eagle! The citation: for (exceptional) services and friendship rendered to the Polish Republic!

The German People however, in utter disgust, have given Chancellor Helmut Kohl, the Order of the Boot, at the last 1998 Election, they have kicked him out of Office!

Right after the War, and ever since, Danzig has lodged appeals to the World!

In spite of the grim situation, in spite of all difficulties, of hunger, deprivation, lack of communication and other problems, a group of Danziger came together already on June 6, 1945, in the Luebeck’s Church of Mary.

On July 13, 1945, a Petition to the Government of Great Britain, to Prime Minster Churchill was forwarded in which they expressed their Protest to the forced expulsion by Poland, demanded protection as promised by the Geneva League of Nations, and to be repatriated, furthermore, that the Free City of Danzig be officially re-instated in accordance with the provision of the Treaty of Versailles

Individually and collectively other Petitions followed:

September of 1945, Petition to PM Churchill by a Member of Danzig Parliament

March of 1947, Petition to the UNO on behalf of the Free City of Danzig’s women and mother’s, the same went to the British FO, Secretary Bevan on August 20, 1947

June of 1947, Petition by the Protestant Bishop of Danzig to the American President

Harry S. Truman.

July 1, 1947, Petition by Representatives of the Free City of Danzig to the Governments of

Great Britain, the U.S. of A. and the Government of France.

The same Memorandum was forwarded to the UNO and all Member States of the United Nations Organisation on August of 1948.

Appeal to the former American Pres. Herbert Hoover, 19/11/1954

Justice for Danzig Resolution to the UNO on September 18, 1955,

Since then, a host of Appeals, Petitions, Letters and Resolutions, too numerous to mention, went out and was presented over the years to various Organisations, Politicians, World Leaders and Statesman, present and past. The List of all other pleas and petition over the years goes on and on!

A legitimate Government-in-Exile of the Free City of Danzig then, petitioned the Governments and Head of States, of France, Great Britain, the United States of America and Secretary General of the United Nations Organisation in 1994, 95, 96, 97 and 1998. As was the case and as usual; No answer was forthcoming to all the efforts made by the people of Danzig.

There was one exception however: to the Resolution Appeal " Justice for Danzig",

September 18, 1955, the UNO stated in a more than "cynical" reply on February 14, 1956,: "in view of the importance of the matter, there is a need to further inform all other Member Nations"

Strange, but true, and nothing further more was heard of the Appeal, from the UNO!

The latest legal submission by Representatives of the Government-in-Exile, of the Free City of Danzig, made to the Secretary General, of the United Nations Organisation, Kofi Annan, was on May 17, 1998.

Sad to say, no answer is forthcoming! Sad to say also, the UNO and the new Secretary General remains to be aloof! And it does appear more and more to the people of Danzig, that in the serpentine world of the United Nations Organisation; "in the curious world of diplomatic double-speak and security secrets, the ultimate truth, in the case of the Free City of Danzig, is somewhere buried and hidden!"

A shameful treatment that reflects the cowardice and intellectual irresponsibility of a World Organisation, which so far has avoided to come-up with fair answers to still burning problems of humankind. Problems, which must be settled in our lifetime, in order that justice will be done and that such problems may not weigh too heavily on the conscious of the world in times to come!

Direct Approach to the International Court of Justice

On two occasion, the German national, Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Bracht, legal Council, attached with legal Power of Attorney on behalf of the Government-in-Exile of the Free City of Danzig, and acting in the name of the people of Danzig initiated actions for restitution of the legal State Territory of the Free City of Danzig against the Republic of Poland, before the International Court of Justice.

This initiative did not get too far, indeed it failed on both occasions to make it past the Registrar of the International Court of Justice, not very surprising, as the ICJ is an instrument of the United Nations Organisation.

Whereabouts of Free City of Danzig, Gold, Securities and other monetary properties belonging to nobody else but the people of Danzig!

International Herald Tribune du 25 aout 1976:

Reglement du probleme de l’or de Dantzig (aout 1976)

Depuis la fin de la guerre un stock d’or appartenant en1939 a la Ville libre de Dantzig,

d’une valeur approximative de 10 millions US $ (5 milliards F ou 500 milliards d’aciens francs), se trouveit detenu dans les chambres fortes de la Banque d’Angleterre et de la Banque federale de reserve de New York.

