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Third Edition Foreword

In the short time of a year this appeal, directed at the conscience of Christians in this country, experienced the third edition. Trusting in the honesty of the seekers of truth, the second edition was mailed out in good faith. The President, the Government Officials, all Congressmen and other key personalities received their free copy.

"THE CRIME OF OUR AGE" brought forth divided opinions. The reaction equaled the expectation. On one side are historians, church and civic Leaders, and the mass of the righteous, who mean to do well to both our fatherland America as well as the raped motherland Germany. They praise the book as courageous, truthful, end honest. On The other side are the unscrupulous war mongers and hypocrites, who lambasted the author with all sorts of names, without being able to refute the historical facts.

The most bitter disappointment so far experienced, was from the renegade Germans and the Protestant clergy. While a prince of the Catholic Church frankly admitted: "lt. hurts terribly to read your book, but it is the truth, and all truth hurts," a number of Protestant pastors, unfortunately Lutherans among them, condemned the book as "unpatriotic" and "whitewash Germany." They continually emphasize how much charity they do for Germany, but they do not have the moral courage to admit who planned end executed the single crime of "unconditional surrender," the "Morgenthau plan," the "Planned Famine," etc., through which Germany and the whole world were thrust into chaos and misery. I do not know ii it is the depth of stupidity, the conspiracy of silence, or a deliberate criminality that they will not grasp the coherence of world events.

I have nothing to change or revoke from the contents of the book. In the contrary, the slow filtration of the truth and the preparation for World War III prove all too well my prediction. We will have to pay very dearly for the sins of our misleaders.

I have added a supplement, "GERMAN-AMERICAN’S GUILT IN THE MISERY OF THE WORLD," to the original text. Herein proof is given that the misery of the motherland lies on the conscience of disloyal German-Americans. Whoever can refute this fact is welcome to do so.

In my single handed crusade I wish to mention these hundreds of letters of thanks and appreciation that I have received, I think of one particular Christian group from New Jersey who brought my personal self and cause before God’s Throne of Grace at a prayer meeting. To them and the many other inspiring well-wishers from coast to coast, I would like to express my heart felt appreciation.

And so I send out the Third Edition of this message of truth into the homes and hearts of America. May it stir the conscience! It is my deep-rooted conviction that a rescue of Christian culture and civilization is only possible through the union of Germany and America into a brotherly alliance. However, this is only possible after we repair the tremendous injustice and the unimaginable damage done to Germany and the millions of the expelled East Germans (Volksdeutsche). That is our Christian duty.

The Author.


IMMANUEL KANT: Perpetual Peace, 1795

Königsberg, East Prussia.






The "leitmotiv" for writing this book will be clear to every one who takes time out to read it thoughtfully and prayerfully. As a historian I saw quite clearly WHAT the consequences of our interference with the European conflict will be. I saw clearly that one of the two totalitarian powers, fascism or bolshevism, must be victorious, according to which side we Americans with our inexhaustible resources and unequaled mass production will take. Our leaders decided for the sinister powers of communism and atheism and helped them to victory. Our forces made a heap of ruins of the bulwark of Christianity and the white race, Germany. Now we find ourselves forced to take over all the duties which the Germans fulfilled FOR a thousand years, if we feel the responsibility of rescuing the most precious treasures of mankind, Christian culture and civilization.

As a theologian I am familiar with the Old Testament and the Talmud and know what things men are able to do who draw the nourishment of their souls only from those sources. Since the physically and mentally sick late President surrounded himself with advisers who, according to their spiritual background, reject the Savior and Prince of Peace, it was evident to me that the end of the war could not bring peace but chaos and unspeakable misery for all mankind. Bernhard Baruch from Königsberg, the so-called "elder statesman", Henry Morgenthau from Mannheim, Felix Frankfurter from Vienna, Albert Einstein from Berlin, Mrs. Rosenberg from Budapest, Sam Rosenmann, Roosevelt’s ghost writer, Sidney Hillman, the labor leader, and many others who advised the President, had but one thought in mind, that of revenge as we read in Joshua 6, 21-25 at the capture of Jericho’. "And Joshua took the city and they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both men and women, young and old . . And Joshua saved only Rahab the harlot . . ." Since the Germans never did any harm to America like the English and French did, but on the contrary, they were our greatest benefactors through our history, the Christians of America had no reason whatsoever to be cruel and revengeful but had all reason to be graceful towards them. On the other hand Roosevelt’s advisers had reason to hate the Nazis for their cruelty against their race. So they used the might and power of America for revenge. Only thus is understandable Roosevelt’s demand of "unconditional surrender" and the most inhuman "Morgenthau Plan," starving to death a great nation. because in the heads and hearts of our leading men all vestige of Christianity disappeared and Judaism and Paganism prevailed.

Since, according to statistics only approximately 8% of our nation is thoroughly informed about world events, I consider it my duty as a Christian and American to contribute my part to its enlightenment. I follow the Christian doctrine: "We ought to obey God rather than man" and say with father Luther; "Here I stand; I cannot do otherwise. God help me. Amen." As a citizen of this blessed land I confess with the great statesman and wise counselor of President Lincoln, Carl Schurz: "I love the land of my forefathers as a child loves his mother, and I love America as a bridegroom loves his bride."

This book was ready for publication on Good Friday 1947. My endeavors to publish it failed. With the help of Christian men and women, strivers for truth and justice, I finally succeeded in presenting it to the public. I wish to express my deep gratitude to all my fellow-combatants who struggle for the same Christian principles.

May this book help to open the eyes of many to see the facts in the light of truth and justice. May the Lord strengthen them in fulfilling their Christian duties fearlessly and faithfully.




"He that is without sin among you,
let him first cast a stone at her!"
St. John 8, 7.

In his monthly letter, "The Bishop writes from Europe", appearing in the November issue of "Catholic Action News" in Fargo, North Dakota, the Most Reverend Bishop Aloisius J. Muench writes: "The forced migration of millions of peoples is the greatest of crime of this age. There is nothing in all history to equal it except perhaps the fact that there is neither an outcry against these atrocities by the people of other nations nor any action or governments with power to lake it!" Bishop Muench is the American liaison official between the German hierarchy and the U.S. military government.

Through this statement given from the historical and moral point of view, the courageous man of God passes judgment on the brutality and revenge of the victorious allied powers. At some not too distant time, history will confirm this judgment.



The "illustrious" judges of the Allies, headed by Jackson and Biddle of the Supreme Court of the U.S.. condemn in Nürnberg and Tokyo generals and held marshals to die the disgraceful death by hanging for their crimes such as the "Death March of Bataan." The victims of (he above were strong, young trained soldiers in wartime. What the bishop is speaking of is happening in peacetime, and there are not a few thousand young men in question but about 20 million women, children and aged, i.e., defenseless, helpless innocent people, because the once strong German soldiers, who would protect their parents wives and children, are still the slave workers of the victorious powers after two years of "unconditional surrender."



In contrast to the ascertainment of the Catholic prelate, I read in the report of a prominent Protestant church leader, who himself saw the land of the Reformation in its ruin and powerless misery, this statement: "I am an American. I am flesh of the flesh of this nation and blood of its blood, and as a patriotic citizen I rejoice in the announced policy of my land towards our beaten foe." This conception is a perverse interpretation of true Christianity, which teaches: "We ought to obey God rather than men." Acts 5, 29. We condemn millions of German human beings to death and slavery for the very same reason that they, too, obeyed the state, i e., men more than God and their conscience.

If Bishop Muench stipulates that the crime of the Allies on defenseless people is increased by the fact that "there is neither an outcry against these atrocities by the people of other nations nor any action or government with power to take it", he declares that something like a "world conscience" has ceased to exist. Naked greed, selfishness, and revenge dominate those who hypocritically claimed that they waged a "Crusade" against the Germans in the name of "humanity."



Cruel politicians, foxy diplomats, hard-hearted soldiers can act according to the motto: "My country, right or wrong". True Christians act otherwise. They know that they are mere pilgrims and guests on this earth and that the true homeland of the soul is above in the light. Therefore, a Christian says "yes" to Right and "no" to Wrong, and he is ready to endure sufferings for the truth for Christ’s sake rather than to do wrong in the name of patriotism. Christians act like Luther and Niemoeller and thousands of German faithful who preferred the concentration camp or even the firing squad to betraying the truth. "Here I stand. I cannot do otherwise. God help me. Amen." Where are these heroes of faith among the Allies, among us Americans, who help to commit "the greatest crime of the age?" Do we, the clergy of America, want to be patriots first and then Christians, i e., to obey men more than God? Do we want to humiliate the church in America to that level as the Orthodox Church in Russia is servile to the state?



If somebody has a right to stand up against the post-war crimes of the Allies, this right belongs to the Christians of all nations. They who overcame the "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" Old Testament spirit of revenge of Henry Morgenthau Jr., and General Eisenhower (whose grandparents are buried on German soil) can and must, in the name of the Savior of the world, stand up for truth and right, for humanity and mercy against lies and deceit, robbery and rape, hypocrisy and cruelty. If our church in America was not able to avoid our country which was 86% against our entrance into the war, from being lured into the war, then she must at least awaken now and stop the crimes and help to heal the wounds which we have inflicted on the heart of Europe. The Church of America dares not be silent if it wants to obey God more than murderous and Godless men!

In order that the Church may be enabled to speak up, it must be informed. It must know the Bible, history, geography, ethnology, cultural history and church history in order to apply the utterance of our Lord: "He that is without sin among you let him first cast a stone at her."



The two nations, the German and Italian, who created the European, and through that the Christian, conception of culture for mankind, were accused, condemned and almost brought to the abyss by an unholy combination of superior forces as aggressor nations. Now, who in truth are the real aggressors? Let us consider this in the light of the historical and geographical facts, for only from the knowledge of the past can the present be understood.

Just take a look at the map of our globe. What do you see? You see in red a giant territory from the Baltic Sea, the Elbe River and the Black Sea, extending over two Continents as far as Alaska, under the name Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R) Then, in pink, you see all the most important bases on all the continents collected under a second giant territory, the English World Empire. finally, you see in green the United States of America, territorially the smallest of the three, but on achievement and success, by far the mightiest of the present time dominating World Powers.

The question for the thinking man is How did these three World Powers collect those huge lands and accumulate those immense treasures of the earth? The historical and true answer is: By aggression, by brutality, by greed and power politics!



Russia. in the 16th Century was a comparatively small country with a wild nomad population. The cruel czar, Ivan the Terrible, set out in savage aggressive wars in all directions, and thus he founded the Moskowite Empire. Peter the Great, who wanted to plant European culture in his country, traveled through Germany and Holland and called thousands of Germans into his country as teachers and masters of his people. Germans built him a new capital, St. Petersburg (now Leningrad) a port City, Kronstadt, which bore their German names till our times. Under Peter’s rule, dozens of nationalities of the East were brought under the Russian yoke. Russia experienced her tremendous expansion under the unscrupulous Czarina Catharine II. Under her rule, Poland was divided, the Baltic sates, the Ukraine, the Crimea and gigantic Siberia were brought under the crown of all Russians permanently. Since her very existence, Russia was ruled by the knout as well under the absolutist czars as under the cynic dictators of the Bolshevik period. The Russian colossus was kept uneducated so that it could be ruled more easily. Until our century, there were more than 70% illiterates. The extension of the gigantic empire took place in an uninterrupted series of cruel aggressive wars. The subjugated nations were pushed in all directions and so weakened that they never became able to regain their independence. The huge wood and Iceland Siberia, became a penal colony settled by millions of convicted and condemned who lead a miserable life as slave workers. By force and brutality that colossus came into existence and is today the greatest danger and menace to mankind. Through the murder of the czar and his family and over countless corpses, Stalin, whom Roosevelt called his "personal friend", succeeded to power. And these greatest and most cruel .aggressors. The Roosevelt administration called "peace-loving democracies" and our "noble Allies"!

England at the time of Queen Elizabeth, about 400 years ago, was only the southern part of the British Island and had about 3 million inhabitants. By cruel murder and long aggressive wars, Ireland and Scotland were forced under the English rule, and thus the United Kingdom of about 7 million inhabitants was founded. (At the same time, the Holy Roman Empire of the noble German Nation had a population of 18 million). After the consolidation of the United Kingdom, the English set out to conquer in all parts of the globe. The history of England has been an uninterrupted chain of aggressions from that time until our day. She built the mightiest navy and merchant marine and was until World War II by far the greatest sea-power of the world, i e., the real Militarist and Maritimist. The "Perfide Albion" played the European powers against each other with intrigue and hypocritical diplomacy under the self-invented motto of the "Balance of Power". If a nation on the continent became too powerful, she was destroyed by England. This happened to Spain and Holland the Danish navy was attacked by surprise and robbed in the midst of peace; Napoleon Boneparte was forced to his knees; she (England) mobilized, during World Wars I and II, the whole world against Germany, her greatest rival, in order to destroy her. (Winston Churchill declared that he was ready to ally himself even to the "son of hell" in order to reach his goal!) The brutality and cruelty with which England conducted her aggressive wars knew no limits. I remind you of the concentration camps in Boerland where women, old people and children were tormented to death in order to force these brave men, fighting for their freedom, into submission. Every schoolchild knows how thousands of rebellious Indians were put in front of cannons and torn to pieces, how millions of them were starved to death. After World War 1, England continued the hunger blockade over Germany and Austria for a whole year and thus killed by starvation more than one million German children, women and aged. Those were some of the means through which England founded her world empire so that today she rules over one-sixth of the globe and more than 550 million subjects. These people have the arrogance to call themselves a "peace-‘loving nation." In the presence of God, I ask every Christian: How can mankind in the light of the historical geographical and ethnographical facts take this great lie silently?

America, the youngest and mightiest among the great powers of our day, was unknown to the white man at the time when the first German emperor Charles the Great, was crowned at Rome as the Protector of Christianity. When Dr. Martin Luther was born, Columbus had not yet seen the shores of the New World. How did she become so great, so rich and so mighty in such a short time? Through our school text books, we are accustomed to looking at our history since the time of the Pilgrim Fathers in a halo light. In reality our short national history is an uninterrupted chain of cruel and bloody conquering wars.

Or can an honest and thinking man believe that the original inhabitants of our country just waited for the white man to present him with their beautiful land and rich treasures? NO! Spaniards Portuguese Frenchmen, Dutch and Swedes waged the bloodiest aggressive wars on the whole Western Hemisphere, robbing and destroying the once flourishing empires of the Aztecs, Incas and Mayas. The aggressors saying was: "Only a dead Indian is a good Indian." Finally the English came and robbed the whole then known North American Continent from the other conquerors. The once free lords of the country, the Indians, were liquidated in the most cruel way and their land was robbed. With their bows and arrows, the brave Indians were powerless against the mightier deadly weapons of the white man. The craft, perfidy and brutality with which the white man acted in the New World ridicules all description. It is reported from the early history of our country that the white man roasted alive captured Indians in order to intimidate the natives. Being unable, even with their superior weapons, to finish the courageous defenders of their homeland, the white man used ‘firewater’ and venereal diseases, and thus he exterminated whole tribes with cold-blooded brutality.

Another outrage of our history dating back to colonial times is Slavery. In far-off Africa, the poor Negroes were hunted like game and were brought to the human-market of America in chains. How much human misery and distress was caused by such cruel greed, one cannot describe. This national crime was abolished only about 80 years ago Even today, thousands of Negroes live who were born as children of slaves. After these English colonies had achieved their so-called "independence" from the motherland (with German help), the aggressive War of the States was continued. The Indians were decimated. In their inhuman greed, our forefathers exterminated the natives by every possible means. In their avarice, they annihilated the buffalo on wide tracts of the country which was the chief means of subsistence of the Indians. By starvation, they forced them to wander farther and farther until they gained possession of this entire great rich and blessed country. The survivors of the true lords of this country live today on the "Reservations", i e. concentration camps. They have nothing to say in matters of government in their fathers’ land and are kept in ignorance.

We continued with our aggressive wars against Spain, Mexico and Central America and took what we wanted. No Germany, Italy or Japan mixed in our affairs. Thus we became the mightiest, richest and most ‘peace loving’ nation. We intentionally conceal that we became that nation after we achieved all of this by aggressive wars, by slave labor and by starvation. At that time, there were no radios, motion pictures and news correspondents to preserve the cruelties of those times.

It is only natural that, after we snatched up everything we wanted, we now want to be left alone in order that we can enjoy our riches in peace.



Those are the naked historical facts of how the three great powers came into existence. There was always might before right. They willfully disregarded the existence of other nations on earth which had achieved much greater things for mankind than the present great powers combined. What, for example, did the Germans do while the three waged their aggressive wars?. They fought defensive wars for the highest treasures of mankind.

On Christmas Eve of the year 800 A. D. the Pope crowned Karl, king of the German tribe of the Franks, known in world history Charlemagne or Karl the Great, as Emperor and bestowed upon his kingdom the title "THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE OF THE NOBLE GERMAN NATION." No other nation on earth had ever such an illustrious name because none had such a high mission as the German. The history of Christendom knows only one Holy Land, where our Lord was born, lived, worked, suffered, died, arose, who brought about redemption of mankind. and one Holy Reich which was predestined to be the defender, guardian, and protector of Christianity and of the white race.

For a thousand years there were only two decisive powers of Christendom, the spiritual power culminating in the Pope in Rome, and the secular power of the Ho(y Roman Empire of the Noble German Nation culminating in the Kaiser, who was on guard with drawn sword for the highest treasures of mankind. What we call today the European or Western culture and civilization could develop to its peak of perfection only under the protection of the Holy Reich. Germandom was for more than a thousand years the bulwark against the Asiatics. German blood ran in streams through the centuries in order to defend the West against the East. After crushing the Huns at the beginning of the fifth century, the Avares and Magyars stormed against that bulwark at the end of the first millennium. On German soil they were stopped and defeated by the Kaisers Karl the Great and Otto the Great The storm of the mighty Mongols under Chengis Khan was broken at Liegnitz in Silesia. No other people on earth went through those sacrifices to save, preserve and develop European culture and to spread Christianity.

For more than 300 years, Germany and Hungary, together with Poland, defended Europe and Christianity against the Asiatics and the Mohammedans. On German soil, in the land of the Reformation, they fought the 30-Years War for the freedom of religion and freedom of conscience for all mankind, and thus the new era of modern civilization began. While Germany, as the protector of Christianity and defender of the white race, almost bled to death, the others took everything they could lay their hands on. Their leaders were not hanged as criminals but are highly honored as heroes. Then when the Germans recovered from their gigantic rescue work, the world was divided among the conquerors so that the Germans were forced to live in bard labor in a small, infertile space and to give their surplus population to the present great powers as culture-dung." So it happened that every third American is of German origin and that millions of Germans live in Russia and the English World Empire. Not one of the great powers considered giving them in a peaceable way a place to live from their abundance of unpopulated territories! Just compare the density of the population per square mile of these countries: America - 43: Russia - 37; France - 179; Italy - 405; Germany - 502; and then let your Christian conscience pass judgment!



After this historical and geographical review, let us give a thought to the language question. At the time of Queen Elizabeth, there were about 7 million English speaking people in the world. Today more than 250 million speak this distorted old German dialect. How did it happen that this language expanded so immensely? The answer is very simple: by power expansion! Wherever the English penetrated by conquering they brought their language along and forced it on the subjugated nations. Why, for instance, is the language of our country not Spanish, French, Swedish or Dutch, since they all were here before the English? Because England conquered all these colonists! Now in our country, the white man and the Negro, the Redskin and the Yellow, Christians, Jews and heathens speak English. In our schools English history and literature are taught as if other nations with a much greater past and record of achievement had not existed! How much more tolerant were the Germans in the language question also! For centuries the Czechs, Hungarians, North Italians, Belgians Flemings, and Dutch were part of the Holy Roman Empire of the Noble German Nation, but they still speak their mother tongue. In gratitude for such tolerance, the Czechs drove out more than 3,000,000 Germans and Hungarians from their Wilson-created state. This brutality the scarcely 7 million Slavic people could afford to commit because they had the consent and assistance of the great powers in this crime. The great "Liberators" and "Humanitarians", Churchill, Stalin and Truman, gave orders for this unique barbarism at Potsdam. How would we feel if by a miracle the Indians of our country suddenly became so powerful that they would cast all of us out of our land with only a bundle?

The white man has occupied this country for only about 300 years, while the Germans lived in Sudetenland since the time of Charles the Great – for more than 1100 years they colonized in the Ostmark as a bulwark against the Asiatics.

True language tolerance is proven by the German Swiss, the oldest real democracy of the world The Swiss population is three-quarters German, while the other fourth is composed of French, Italians and Rhato-Romans. They all are entitled to the same privileges. The German Swiss never tried to enforce their language upon their fellow citizens. The Anglo-Saxons would have denationalized them long ago, as they so thoroughly did in Ireland, where in that really "liberated country" the people can no longer speak their native language.



What is true of the Anglo-Saxons can be said of the Russians. In number, their Slavic mother tongue compares with the English, but they keep 152 nations of all races under their yoke and Russianize them in every way. Like the Anglo-Saxons, they make Slavs out of Tartars and Kirgises, Mongols and Wotjaks, Buddhists and Mohammedans. How is that possible? Simply by subjugating of the weaker nations and forcing the Russian language upon them. In other words, the real aggressor nations are allowed to subjugate other peoples and combine them in the melting pot through the language of the "superrace", while the Germans had in this matter also to suffer the bitterest injustice. The Austrians, Sudetenlanders, Elsassians and Tyrolians are as German as the Bavarians, Saxons and Suavians, but they were not allowed to be united with their motherland. In the plebiscite of 1919, the then Austrian Republic was eager, with 89% majority, to join the German Weimar Republic. England, France, and Italy threatened with occupation if Austria would dare to do so. Later on, when the "Anschluss" was accomplished, that will of the people was condemned as a crime by the hypocritical authors of the "Self-determination of Nations." Was it a crime that our martyr President Lincoln conducted the bloodiest Civil War for four long years in order to keep the southern states ~n the Union? Germany has more right to Austria, Sudetenland, Elsass and all the other German settlements in Europe than the Northern States had to the Confederation, because in the former- it is a case of the same race with the same language history and culture. Vienna and Prague were the capital cities of the Reich centuries ago, when Berlin was a mere fishing village. Now the victorious powers claim hypocritically that they "liberated" Austria and want to form a new "independent" German state. From whom did they liberate her? From her art treasures and cultural goods, from her factories and technicians, from her clothing and food. The real cause for the creation of an independent Austria is the satanic intention of the great powers to keep Germandom in the heart of Europe further disunited and thus for all future times powerless! It is just another crime of the victorious! The union of Austria and all the other Germanic nations of Europe with the Reich is as natural and just, as of children returning home to mother. All other nationalities took it for granted that it was their right, on the ground of self-determination, to be united with their mother nation. Only to the Germans was this natural right denied by envious and vicious enemies. Other nations have subjugated and assimilated foreign people. Thus the Anglo-Saxons, French and Russians founded mighty empires. How is this injustice and rape of historical right to be reconciled with American sense of fairness and Christian ethics?