Apres avoir longtemps refuse de rendre cet or au gouvernement polonais, qui exerce depuis 1945 la soverainete sur Gdansk (ex-Dantzig), les gouvernements britannique et americain ont deceide en julliet 1976 de la restituer a la Pologne, conformement a une recommodation de la Commission tripartite de Bruxelles.

Deux tonnes d’or avaient deja ete transferes a Varsovie a la fin d’aout 1976.

Un probleme analogue se pose en ce qui concerne le sort de l’or tchecosiovaque (20 tonnes) et albanais, ainsi que de la couronne hongroise de Saint Ettiene, toujours detenus par les Allies.

There we have it! Unlawfully, our Gold has been handed to Poland!

At least part of our Gold, our Money, has been used by Poland to spread more lies about the people of Danzig!

This fact, of which we, the people of Danzig, were ignorant of until the year of 1997, has been confirmed with certainty by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London (1997), the FCO speaking on behalf of the Bank of England. Apparently our rightful monetary property was given to a then " undemocratic Poland"

It is rumoured that another 5.5 tonnes of Gold is still in the vaults of the Bank of England and in New York, with the Federal Reserve Bank of America.

The whereabouts of the Danzig Currency Coverage however, deposited with the Bank of England by order of the Geneva League of Nations since 1923, remains a real mystery as British Authorities and the British Foreign Office, (signing responsible for the Bank of England) do refuse to provide further information. Equally, Money deposited in Swiss Banks since before the war, belonging to the Free City of Danzig is still hidden, is surrounded by a veil of secrecy.

As to the whereabouts of Danzig monetary properties and the alarming fact that no Authority, no Bank or Government, or even the (still existing!) Tripartite Commission, so far consulted and directly asked, has come clean on this important matter,

very serious questions must be raised, in regard to integrity and stone-walling of Authorities concerned.

Equally and even more disturbing is the fact, that the United Nations Organisation is keeping quiet or has apparently swept and left, the " on the nose" issue of the Free City of Danzig under the proverbial carpet. It is clear however, the United Nations Organisation is the direct successor of the now defunct Geneva League of Nations, and as such has taken on all the responsibilities and function of the League of Nations in regard of assurances and protection of former Protectorates like the Free City of Danzig.

The charter of the United Nations speaks in article 76 c (International System of Trusteeship, of:

to encourage respect for human rights and for fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion, and to encourage recognition of the interdependence of the peoples of the world.

Article 76 d: to ensure equal treatment in social, economic and commercial matters for all Members of the United Nations and their nationals, and also equal treatment for the latter in the administration of justice, without prejudice! to the attainment of the foregoing objectives and subject to the provisions of Article 80.

Article 77

  1. The trusteeship system shall apply to such territories in the following categories as may be placed thereunder by means of trusteeship agreements:
  1. territories now held under mandate:

Clearly, the Free City of Danzig is a Mandate State "ipso facto" to the United Nations Organisation.

The promised guarantees to the Free City of Danzig is laid down in the statutes of the Treaty of Versailles, Articles #103, #105 and Article 107.

The people of the Free City of Danzig therefore must ask the following questions:

Why did Poland carry out " ethnic cleansing, amounting to nothing short of genocide" on the entire Danzig population?

Why was such a crime against humanity permitted?

Why is this crime against humanity still around and open to serious questions?

Indeed, why the hush, hush about Danzig among the hypocrites, in the face of international tribunals dealing with questions of genocide and ethnic cleansing, still?

Why did the indigenous people of Danzig, the only people in the world so affected, lose their legal right to claims, for rightful homeland, private property, patrimony and other earthly possessions?

Why has the Free City of Danzig disappeared from the maps of the world?

Why has the memory of the people of the Free City of Danzig apparently been erased from the conscience of the world?

What ever happened to the validity of the Treaty of Versailles?

And all other international other treaties and conventions concerning the Free City of Danzig? Are those treaties still honoured document of international law?

What ever happened to the solemn assurances of protection given to the Free City of Danzig and her people by an international Organisation?