One of the most important problems of our time is the Jewish problem In order to win the favor of world Jewry during World War 1, England promised them the land of their forefathers as a homeland, to which they undoubtedly have a historical right. If the Jews have a right to claim Palestine, which they did not own for the last 2000 years, how much more right, for instance, has Italy to claim the old Roman Empire or Germany to claim the Holy Roman Empire of the Noble German Nation? All the Mediterranean countries were cultivated by Rome. Now England with her maritime power dominates all of this most important territory from Gibraltar over Malta to the Suez Canal. The whole of Central Europe, the heart of Christian culture, from the Atlantic to the Memel River and from the North and Baltic Seas to the Adriatic was embraced in the Holy Roman Empire during the years from 800 to 1806 Only thus, for a thousand years, were the Germans able to be the defenders of Christianity and of the white race against the Asiatics. Now, if the Jews have a right to claim the land of their forefathers, the English to claim Scotland, Wales and the worldwide Empire, the Russians to claim that colossus of land and we Americans to claim this blessed country of the exterminated Indians, then the Germans have a thousandfold more right to claim the Reich in the heart of Europe where every little spot was purchased with precious blood and sweat. It was this Reich which the Germans wanted to restore as the nucleus of the future United States of Europe. The Germans knew what the others, too, are now beginning to see after it is too late, namely, that the individual nations of Europe cannot exist separately. They all depend on each other and all together on Germany, the industrial, spiritual and cultural heart of Europe. United, they would represent an economical, political and cultural power of the first importance as is right for the mother of our Christian civilization.



That’s what Lincoln did for America by keeping the Union together! Just let us imagine, for a moment, to what helplessness and powerlessness we would be condemned if each of the 48 states were independently circumvented with high tariff walls. What Lincoln did for us, is just exactly that which the Germans intended to create in Europe. That was their proposition in 1936. Because the world of our time has shrunk, the Germans learned not to think in terms of narrow borders of small countries, but in terms of economic and cultural continents. According to that, the Western Hemisphere should have been under the leadership of the U. S. A. the British Empire should have existed further, Russia should have kept her borders with the exception of a bread basket for Europe, the yellow race should have constituted the Far Fast under Japanese leadership and Europe the cradle of the white race and mother of Christian culture, should have flourished as the United States of Europe under German leadership.



When this German plan was presented to President Roosevelt. he laughed ironically. As England wanted unsuccessfully to frustrate Lincoln’s great work of the unification of the states, so Roosevelt succeeded in frustrating the German Plan of unification of Europe, because he sensed in a recovered and united Europe under the leadership of the efficient Germans a dangerous rivalry. Just remember that Roosevelt was not able to solve the unemployment problem in the richest country in the world!



The Germans never thought of conquering the world. No less an authority than General G. C Marshall, our Chief of Staff, after crushing the Reich, reported to the President, that the Germans never had a plan to conquer the world. The same fact was proven through the Nürnberg trials. Everything else was criminal lies and war propaganda by’ conscienceless commentators in order to stir fear and hatred against the Germans. In other words, by interfering in an entirely internal European affair, it was Roosevelt and his gang’s greediness and selfishness, their ill- will and megalomania, which caused World War.

II. Did Germany interfere in Lincoln’s war? Yes, by helping him out with $250,000,000 in his great struggle. Now we show our gratitude by destroying Germany and by killing and starving millions of German people. Under Anglo-Saxon leadership, the whole world, with all its resources, was mobilized to destroy Germany. The allies succeeded, through their tremendous superiority of men and materials, in extorting Roosevelt’s "unconditional surrender". Had the Germans remained victorious in their gigantic struggle against the whole world, then they would really have been supermen!



We emerged as victors not because we are better or more ingenious people than the Germans, but because here the Lord God has spoken. Adolf von Versailles, in his impudence, considered himself a kind of Savior, and in his madness opposed the Redeemer. But the Lord said:

"All power is given unto Me in heaven and in earth" (Matth. 28, 18.) Whosoever rushes against this power must be shattered, whether his name is Hitler, Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt, Benesh or Tito. Now we sit in judgment of the beaten "foe" who never was our enemy, but Roosevelt and his gang decided that we should be enemies of the Germans.



The great and, for a Christian, decisive question for future times is: From where do the victor nations take the right to condemn and to treat a whole nation in this most inhuman way? They do not have a moral right. They can only justify their brutality through their cruel might for the victorious nations have committed a hundredfold more crimes than the war crimes of the Germans, and they commit them unpunished even today!



Let us compare some of these crimes:

1. The Germans are accused of having started an aggressive war. For that crime their leaders were hanged.

Every historian knows that this accusation is a great he. The Germans wanted to reach their rightful goal in rescuing Europe by peaceful means. In the case of Austria and the Sudetenland, they succeeded. A peaceful agreement with Poland also would have been possible> had not Churchill, encouraged by Roosevelt, instigated the leaders of that unfortunate people. Now, after the Poles were betrayed and sold out by the same Churchill and Roosevelt, they regret bitterly that they had not listened to the Germans. But it is too late. Poland’s independence is gone for good under the dictatorship of the Asiatic Bolsheviks. And Churchi1l’s day will come. He made that agreement with the devil of Kremlin and Satan does not let his victim loose were he sells his soul, i e., in this case, the English Empire. Now the real aggressors through the centuries up to the present time are the victorious nations. A glance at the map and into the history of the last four centuries

proves the truth of this statement. The Germans did not want to make war against England and America. They always considered these two nations as their kinsmen and spiritual children. Remember, every third American is of German origin and every second Englishman is of German blood! It was England and France who declared war on Germany in World Wars I and II, not the other way around, as we are constantly told. The Harbor investigation has clearly proven that Roosevelt waged an undeclared, cowardly aggressive war against Germany and Italy for more than six months.

After he found out that he was not able, with all his arrogant provocations, to break the patience of the Germans, he, according to the sworn testimony of Secretary of State Stimson, looked for war with Germany via Japan So he succeeded to lie this nation into the so-called "defensive" war. Every honest American may ask himself: Would we have had so much patience to resist all the insults and provocations of a foreign head of a state? Now the Nazi leaders were hanged for their crimes, attacking Poland But at that time Stalin was Hitler’s ally and attacked Poland from the east. And Roosevelt and his gang waged an undeclared aggressive war in the Atlantic. Only when all the aggressors and their henchmen are brought before the bar and are convicted for their crimes can one say, that justice is done. It is evident that our leaders acted according to a "double standard". Can you Christian ministers accept this crime silently?



2. The Germans were accused of having burned 5 million Jews in their gas chambers. For this terrible crime their leaders and many thousand accomplices were hanged.

–The victorious nations have shown the world how this crime is to be done in much greater dimensions and unpunished also. The Russians alone, have slaughtered 18 million Christian: in the Bolsheviki Revolution, The English destroyed millions of human lives in Ireland, India, South Africa and the other vast colonies. And we Americans exterminated the aborigines of our country to a few powerless remnants.

If we compare the density of the World-population at the time of our crimes and the then used murder weapons then Himmler’s gas chambers, were, with all their dreadfulness and reprobation, rather humane and for the survivors even sanitary! As it is well known, in Russia in the 20’s the most terrible epidemics broke out as consequences of the manslaughter of the Bolsheviki.

The perpetrators of those crimes were never tried and hanged. Again a "double standard!"



3. The Germans were accused of having introduced the concentration camps as a new means of war. For this crime their leaders and helpers were hanged.

This accusation is again a great lie. The Germans, in their’ 2000 years of glorious history, never used this objectionable means. They have learned this, too, from the victorious nations. Russia’s Siberia was a unique, gigantic concentration camp under the czars and is much more so under the Bolshevik dictators. England used the concentration camps as a most cruel war device during the Boer War against white people and in countless places in he: vast colonies against the natives. And what are in our country the "Indian Reservation:," where the real lords of our land are kept without civil rights and in ignorance? In addition to this the. Roosevelt administration created during the war a special concentration camp connected with kidnapping, which crime is according to the Lindbergh-Law punishable by death.

Under the command of Roosevelt in Central- and South America, in violation of the sovereignty of those states, many thousands of intelligentsia, industrialists, scientists, and men of finance of German origin, mostly born in, or citizens of those countries, were kidnapped by our American flyers. They were kept in Fargo, N. D., and in other concentration camps behind barbed wire for years. Their families in many cases did not know where the father, the husband, the brother had disappeared. This cruel crime originated by the late President was committed in contradiction to all human and international laws. How would we feel if our German descendants like the Rockefellers, Westinghausens, Roeblings, Kaisers, Fleischmanns, Heinzes and many other thousands of German-American leading personalities would have been treated in this way?



4. The Germans were accused of having used during the war slave laborers. For this crime their leaders were hanged.

As a matter of fact, the majority of those "slaves"’ were voluntary workers who wanted to earn good money and who went to Germany to help create the United States of Europe. That is what, the so-called "Quislings" and collaborators in all the European countries did by many thousands. The best proof of this truth is the fact that many hundreds of thousands of those "slave-laborers" did not want to be "liberated" but preferred to stay in the Reich and starve with the Germans than to go "home"! -On the other hand the victorious nation were and still are the greatest slave traders and tormentors! Russia always misused her millions of banished as slaves. The present slave laborers of the soviet Union are estimated between 15-20 million. England and France exploited the nations of their colonies as slave laborers for centuries. And here in our America slavery was officially abolished only 80 years ago while the Negroes in the South are still treated as third rate citizens. We still do not have an anti-lynch law. And in which ignominious way have we traded our German war prisoners as slave workers to England and France in violation of all international laws! The Germans never committed such crimes but they were hanged. The criminals of the victorious nations are still free!



5. The Germans were accused of destroying the village of Lidice and of executing about 200 British-sent murderers of a German governor, Heydrich. The perpetrators of this crime were hanged. – On the other hand the victorious nations committed thousandfold greater crimes.

The English were the first ones who bombed the magnificent German cities - In Freiburg, the first of those cities, English flyers killed 40 kindergarten children. That was the beginning. The bombing of the old historical city of Coventry by the Germans was mere retaliation for bombing out of the Goethe and Schiller city Weimar, the German cultural shrine, by the English. Dresden, the magnificent capitol of Saxony with her inestimable art treasures, was so thoroughly bombed by our flyers that in one night alone 400,000 civilians were killed. Every great city of Germany was destroyed up to 85 % whether there were war plants or not, just to terrorize the population and to kill guilty and innocent alike. Against the outspoken protest of our scientists we used the atom bomb to destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki and thus cold-bloodedly killed tens of thousands of civilians. It was proven that this unique crime of the age was unnecessary since the Japanese considered themselves already beaten and had asked the Russians to mediate, but Stalin suppressed that all-important document at Potsdam.

Of course now we want to see the atom bomb outlawed after we have used it, and we feel uneasy about the Russians that they do not trust us. We have good reason to fear our self-created "Frankenstein" after we have made a precedent in this crime also!



6. The Germans were accused of having starved hundreds of thousands of helpless people. For this crime the guilty men and women were hanged. - This cruel means of war the Germans also learned from the victorious powers. England maintained after World War I for a whole year the hunger blockade over Austria and Germany and thus caused the painful death by starvation of more than a million children, women and aged people. The Nazis tortured in their concentration camps, thousands, mostly their own countrymen, by starvation to death, giving the deplorable victims 900-1000 calories of food out of the limited supplies of an overpopulated infertile country. The victorious nations commit a thousandfold greater crime than the most brutal Nazis did. They let tens of millions starve and freeze by 700-800 calories, although they have an abundance of food and clothing. Hitler had his infamous concentration camps in Dachau, Buchenwald, Belsen, Sachsenhausen etc. The victorious nations made a gigantic concentration camp out of the entire Central Europe with about 150 million population, and deliberately exterminate guilty and innocent alike.



7. German physicians and scientists are accused of having used living human being as guinea pigs. For this crime they are tried by the victor powers. According to the heretofore made experiences they will surely be hanged.

-At the same time the Allies take the privilege of applying the results of those scientific experiments as they use the knowledge and ingenuity of thousands of Nazi scientists for their own purposes. Now there is a German saying:

"The receiver of stolen goods is not better than the thief himself!" And how shall we classify General Marshall’s act? On order of the "Commander-in-Chief" he ordered the bombing of the great City of Oranienburg after their spies had found out that highly important experiments with atomic energy were made there. According to a reporter of the Chicago Tribune 1200 German scientists and skilled men were killed by our flyers at one blow!

How about the thousands of human guinea pigs which we used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki to find out the effects of the atomic bomb? I have read nothing about sentences and executions of the criminals who ordered and those who carried out the orders for dropping the atomic bomb on defenseless civilians. In July, 1945. a poll was taken of the atomic scientists at the University of Chicago Metallurgical Laboratory. . . Thus 85 per cent of all the scientists opposed a holocaust such as that at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, directed more against civilians than against military targets. . . . The poll was brought directly to the attention of Secretary of War Stimson and President Truman. Hiroshima was still a couple of weeks in the future. Truman and Stimson declined the humanitarian counsels of the men who had perfected the bomb. They went ahead and dropped it. There had better not be any slip-up, real or pretended. when the next Pear Harbor is in the making. By the example of our leaders we have taught mercilessness to our enemies. We can expect nothing else in return." Col. McCormick.



8. The Germans were accused of having looted art treasures, precious articles, and also livestock and food. For this crime they were hanged.

–The truth is that museum directors of countries occupied by the Germans reported that their art treasures were intact and not missing. They were an the contrary, protected by the Germans as real appreciates of art and science against our flyers, who without any consideration mercilessly destroyed everything. (Just think of the greatest and oldest charity and mercy institutions of the world in Bethel and Barmen, in Halle and Kaiserswerth, the deaconess motherbouses, hospitals, libraries and thousands of churches and schools!) And how could Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France, Norway, Czechoslovakia have recovered in such short a time, that they have an abundance of dairy products and food, if the Germans had exploited them so cruelly as our preachers of hatred wanted us to believe? The facts are, that even the nations once occupied by the Germans, openly and publicly stated that there were no better disciplined soldiers in the whole world than the Germans. On the other hand the victorious armies, including our own troops, played havoc in the "unconditionally surrendered" Reich and behaved like real gangsters and robbers according to our own reporters! They did all this disregarding all international law according to which private property is to be respected.



The robbery of the Hessian royal jewelry is just one case among millions. The defending lawyer of the WAC captain Mrs. Durant certainly knew what he said when pleading for his client, that if his client would be convicted, then 90 per cent of our occupation forces must be punished because they all have stolen. Millions of tons of stolen goods were sent and brought to America as "souvenirs" an our transportation facilities through our U. S. Post Offices and custom officers. The silver ware of the late Kaiser, a gift of the German cities at his 25th ruling anniversary alone weighs seven tons, and the colonel who stole this magnificent artwork and considers it a trophy, is in his civilian life a lawyer! I thank the Lord for my son who came home with clean hands and a clean conscience. As an army officer he had the same opportunity as all the others to loot and to steal. "Dad, I kept the VII, Commandment We left that poor conquered people back in their misery and starvation. I had not the heart to take one penny’s worth." I trust that my son is not the only one out of our ten million armed forces who did not sent or bring home "souvenir’s!", who know something about the Commandments of our Lord!



What the Russians have stolen of treasures and goods of all kind, and have sent in thousands of trains to the Bast, is a special chapter. But they are even more honest than we are, for they do not play the hypocrite saying that they are the "highest civilized nation an earth," nor do they claim that they are a "Christian nation" as we do!

What abundance of art and treasures was accumulated in that first land of culture, of that creative nation in museums, castles, manors, and in private collections as the property of those great historical families through the centuries Each greater city in Germany had as many art treasures of all kind as otherwise a whole country has. There was something to loot and to steal! According to our own news reporters, the English alone were the ones who lived up to the rules of international law and kept themselves within the framework of decency In the presence of God and in the light of history we are guilty of looting and destroying irreparable cultural values of mankind!



Roosevelt knew exactly what he meant when be demanded "unconditional surrender!" According to his barbaric interpretation that term included the right of the victor to dispose of everything, man and material, property and spiritual goods. The patents and secrets alone, which our troops have stolen and brought over here, counterbalance the billions we spent for waging war. The kidnapping and forced importation of German scientists and technicians to the East and West is taken for granted. -In the presence of God I ask our nation, I ask you, ministers of the Gospel: Did the Germans in all our histories ever inflict such injuries on us as we did in the two World Wars sent still do inflict on them? What wrong did the German nation do to us Americans that we punished them twice in a generation in the most cruel and inhuman way such as history never saw before? Do you call that American gratitude for all the hard work sent faithfulness by which German people here built up our country and won our victories?



9. The Germans were accused of having suppressed the freedom of press and speech whereby they misled the masses. For this crime their leaders were hanged.

- Did the Russians in all their history till the present day ever have freedom of press and speech? Let us not forget this treasure of the free man was gained for us in bard fight by the German-American Johann Peter Zenger! But, did we enjoy this freedom during the Roosevelt administration? If one did not yell with him and other warmongers, the F.B. I. made life miserable and a hell an earth. Such freedom of press and speech was in Germany and Russia, too Whoever agreed with Hitler and Stalin could speak and write as much as he wanted. Far-sighted and honest men, true American patriots like Senators Taft, Wheeler, Nye, General R. E. Wood, Col. Lindbergh, Father Coughlin and many others who had a conscience and historical knowledge, were smeared and eventually silenced. If the Germans-Americans would not be so law-abiding, self-disciplined and duty-bound, the F. B. 1. would have had a big job to put about one third of our entire population behind barbed wires!



Did our nation with her "free" press know, that Roosevelt conducted against the Germans and Italians a provocative undeclared, aggressive war for more than six months, whereby the patience and the honor of those nations were put to the hardest trial? - Did our nation know that Roosevelt and his henchmen prepared the Pearl Harbor catastrophe deliberately and purposely in order to be enabled to stand before the nation and ask for revenge for that so-called "sneak attack?" - Was the nation properly informed that it was not an "ideological" war but the naked selfishness, greediness and powerpolitics of the Roosevelt administration? - Was our nation informed that Roosevelt on the advice of the German-Jew Einstein risked two billion dollars to create the atom bomb, our "Frankenstein," for which task he "imported" scientists from all over the world? - Did our nation know that on orders of Roosevelt many thousands of scientists, industrialists, and men of finance of German origin, citizens of Central and South America, were kidnapped in their homes and offices and were kept for years in our concentration camps under violation of the sovereignty of those states? - Did our nation know that tens of thousands of "conscientious objectors" were cast in jail because they obeyed God rather than powerdrunken and greedy men?

Did Governor Dewey tell the truth when he in all his campaign speeches reiterated: "Roosevelt had to make war to solve the unemployment problem?" - Did our nation know what an unconscientious leader she had, who in those secret meetings in Teheran and Yalta gave everything to cruel extortor Stalin, his ,personal friend", who threatened again and again with a separate peace with Hitler? - Did our nation know that Roosevelt forced Churchill to accept the diabolic "Morgenthau Plan" i e, to murder 40 to 50 per cent of the German population by starvation and deportation by sub-zero weather in order to solve the "Lebensraum problem" for that nation? -Did our nation know that Roosevelt in his ambition and megalomania was ready to level Europe, the mother of the Christian civilization, to the ground, like Attila the Hun and Ghengis Khan the Mongol did, in order to put his name on the pages of history? It will be a gloomy nook - Our nation learned all these incredible facts with horror and terror after the conquest of our supposed enemies, after we were deceived and belied, and after we brought chaos and unspeakable misery to mankind. If we had had a really free press, our nation would have not committed the "greatest crime of the age!"



Now the victorious nations have the arrogance and the hypocritical "courage" to try the whole of the German nation and to pass judgment on her as a people of criminals. The good-natured Germans were belied by their leaders the same way as we were betrayed by our leaders. The Germans as a nation knew as little about what happened in Dachau and the other murder camps as we knew about what happened in our name in Oak Ridge, in New Mexico, in Fargo, in Teheran, in Yalta, in Potsdam etc. The only difference is that we with our superiority of resources of the whole world have won the war and can sun ourselves in triumph, while the others lost the war and now they have to suffer ignominy and torment from the hands of the most cruel conquerors.-The masses of the German people trusted their Führer because he gave them work and bread and showed the world how be united most of the Germans of Europe in a peaceful way. The people did not know what means he used to reach his goal. The masses of our American nation trusted Roosevelt and many still worship him because be gave them through the WPA jobs and bread and later the record wages of the "war prosperity. For this the people elected him President four times, the last two times with the wholehearted support of the Communists. Our goodhearted nation was not aware which satanic plans he had made to throw us into the war since the nation was 86 per cent against it!