On the question of the Mandate given to the Free City of Danzig, why is the United Nations Organisation quiet on this matter?

What is the real reason and mystery, cause of abysmal failure of the people of Danzig, in not receiving any recognition from the UNO, as to their appeals and cries for justice?

Does the " Universal Declaration of Human Rights "have any validity or application to the people of Danzig at all?

Is so, then further questions must be put and answered:

Why then, is the United Nations Organisation not answering to their cry for justice?

Why is the international scandal, the case of the Free City of Danzig, allowed to linger and to rankle?

Why are the people of the Free City of Danzig still treated as outcasts, in such a disgraceful manner?

Are they not members of the human race?

And if they are by any miracle of humanity worthy of being counted among the human race, then; why are they not allowed a place among the Family of Nations?

Most important: Why are they not allowed to have their day in Court?

For that is what they want, the peaceful people, of the "de jure" still existing Free City of Danzig, who, throughout their history and their suffering, - and this must be emphasised, over and over - have never resorted to any kind of violence or terrorism!

Justice is what they want, their Day in Court!

Justice now! Justice delayed is Justice denied!

Justice now, for the people of the Free City of Danzig!

No Justice No Tomorrow! Their Day in Court, they must have. The suffering and martyrdom of the Free City of Danzig must come to an End!

What enough is, is enough!

In Conclusion :

"For all humankind" that is how Eleanor Roosevelt, the Chairperson of the UN’s Human Rights Commission described the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, potentially as an:

"International Magna Carta for all humankind"

The common observation however of many human rights activists is that today; there is still serious and widespread discrimination, on the basis of political views, orientations or any other question of political correctness, on religious beliefs, on gender, sex and ethnicity.

There has even been a discernible rise in the number of minority groups all around the world who are disadvantaged, The damning case of the "non-violent people of the Free City of Danzig", is a case in point, (perhaps that is their trouble, that they are, and always have been, so meek and oh so mild) is perhaps just one of the many cases still pending and in limbo, but represents the most obvious and best typical example of the tardiness by Authorities to come to grips with difficult and long running problems that are a constant sore on the conscious of human kind.

The people of Danzig are still repressed, oppressed and shut out from returning to their place of Birth, to their own country and ostracised by the rest of the world! And because of that have neither freedom nor security, are virtual prisoners of an uncaring and indifferent society, as they are kept prisoners in their own country, still under foreign rule and control!

The psychological damage inflicted on our people is something to behold, uprooted, humiliated and intimidated as they are, they must keep on struggling and fighting for survival and have to worry about safety and security all their lives.

It is therefore disturbing to find that the concept of human rights has apparently little or no relevance to people who are either still oppressed or seeking justice. That reveals serious shortcomings in our society, a society which prides itself on being humane, but is absolutely not.

And what about the injustice of the legal systems around the world that continue to treat people of the Free City of Danzig as less than human beings, not belonging to society?

Driven by the desire for truth and justice, shocked by the suffering, we, the people of the Free City of Danzig have to endure, we are out to tell the world, must convince all of humanity; the Truth wants out, the whole truth, nothing but the truth. Truth must prevail, in order that a serious and impartial judgement can be delivered in our case.

We command no power, have not any State power anymore; we do not represent the strong; we have no armies or monetary assets. ( that too, as well as our treasures, has been taken away from us)

We act out of the deepest moral concern, not just for our own sake, but in the interest of human rights concern, fairness and justice, for the benefit of all, and to determine whether the case of the Free City of Danzig and her people is to be abandoned in silence, left to stink under the carpet, or be allowed the elementary right of having the plight of the people of Danzig represented before the Courts, and therefore; presented to the conscious of humankind for fair judgement

We have a legacy to defend, and our legacy is also the pursuit of truth, of truth in history, to be sure off, and pursuit of values and ideals, as well as that of our" elusive" human rights

In our modern world however, in the world of double-speak, deceit, falsehood, out right lies and misinformation, violence and negative values carried by the Media, Television and the Internet; we must guard against the truth being twisted and distorted to the pleasure of vested interest.

Truth must prevail, but before Truth can prevail, Truth must be spoken!