As Christians we ought to ask ourselves in the presence of God and before history: What was the real cause that threw us through Roosevelt into the war? One thing is clear by now – it was not an "ideological" war to destroy Nazism because we were allied with the more dangerous Bolshevism; it was not to save Poland because we betrayed and sold her out to the Russians; the old Indians, the Mexicans, the Spaniards were not Nazis or Bolsheviks and still we waged aggressive wars against them. The true and only answer is. The old capital sins of mankind, selfishness, greediness, covetousness led our nation into the war! Under the Roosevelt administration we did not want to permit that history should once be reverted, that we should be the "have-nots" and the others the "have-nations." We wanted to live continually in abundance and to keep the others in their want forever. We wanted to be continually the rich and to keep the others poor forever. We wanted to enjoy unmolested what we snatched up an earthly goods by aggression, extermination and slave-labor. We wanted to live continually an the sunny side of life and to keep the others in the shadow forever. We wanted to be always an top and to keep the others at the bottom. We wanted to continue our "American way of life" with the highest standard of living and to let the others starve. Most of all, we wanted to get rid of our greatest and most successful rival an the world market! -All these ,virtues" are diametrically contrary to Christianity with the doctrine "Love they neighbor as thyself" and the Golden Rule: "All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them!" Matth. 7,12.



We have same institutions which characterize the hypocrisy and injustice of our policy toward mankind. Among them is our Immigration Law, the supreme form of selfishness. There was a time when people were lured to this country and because there were not enough willing to immigrate, the greedy conquerors resorted to slavery. But now, after we became rich and self-sustaining, we closed our borders. If we keep in mind that in Germany before the war 306 people had to live an a square mile of infertile and penurious land, now after the landrobbery of the Allies even 502! in Italy 298 and now aver 400, and in that volcanic Japan even 410, now aver 600, while we here on this virgin ground live only 43 an a square mile, then we may understand what injustice we commit by closing our borders against our starving fellowmen! It is true, England, Belgium and Holland are densely populated, too, but they have vast colonies for both raw material and settlements. In contrast to that, Germany had to import about one half of all her food and the greatest part of her raw materials from which she produced rnanufactured goods sold to foreign countries and so after hard labor made a decent living. Would the German people not possess these characteristic virtues of diligence. thriftiness, inventive faculty, and mutual assistance, they would starve even in peace time. Just think of this. the Germans made in their need out of coal butter, and for scores of foodstuffs they invented artificial "Ersatz", Most of us Americans because of the abundance of our resources and the productiveness of our virgin land, have no idea how easy we can take life, while the Germans with all their diligence and sweat after hard labor cannot afford the tenth part of that which we Americans take for granted. Do we as Christians have a moral right to close our borders against bread-seeking people? No, we have no moral right, but we have the power to keep them out even if they starve and we choke on our fat. - Had the Indians of old had the power to defend their homeland, we certainly would not be here as masters of this blessed country. Our forefathers did not ask permission from the natives to enter this country. They just came and took it by force. Since we are now owners of this rich and blessed country and here as in the whole of the New World there is room and living possibility for hundreds of millions of people, it is our Christian duty to share our riches with the "have-nots." Or can a Christian believe that God has created this world only for the Anglo-Saxons and the Russians?

- Many unthinking people among us judge about mother Europe that her nations live in constant quarreling and cannot live peacefully and content together as we do. Let them have the United States of Europe, or let them have living space and conditions as we have, or let them have our riches - and you will he amazed how high their standard of living would be, how peacefully and contentedly they would live together and what a dignity and greatness they would exercise.



Another hypocrisy that characterizes our political life is our Monroe Doctrine. We lead the 21 states of the Western Hemisphere with the fixed idea that no non-American dare interfere unpunished in our affairs. But at the same time we take the liberty to mingle at every opportunity in the affairs of other nations and even continents. Who gives us the right to such actions? Nobody. but our might and our power! Where is the so much misused decency, much less Christian morality? We do not act according to the pattern: "What is right for the one, should be fair for the other," but according to the old Roman saying: "Quod licet Jovi, non licet bovi" (what is allowed for Jupiter, is not allowed to an ox.) Is that not plain hypocrisy and arrogance?



Considered from the point of view of world history we have, in our short national history, only brought calamity and unspeakable misery to mankind as often as we interfered in foreign affairs. At the same time we were always the gainers. The Far-East nations lived for thousands of years, the Chinese behind their walls and the Japanese on their islands, entirely isolated from the white man and developed wonderful cultures. We forced them to step out of their isolation. We lent our assistance to overthrow the two thousand year old dynasty of the ruling house in China and to create a "democracy." Since that time that giant country has not seen tranquillity. The chaotic conditions still continue We bear a great part of responsibility for the millions of killed and starved! -Overpopulated Japan had learned through many centuries by sobriety, diligence and discipline. to feed itself from penurious land. (Would we Americans be satisfied with a handful of rice as daily ration? !) Our admiral Perry forced them out of their isolation. They learned covetousness and greediness from the white man very quickly and started to imitate him. They followed exactly our example by creating for themselves their own "Monroe Doctrine" declaring: "If it is America for the Americans then it is Asia for the Asiatics!" But we did not grant them what we claim for ourselves as self-evident. Now we crushed them by our superiority. Fortunately for our country we have this time in our General McArthur a man who is not only a soldier, but also a judge of human nature and a psychologist. Under his wise leadership the ruling dynasty was not overthrown and through that fact alone he contributed immensely to the satisfaction of that proud, defeated nation!



Special harm caused our meddling in the European affairs. In both World Wars our leaders were looking unprovoked for trouble and we decided both World Wars. Therefore, we are responsible for the consequences and the conditions.. Both times we brought the Europeans more misery and pain than they had before After the Armistice with the Germans in 1918 all solemn promises of Wilson, which he made in the name of the people of the United States. were broken. If we want to excuse ourselves that the intentions of Wilson were good but that he was not capable of coping with the English and French diplomats. then there is only one answer: Do not interfere in matters which you are not able to master and make no promise which you cannot keep! The catchword at that time was: "We must make the world safe for democracy!" The historical fact is that, with the exception of England and Scandinavia, all the European countries became dictatorships. We created them through our childish and inexperienced policy in world affairs. The self-determination of nations was granted to each small Balkan people. But the tens of millions of Germans in Austria. Sudetenland, Elsass-Lothringen, West Prussia, Danzig etc. were forbidden to reunite with the motherland. The promises that every belligerent nation should care for her own war debts was disdainfully broken. Germany was robbed of all her colonies, large territories were broken lose from the Reich and given as Danaiden gifts to the neighbor Countries, and impossible billions were dictated as reparations. The Versailles outrage weight heavily on the heart of Europe.



We comrnitted a particular sin by overthrowing the two illustrious ruling houses of the Habsburgs and Hohenzollern whereby we destroyed oeld through history and tradition consecrated institutions. not being able to substitute something better instead. The arch-house of the Habsburgers had ruled over the Holy Roman Empire of the Noble German Nation and since l 806 over the Austria Hungarian Empire for 800 years while the Hohenzollerns could look back on 600 years as Electors from Brandenburg Kings of Prussia and Emperors of the Second Reich.



It is characteristic for the Germanics that they want to have an authority over them to whom they can look up. That is not a kind of servility but human dignity and human nobility. The Teutons want to see the might, honor and dignity of their nation personified in a Landesvater (father of the country) whom Lord God has given them by the right of birth and succession and who is independent of the wavering favor of the masses. It is that anrient family-bound deeply rooted in the Teuton soul which only people with a Christian education can fully understand. As the father is that by God instituted head of the family so is the King or Kaiser, by the grace of God and not by the grace of man, leader leader and ruler of his people. It is that ancient teutonic conception of honor and respect: "Only he who posesses honor can render honor." All the Germanic nations have their Kings even in our present time, even in those socialist-ruled countries like Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, England. Who would deny that these nations make progress on all lines and in many things are far ahead of us? – Now Wilson, in his ignorance of historical and psychological facts or in his determination to destroy time-honored institutions, demanded in his 14 points as condition to the peace treaties that the Habsburgers and Hohenzollern must be overthrown whereby those nations in the heart of Europe were robbed of their moral support. Today every child can see the terrible blunder Wilson made. The constitutional monarchy of the noble Hohenzollerns and Habsburgers was a thousand times better than the Hitler dictatorship. Can an honest man in view of the historical facts deny the tremendous responsibility of the American policy which eventually brought Hitler to power? That is the reason I call him Adolf von Versailles!



But not enough with this great blunder. Wilson, i e. the official American policy of the Democrats, contributed the most to Europe’s economical ruin also. He destroyed that economic unity of the Danube monarchy, Austria-Hungary, which was created through the centuries. In addition to that Wilson formed as the brother-in law of her first president Thomas Masarik, the impossible state of Czechoslovakia. In the South we donated the murderous Serbs as reward a territory twice as great as they had before the murder of Sarajevo and thus we created Tito’s Yugoslavia. He took away the thousand year old Hungarian province the rich Transilvania, and gave it to Romania. Now our government fights for the Danube River, that life-line of Central Europe, against the Russians. We acknowledged too late the consequences of the sins of our representative at Versailles and we try to make it good this time. - Then when our soldiers returned home and after they had seen the sad consequences of our intervention in the European quarrel they cried out: "We fought on the wrong side!" and , "Never again against the Germans, the most decent people in the world!" We left Europe behind in an ocean of blood and tears and retired in isolation after we caused the calamity deciding the victory for the wrong side. We were the only gainers in the first World War. The English and French made this fact very clear to us, honoring us, as thanks for our rescuing help, with the name, "Shylock" and by simply refusing to pay us back the lent billions. Few of us Americans know that we gained billions for our economy by confiscating more than 2,500 German patents. Through these patents we became independent permanently in many ways, especially in the realm of chemistry, dyeing, and medicine!



A third sin committed against mankind rests heavily on the conscience of the leaders and warmakers of our country. It is the inexperienced, yes, childish intervention in the course of history by decisively helping to destroy Pan-Germanism and by elevating Pan-Slavism to the dominant power in Europe and Asia. One ought to know the history of the white race and of the development of the Christian culture in its deepest meaning in order to be able to grasp the range of this great crime against mankind.

Here is a short explanation. Since there is a recorded history of mankind we find that nations come and go, that tribes develop to nations, rise to power and might, remain there for a time, and then collapse. The archaeologists inform us about the might and greatness of the Egyptians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks and Romans. All the glory and power of these once mighty world empires disappeared. They had to make room for other nations.



Since the beginning of the Christian era the Indo-Gerrnanic or Aryan or Caucasian race, generally called the White race developed in three great families of nations: the Romance, the Germanic and the Slav families. The Romance nations are the South-Europeans of the Mediterranean Sea whose common original language is Latin; the Italians, French, Spaniards Portuguese and partly the Romanians. The West and North-Europeans on the Atlantic, the North and Baltic Seas are the Germanics. This family consists of the Germans, Austrians, Sudetenlanders, Swiss, Elsass-Lothringers Flanders, Luxemburgers Nederlanders Danes, Norwegians Swedes and English. The giant territory of East Europe is inhabited by the Slavs. To this family belong the Russians, Poles Ukrainians, Czechs, Slovaks, Croatians and Serbs. A fourth family of nations, small in number, is the Finnish-Ugrish family whose larger part the Voguls Ostjaks. Votjaks, Zyrmjenes, Czeremisses live on the wide steppes of Russia and belong to the 152 nationalities subjugated by Moscow. In Europe this family is represented by the gallant Magyars, the brave Bulgarians and the honest Finns, Lapps and the Baltic nations. Likewise we have in Western Europe the remnants of the old Gauls.



The history of nations develops like that of nature, according to irrevocable laws. In that cycle the Romance family was the first one capacitated politically and culturally to lead the White race The Italian sea powers of Genoa and Venice, the mighty spiritual upheaval of humanism and renaissance and the papacy in Rome had the leadership at the end of the Middle Ages. From the Apennine peninsula the power was transferred to the Pyrenee peninsula. The might and greatness of Spain, which waged the most wars of all the European nations, was so gigantic that King Philip II, who at the same time was Kaiser of the Holy Roman Empire, could boast that in his empire the sun never sets From Spain the political and cultural leadership passed to the French who created the first standing army in Europe (hence French expressions of all military rank and designation), and was kept for many decades. By defeating the great Corsican at Waterloo and later by capturing Emperor Napoleon III at Sedan, France’s might collapsed. So the leadership of the three great Romance nations came to an end.



According to historical law the leading power passed to the Germanic family of nations. As in the Romance family the seafaring Italians were the first, so in the Germanic family the seafaring English were the first This aggressive and belligerent island nation not only dominated Europe from her ,splendid isolation" but also conquered and subjugated about one sixth of the globe and occupied all the important bases and trade-routes of the seven seas. A tremendous achievement for a numerically small nation But the more the Gospel of the "freedom of a Christian" was carried into the far-away countries the louder the subjugated nations cried out to shake off the English fetters.



As in the Romance family the dominating power passed from Italy to Spain and then to France, in the Germanic family the leadership of Europe should have passed from England to Germany according to historic and divine law, because that nation was best prepared for that high task. Her commanding achievements in all fields of science, technology and arts her industrious and highly educated population, her central location in the heart of Europe seemed to have predestined the 100 million strong Germandom to take over the leadership of the old world. As in the great crisis at the turning point of the first millennium the mighty emperors of the Old Roman Empire of the Noble German Nation, the Carolingians, Saxons and Hohenstaufens rescued Christendom and the white race so this great nation was called to fulfill her highest duties towards mankind at the turning point of the second millennium In order to be enabled to solve this gigantic problem it was necessary to unify the whole of Germandom of Europe as it was a thousand years ago. Then the 78 million population of the Reich would have grown through the "Anschluss" of all the Germans of the continent to the over 100 millions strong of the most efficient, intelligent and industrious population of Christendom and the White race of the greater Reich. That was the plan and the goal of the Pan-Germans. Is it a crime to gather together the children of the same family in one common home? The envious and greedy enemies discredited and attacked this natural and, in the end for all mankind, beneficial strife of Pan-Germanism.



Did we Americans have any historical or moral right to work in all the actions of our leaders against this justified strife of Germandom? Is it not a fact that we melt scores of different nationalities and races into one nation in our states? The Germans wanted to unite only their kinsmen of the same race, blood, language and culture! Just think of our Pan-Americanism uniting the whole of the Western Hemisphere on solely selfish interests without any racial, linguistic, cultural, religious or moral foundation! Is it not a historical fact that our Lincoln waged the bloodiest Civil War to prevent the secession of the southern sates? Did Germany at that time even try to hinder that great undertaking? The fact is that the Germans helped Lincoln to achieve his goal against the English intrigues.

How did we pay our gratitude to the Germans for their help to our greatness and might? We set out twice without any provocation to annihilate Germany. We succeeded in destroying Pan-Germanism and in altering the course of history. What are now the consequences of our willful interference?. We created instead of Pan-Germanism the terrible realization of Pan-Slavism. As the Germans strove towards unification of all Germanics in one great Reich so the Russians worked for more than a century for the unification of all Slavs. This old dream of the Czars became a reality in our days through the active and decisive help of America. It is our crime or our merit, from whichever point of view we look at it, that today all of Eastern Europe is a gigantic Slav entity.

It remains for the honest historians of the nations, of which we have very few in our midst, to judge whither Pan-Germanism would have led mankind and whither Pan-Slavism will lead it!



In my opinion the Germans would have broken the eccentricities of Hitlerism after they had reached their goal - unification of all Germans. The best proof for this statement is the fact that responsible Germans tried to get rid of Hitler seven times. After consolidation of the greater Reich the 100 million Germans would have gone to work in holy enthusiasm. Their God-given noble characteristics would have been revealed. Their unique ability to organize would have created order and tranquillity in Europe and in the World in the shortest possible time. They would have created the United States of Europe without bloodshed. They would have placed their great capabilities in the fields of science, and and technology to the disposition of the whole world as they did before. Their deep spiritual life would have enriched and ennobled mankind, as for example the unique German music and hymns heretofore did. Christianity; would have received new impetus and a new life as it happened at the epoch making era of the great Reformation. Let us not forget that no other great nation under the sun conducted a more intensive inner and foreign mission, had more deacons and deaconess’, monks and nuns, greater and better Christian institutions of charity and mercy for the sick, the poor, and the old aged. Even under the Nazi rule over 620 new churches were built in Germany and not a single one was ever closed or desecrated by using them for dance halls, movie theatres or museums as elsewhere! They had the best social security organizations for the nation. In short, Pan-Germanism would have brought to mankind spiritual and material blessings. The West-European culture and civilization would have been rescued once more by the Germans, the old experienced defenders of the most precious treasures of mankind. The American leaders prevented this development and destroyed that great nation against the will of 88% of our population.



According to the law of history the greater Reich was called to take over the leadership for the next generations as in the past centuries the Italians, Spaniards, French and English did. It was Germany’s turn this time. Our unprovoked entrance in World Wars I and II decided against Germandom. But we did not solve the problems. On the contrary, we created only chaos and misery with our inexperience in world affairs and with our determined and premeditated will to destroy and exterminate material and human lives by the millions. As the trespassing of the laws of nature brings destruction, so the transgression of the laws of history bring punishment in itself. By our hostile and cruel acts the German leadership of Christianity’ and of the White race was eliminated and the Slav leadership was brought forth. According to my judgment this occurred 100-150 years too soon. The structure of world history received through our fault a gigantic hole. Pan-Slavism is not yet mature enough to take the. leadership just as we Americans did not yet reach the manhood of responsibility. Great factories, mass production, and rich cornfields are certainly blessings of heaven but they are not enough for leadership. As in the life of an individual success and failure, joy and deep sorrow, experiments of good and bad, sickness and health make a man experienced and mature, so in the life of nations the ups and downs, victories and defeats, even catastrophes, and most of all, permanent creative, cultural achievements prepare a nation and make it mature and consciencious of responsibility in the presence of God and history. The Russians with their 152 resisting nationalities, with their slavery and terror are just in their adolescence, as we with our short history are yet on our ways to national maturity.



What then can we expect from Pan-Slavism which we brought into existence? The answer is: just what we can expect from a youth conscious of his strength in a highly complicated laboratory experimenting with unknown, dangerous chemicals. A single false mixture a single mistake can explode the laboratory and bury the whole staff under the rubble. We find ourselves in this most dangerous situation. Because in the family of nations we Americans and the Russians have robbed the elder, more experienced brother of his rights of succession we are not able to solve the gigantic problems without his help. How little sense of responsibility in the face of history and how little moral consciousness in the sight of God we as a young nation with our power politics possess, the decisions of our leaders cry it through the coming generations into all the world: the unscrupulous forcing of our nation into the two World Wars through he and deceit; the barbaric demand and execution of the "unconditional surrender;" the extradition and presentation of entire countries and nations to the Russians by Roosevelt; the complete misunderstanding that the "have-not- nations" have a right to live, too, and therefore must have living space and living possibilities which we in our abundance, our avarice and selfishness deny them; the senseless and deliberate destruction of the most magnificent cities and the brutal murdering of hundreds of thousands of helpless and innocent peoples; the wanton use of the atom bomb in destroying Hiroshima and Nagasaki and annihilating tens of thousands of human lives; the most cruel expulsion of millions of Eastern-Germans from their century old homes; the development and the execution of the Eisenhower-Morgenthau-Roosevelt plan, the most inhuman act of revenge since there is a recorded history; the slow and painful murdering of 20-30 million human beings by starvation, cold and privation. Those are not political "mistakes" as our leaders now want us to believe; they are conscious, deliberate, premeditated crimes, which only a leadership, young, inexperienced, never defeated and therefore unaware of consequences and retaliation is able to commit.



Now, if our leaders of a republic and of a so-called "Christian" nation were able to commit all these terrible crimes, with how much more reason must we fear the Worst from the Bolshevik Pan-Slavs being a dictatorship and officially confessing godlessness! In our un-Christian greediness and selfishness we created the two most terrible "Frankensteins" the murderous, everything exterminating atom- bomb and the insatiable, everything swallowing power of the Pan-Slavistic-Asiatic bolshevism. Those are the horrible historical facts which make one shudder and fright. In comparison to this horror the so-called German "menace" was rather a child’s play. In the coming, inevitable conflict there remains for us only one alternative: either we accept the Pan-Slavic Bolshevism with all its tyranny and terror and take orders from Moscow like all the other nations soon will do, or we use the atom bomb and all the other terrible weapons and kill same more millions of people and destroy their cities as we did in Germany. I cannot see a third way. Unless our gracious God, in His unspeakable mercy, works a miracle in order to rescue sinful mankind.

If we use our murderous weapons we can rest assured that the Russians will take revenge in the most terrifying way. Then will be great suffering and dying. Then even the blind, the hate- and warmongers will see the horrifying but logical consequences of the criminal acts of those of our leaders who led out country into two World Wars against the will of the overwhelming majority of the nation. These wars were not waged against militarism or Kaiserism or Hitlerism but to break and to destroy Germanism, the great rival of Anglo-Saxon imperialism. Only an act of mercy of God can save us from well-deserved punishment!



Few Americans might know about the agreement of the great colonial powers England, France and Germany which they made in Frankfurt a. M. in 1878. At that time Germany, too, possessed colonies but, please note well, contrary to the other powers the Germans did not rob their colonies in bloody aggressive wars but had purchased them or obtained them through diplomacy! According to that agreement the powers solemnly obligated themselves that, if they ever would have a war; they would under no circumstances use colonials or colored people on European soil to fight the white man.

As so many others the "perfide Albion" and the vain "Grand Nation" have broken this solemn agreement too. The English and French brought many thousands of Indians, Africans, Senegals, Kafferns and Hottentots to the European continent in 1914 in World War I and let lose those savages and half-savages on the German nation, the protectors and saviors of the white race. To our regret and everlasting shame America, too, took full part in this crime against our common ancestries We, too, have sent Negroes against Germany. And especially in World War II we use an incomparably great number of Negroes, about two-thirds of our occupation armies, in the land of the "poets and thinkers." This terrifying fact can only be explained as intentional, premeditated, satanic humiliation and insult to the pure white German nation. Thousands of children were born whose fathers are American, English and French Negroes and whose mothers are raped and ravished German girls and women. What happens here in our country to a Negro who attacks a white woman? The people drag him out of the hands of the authorities and lynch him. At the same time our government sends them abroad to kill German people and to rape and dishonor German women. Could we Americans ever forgive the Germans if they would have committed that disgrace and crime against our mothers, daughters and sisters? The Germans in their 2000 years of national history never have sent colored people against the white man!



The great sinner Winston Churchill in his arrogance uttered the proud words that he did not become His Majesty’s prime minister in order to liquidate the British Empire. As every haughty before him, he too, came to naught. The Word of the Bible applies to the life of nations too "The wages of sin is death." It takes more than a Churchill to stop the course of history. That empire created with unspeakable cruelty is being liquidated before our eyes. Germany’s enemies wanted to lay a snare for that great nation and now one after the other they fall into the grave. The dismemberment of the British Empire began in 1914. When the colored troops were let lose on the guardians of the white race, when the Senegals and Hottentots were allowed to rape German women, when German prisoners of war were watched behind barbed wire by colored Americans, English and Frenchmen, the eyes of the colonials were opened. They said to themselves: "If we were used to humiliate the Germans who never did us any harm, how much more shall we do against those white nations, when the time comes, which kept us subjugated for centuries and sold us out as slaves to far away continents!" Now that time is at hand when the dream of the colored people will be realized. The British Empire falls apart like a rotten pumpkin. The French, Dutch and other colonial Empires will follow.

And how will things be in a few generations here in our own America? According to statistics there are proportionally five Negro children to every white child. The Negroes do not exercise birth control. The consequence will be that they will multiply so rapidly that they will equal the whites and even surpass them numerically in not too many decades. What can we expect then from the emancipated Negroes? They did not and never will forget that their forefathers were hunted in Africa and brought to America in chains, that they were bought and sold like cattle. They never will forget how inhumanely they were treated in the "land of the free." They record each lynching committed by the whites against their race, they must become angels and saints to forgive and forget all the humiliations through the centuries Woe upon our children’s children when the Negroes rise to power! Woe upon the white man all over the world when the masses of the colored people start to move! God’s Word holds true here, too: "Visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation!"

A half century ago the great peace loving Kaiser Wilhelm II. as the last great guardian of the white race and of Christendom against the Asiatics warned: "Peoples of Europe, beware of the yellow menace!" At that time the famous German universities were crowded with Chinese and Japanese students, which were generally known as the most ambitious, industrious, and modest men. They were studying at the best universities of the world in order to use their knowledge against the whites some day. The answer of the Anglo-Saxons and Frenchmen to Kaiser Wilhelm’s warning was that they let lose the Yellows, Browns, and Negroes on the heart of Europe. Now those unconscientious and irresponsibles have to reap the fruits of their crime-seed. The bulwark of the white race and of Christendom has fallen through the greediness and selfishness of its enemies. Now the flood of the Asiatics is free to break into Europe and extinguish the once so treasured European Christian culture and civilization.

The proportion of the White to the Colored of the world population is i to 3, i e. out of the about two billion inhabitants of the globe there are 500 million whites against 1,500 million colored people! The great day of reckoning will not keep waiting long any morel Then the great Schiller’s true word will be fulfilled: "That is the curse of the evil deed that it must generatively produce evil. . . "



Roosevelt and his collaborators lied our nation into World War II with the watchword: "We ought to destroy fascism!" and with the "Atlantic Charter". This time, too, our intervention in the European affairs brought no blessings to those nations but curse and never before experienced misery and starvation. To be sure, Roosevelt and his hate-companions succeeded in destroying Germany and lynching her leaders as war criminals in contradiction to all existing international laws. But of all the promises of the "Atlantic Charter" again not one was kept except the revenge-act of the "unconditional surrender." England and France, supported by Roosevelt, pretended to have declared war on Germany because of the latter’s aggression on Poland. Now Poland together with the Baltic and Balkan states was betrayed and sold out by Roosevelt and his helpers. In place of the Nazi rule our victory set the thousand times more dangerous Bolshevik dictatorship with that diabolic Stalin over Europe. Under the barbaric term "unconditional surrender" our inexperienced "states-men" and undisciplined soldiers understood only the victor’s might but had not the slightest idea of a magnanimous victor’s duty towards the beaten foe.



A great cultured nation, which has given mankind more blessings than any other nation on earth, was shut in a gigantic concentration camp with the same amount of food rations which Himmler granted his condernned victims in his camps of suffering. - German mothers and daughters are considered wild game. - Millions of innocent people were driven out from their thousand-year old homes in sub-zero weather without clothing and food. -Scientists and skilled workers were kidnapped regardless of their Nazi affiliation by the victoriuos powers and put to work for their benefit. - Millions of men and women were deported as slave workers. - Unreplaceable and inestimable art and culture works were stolen together and transported into the victor countries. - Hundreds of tons of patent secrets were stolen and brought to this country. (Read "Secrets by the Thousands" in Harper -Magazine December 1946!) Our scientists confess it free from envy that the Germans were 10 to 50 years ahead of us with their inventions. - We have not accomplished the least for mankind. We have not solved one problem and caused scores of new ones. We knowingly misuse the term "liberated." We have not liberated anybody. On the contrary, we helped subjugate abaut 250 million more human beings than there were before. England is still the oppressor of more than 250 million subjects. Russia keeps 152 nationalities subjugated. Little Holland with a mere 8 million inhabitants rules over 65 million natives. France has not enough people to supply the administrative apparatus for her colonial empire, she builds up her "Foreign Legion" from all nations and races, (she wants to keep 700,000 German prisoners of war as fathers of the next generation!). but she wants to hold her vast colonies by force. In addition to all this the heart of Europe: Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Italy were made into slaves, the Baltic and Balkan states bolshevik. -Those are the fruifs of our intervention in World War II: calamity, destruction, chaos, hunger, misery, hate and desperation!



In contrast to all that we came out again as the only winners. We took in tremendous profits as never before since we possess this country. Today we are the richest and mightiest nation on earth. Dr. Walter A. Meier of the "Lutheran Hour" enumerates: "The past year has brought America outwardly the greatest business boom on record, with retail sales estimated at $ The nation’s total income is now two and a half times larger than before Pearl Harbor" . . "1946, despite strikes and shutdowns, has brought our people the highest wages and the largest individual incomes on record. The typical young man in our country can spend more than $350.00 annually for clothing. . . Never before have as many people been as well clothed as they are in the United States right now. Yet only a few days ago I received a pitiful letter from a mother in Europe who wrote: "We are almost naked, with only a few tattered rags to wear. We have to walk barefoot over the frozen ground."



"The Department of Agriculture in Washington has reported that this year’s crop production was the largest in history both from the standpoint of quantity and quality. We grew more wheat and com than ever before in the 170 years of our history, more by far than any other people have ever produced. . . We have so much money and so much food in this country that we spend more than $1 l0.000.000 each year to feed our dogs..."

"Since last year the number of our families has in creased by 450,000; yet through war wreckage the number of families has declined in a dozen countries where the shocking death toll has taken particularly young lives.

Besides, America has the best built and best equipped homes in history. . . During the dying year "much" was "given" to us by the advance of science. . . Place side by side with this the sorrows which have overtaken the defeated countries, their scientists and technical experts exported to Russia, France, England, and to our country. Their laboratories destroyed or removed, their schools reduced to rubble and millions of their children without teachers and instructors.



"Never before has this country experienced the rich outpouring of the sensational prosperity it enjoyed in 1946. God and men have a right to demand that the people of the United States should be the most thankful, the most trustful, the most faithful of all. . . . Yet when the records are completed it will be seen that this has been one of the most wasteful of years. Not only have mountains of potatoes been sprayed with creosote or permitted to rot; not only do we read reports like this: "Santa Monica, California. Local fishermen dumped ten tons of ~h in the bay here today . . . because canneries and dealers did not want any fish"; but the worst decay and destruction of vast quantities of stored foods and equipment held under government control will also make this year of America’s worst waste. How can we remain the most richly endowed of all countries, if we waste enough food to keep entire nations alive?"



In view of these facts can anybody deny that we are the only winners in this II. World War also? We only gained and profited. No wonder, therefore, that there are still people in our country who idolize Roosevelt, because he has proven that it pays for America, with her vast resources to wage war. He finally solved the unemployment problem at the cost of an ocean of blood and tears and unspeakable sorrow and misery of mankind. But let us not forget that the last page of history is not yet written!



All these tremendous might and power and profits were achieved at the lowest price in comparison to the appalling damage and the irreparable loss we inflicted on our "enemies." Hitherto we were in our whole history the lucky winners of all our aggressive wars against the Indians, the English, Spaniards, Mexicans, Japanese and twice against Germans. In this last gigantic struggle of nations we have lost only as many human lives as we have at home by accidents. The American Red Cross in 1945 reported officially that "99 per cent of the American prisoner of war in Germany have survived and are an their way home!"

(In contrast to this fact we have sent not 1 per cent of our German prisoners of war home, but we traded them as slaves to France and England!) Concerning the 260 billions - the cost of Roosevelt’s war - it is more than paid off through the patent secrets and art treasures and scientists stolen and kidnapped from the Germans. Thus we have only profited from all the wars we waged while at the same time we inflicted on mankind unspeakable misery and bitter disappointments.



The greatest of all sins in the presence of God and in the light of history that we as a nation have committed is making ourselves guilty of matricide, the sin against the IV. and V. Cornmandments. Europe is our physical and spiritual mother. It was with great wisdom that the "Father of the Fatherland" advised never to mingle in European affairs nor to make alliances with foreign nations. Roosevelt and his administration as previously his predecessor the Democrat Wilson, disregarded the wise advice of George Washington. That fact led Us twice into the sin of matricide. All European nations contributed to the greatness and might of our country. Therefore, we should be grateful to all of them, But most of all we should appreciate and honor that nation whose Sons’ and daughters’ blood and sweat mostly had flown for our country: the German Is it not true that in every third American’s veins flows Teutonic blood? - Now we did and do exactly the opposite. We made out of the magnificent cities of Germany heaps of ruins. We humiliate, kill, rob the defenders of Christendom and of the white race in the most merciless way by privation, starvation and rape.

Clergy of America, God’s servants of all denominations! I appeal to you! In my conscience bound to the Lord, Who is the Ruler of nations and destinies, and deep in my heart concerned about our children’s future since I See our terrible guilt of the misery of mankind, I appeal to you! World War II is not over by far! The great decision is before us! We live at the present in a breath of time, "standing by!"



We find ourselves today exactly In the same situation in which Germany was before World War 1. Germany was at that time at the zenith of her might, fame and reputation. She built the greatest and most luxurious ships of the world with which she gained the world market, because she was able to supply the best and cheapest production. In the realm of science Germany was ahead of all nations of the world. Her scientists had more Nobel-Prizes in all spheres of science than all the other nations combined. From all countries of the globe the seekers of knowledge and lovers of art came to the famous universities of the "people of poets and thinkers." The German name was as a consequence of the unique achievements of that diligent and talented nation in high esteem all over the world. But the might and greatness of Germany was at the same time envied and suspected. Due to her geographical position in the heart of Europe and as defender of the European culture she was forced to maintain a strong army to protect her open borders, and a fleet as protection of her interests on the Seven Seas. Her watchword was, WITH GOD!" and the quotation of Prince Bismarck: "We Germans fear God but nothing else in this world!" Therefore she was not only admired and envied but also feared and hated.



England, feeling that she was put back to play the second fiddle in world affairs in her unsatiable greediness worked so hard and so long until she succeeded in surrounding Germany with enemies. Europe became a powder keg, Only the spark was necessary to make her explode. The murder of the archduke Franz Ferdinand, successor to the throne of the Austria-Hungarian Empire, in Sarajevo plotted by the arrogant Serbs on order from the Pan-Slavic Russians, was that spark. The world became ablaze. The consequences are well known. Germany, overpowered by the whole world, fell from her, proud peak into poverty and misery. The infamous dictated peace of Versailles was the deepest humiliation and most vicious shame any great nation ever had to undergo. So the once glorious Germany of emperors, kings, princes, and noblemen became the prey of the fanatical Adolf Hitler von Versailles who took advantage of the misery of the people and acted as a savior of the Germans. World War II was the consequence.



We Americans are in our time in the same situation as Germany was, and in an even higher degree. We own the greatest air and sea power that ever existed in the world. We are the sole possessors of the atom bomb. We have concentrated the most and greatest scientists of the world in our land and put them to intensive research work. We are the financiers of the world, We have the best and the most food and thus by far the highest standard of living. We have the raw materials. In addition, we did not experience the appalling sufferings and sacrifices of warfare. Not one but, much less a metropolis, was bombed out. We as a nation do not know what it means to be humiliated by merciless and undisciplined victors, to be systematically robbed, starved and frozen to death. Our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters were not raped by savage beasts in human form. Our homes were not robbed and looted. - Those are all facts for which the world, our so-called friends and allies, and our so-called enemies, envy us. Furthermore in leading positions of our diplomacy, lately even for the office of the Secretary of State, a number of Army generals were appointed. The world calls that course militarism and power politics! Whatever we do from now on in feeding the starving world, they will show us no gratitude, because they know we do it in self-interest. (Millions of Germans worked for centuries to build up Eastern Europe and what thanks did they obtain? They were driven out from their thousand-year old homes!) Whatever we do from now on in our preparation to defend our country and Western Civilization, even if our intentions are only for peace and security, the world will not believe us as we did not believe the peaceful intentions of the Germans. From now on we ought to maintain the mightiest defense foroes to be ready for any eventualities.

Therefore, we will not only be envied but also feared and hated. We should, therefore, not wonder if the other powers of the world unite in a mighty coalition to destroy us as we did twice without any’ provocation with Germany. We should not deceive ourselves that we are unconquerable simply for the fact that heretofore we could take everything we wanted unpunished! We dare not disregard the teaching of history. The mighty empires of Babylon, Egypt, Persia, Greece, and Rome, once regarded as unconquerable, perished in the cycle of world history. The Bolsheviks, which we rescued at Stalingrad, which Roosevelt made so mighty, is lurking for the given moment. The "Fifth Column" works feverishly among us to undermine our national and social life!



The comparison of our present Situation in world affairs with that of Germany of prewar days goes further. Whether we like it or not, we took over the task of Germany as defender of the white race and of the Christian culture. (I wonder if Roosevelt gave some thought to this highest responsibility as he decided the "unconditional surrender" and the "Morgenthau Plan"!) The Germans have fulfilled the highest duty to mankind for over one thousand years. It is our crime that that bulwark is fallen. In blind duty and most cruel inhumanity we forced them on their knees and made them powerless. Whether we admit it or not, it is a historical fact that Germany was the greatest and sole stabilizer in the family of nations. She was the heart of Europe, and Europe as the cradle of Christian civilization is the heart of the world. Therefore it is evident that if the heart is sick the whole body must suffer. The prediction of men who knew, that if Germany goes down, the whole. world will be affected, was not propaganda. A recovery is only possible, if the heart heals regularly again.

Just watch the political and economical development in England. France and the other European countries and even in our country, to find out what a blunder our "great statesmen" made. - Now we have to shoulder the responsibility for all that for which Germany stood in all her history. It is up to us to prove whether we are mature and able in the atomic age to fulfill our duty to mankind. So far we have demonstrated our power and might merely in destruction and extermination!



I tried to depict the situation which we prominently helped to create and which the world faces. We stand before extremely grave decisions. It is up to us, whether we are equal to the task and whether we can master the situation. We never can do it alone! The LORD must help us. But as soon as we call upon GOD for help, we must acknowledge ourselves guilty as we do in the Lord’s Prayer. And that is the moment when the clergy of our country must take over the spiritual leadership of our country.



Brethren in Christ, we must preach penance and repentance! Our nation was so misled and confused by false prophets and hate-mongers that she cannot see the truth. SHOW HER THE MAP OF THE GLOBE! SHOW HER THE HYSTORICAL FACTS! As a veteran of World War 1, who has found the Lord in His saving grace on the battle fields and whose son fought as an American officer in the Far-East, I call upon you to act to save!

In The name of GOD, the Creator, in the name of JESUS CHRIST, the Redeemer, in the name of the HOLY GHOST, the Teacher and Comforter, I cry onto your conscience: "LET US OBEY GOD RATHER THAN MEN!" In these days we have heard from the mouth of one of the many German heroes of faith, how he saw his co-victims down in the yard of the concentration camp tortured and mistreated. This servant of the Lord disregarded the danger, in which he himself was, and cried down to the torturers: "It is written, Thou shalt not kill!" Today the heart of the world is a gigantic concentration camp in which millions of innocent people are systematically starved and tortured to death by the inhuman and cruel victor powers. It is the holy duty of the Christian clergy to cry into the ears of the Allied governments: "THOU SHALT NOT KILL!"


If we do not protest and demand at least as much humanitarianism and Christian morality as the great killer Himmler demonstrated, then we are also guilty of all those crimes and sins and responsible before the Throne of GOD on that Judgment Day!



March 10, almost two years after the "unconditional surrender’ of Germany the "peacemakers" assembled in Moscow to write the dictated peace for the beaten "foe". All experiences seem to indicate that the "peace-dictators" will this time commit a far greater crime than the hate and revenge-prophets of Versailles did a quarter of a century ago. They have learned nothing from the two World Wars. In their megalomania and greediness they are so blinded that they are unable to distinguish right from wrong. How else than through blindness can it be explained that these "peacemakers" wasted many weeks to "solve" the unsolved Trieste-problem, whereby there was a matter of a few square miles of land and a few thousand of population – a second Danzig – while at the same time with the expressed consent of our government millions of innocent, starving human beings were driven, in subzero weather, out of their thousand-year old homes into storm and death?

In the name of GOD Whom we serve and Who is "visiting the iniquity" of the. fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation" I cry into the conscience of the American clergy: SEE TO THAT THIS TIME THERE WILL BE A JUST PEACE!



1. If all the other nations were allowed, on the basis of Wilson’s Self-Determination of Nations, to join their motherland, the Germans should have the same right. Austria, Sudetenland, German Switzerland, Luxembourg, Elsass-Lothringen, Flanders, Holland, all of which were for more than a thousand years parts of the Holy Roman Empire of the Noble German Nation, and all of which are of Germanic blood and speak the same language, belong together. Instead the victorious powers intend to mutilate the shrunken and overpopulated German living-space and to deport millions to foreign countries, after they exterminated 30 to 40 million Germans If we Americans this time deal justly and honestly, then we are not going to permit this further terrible crime on the German nation. We have the power to prevent it, and it is our Christian duty to do so! It is our, the clergy's task to create an atmosphere of justice and decency by preaching penitence and repentance!



2. When England with her 45 million population is entitled to one-sixth of the globe and more than 550 million subjects; when Russia with her 50 million real Russians is entitled to that gigantic empire with 152 subjugated nationalities and over 250 million population; when France with her scarcely 38 million inhabitants is entitled to that vast colonial empire; when little Holland with her 8 million inhabitants is entitled to those rich islands with over 65 million natives, and that even smaller Belgium to that vast Congo territory; when we Americans are entitled to this God-blessed country of the Indians, -then the 100 million strong German people in the heart of Europe and consequently of the world, is a thousand times more entitled to a decent living space. For all the other "Christian" nations together have not accomplished for mankind what the Germans did: They are the Saviors of Christendom and of the white race!



3. The Germans do not want our charity. They want justice! For a nation with that incomparable past and with such marvelous scientific and spiritual achievements, it is an insult to see herself condemned and forced to accept charity. If we send them our gift-packages, we only partially make good our debts. Roosevelt and his helpers made war on Germany, not the reverse. Roosevelt demanded "unconditional surrender" and had not the necessary well prepared men to rule a defeated nation. Roosevelt’s flyers destroyed mercilessly those magnificent cities and that great communication System. Roosevelt’s soldiers have stolen everything that they could lay their hands on. Roosevelt's men exercise "black market" and exploit the German people to the utmost. Roosevelt’s undisciplined men treat German mothers and daughters like game. Roosevelt enforced the division of the Reich in four parts to multiply the misery of a starving nation. Roosevelt approved the diabolical "Morgenthau Plan" to kill so many Germans so as to have enough living space in a shrunken Reich. Roosevelt sold to Churchill and Stalin the idea of using millions of German men and women as slave workers and of expelling tens of millions from the East European countries. - When we, therefore, send our gift-packages abroad we make up only a minimum of our Christian duty, making good in a small part what our leaders sinned in the last years. At the same time we do good business in the good old American way "Sell, but do not buy!" We send our gift packages out of the surplus of our abundant production, paying with good American dollars for them. The shipping costs alone bring in millions for our Postmaster General. Therefore, we have not the slightest reason or right to consider ourselves a special humanitarian nation. We raised hundreds of billions of dollars to kill and to destroy, but we are not able to raise hundreds of millions to heal and to feed!



A real peace is only possible FROM the German people or WITH the German people. The first case will occur if we proceed with our hate and revenge plan of Morgenthau-Roosevelt and Generals Eisenhower and Lucius Clay, namely systematically starving and torturing that great nation to death, which we, at the present, in a satanic way successfully do. Then we will have peace FROM them. In this case I warn the powers elated with victory from their devilish crime! If only a few thousand Germans survive from this mass-murder, they will take revenge for the annihilation of their great nation in the most terrible way! Those giants of science who discovered the tuberculosis-, typhus-. cholera-, diphtheria germs and found the remedy for those plagues of mankind; those thinkers who cracked the atom and discovered the X-rays; those experts who made butter out of coal and constructed the most sensitive instruments of the world; those inventors, of which "HARPER MAGAZINE" reports that our government has confiscated and brought over hundreds of tons of secret patents and that our scientists and experts stand amazed like children before those miracles; - those men whom need and misery made inventive, will create an "Ersatz-bomb" in the shortest time. For what Roosevelt had spent two billion dollars and manufactured in giant plants by thousands of scientists and experts from all over the world, a handful of Germans will accomplish. Or just think of the vast possibilities in the field of germ-warfare! Woe then to their present torturers and murderer’s and rapers when the surviving Germans are forced to resort to acts of desperation! As their cruelties during the Second World War can be explained and understood only as retaliations for the superhuman sufferings after the first World War under the humiliating Versailles dictate so the retaliations (or the unspeakable sufferings after this national catastrophe will be unimaginable, when the "Furor Teutonicus" acts in desperation. Therefore, kill them all to the last man woman and child in order to have peace FROM them. If we let survive as many Germans as we did Indians, it will be too dangerous for the Germans are not Indians!



The second possibility is a peace WITH the Germans. That ran be achieved only with honor, if the victorious powers return to the Germans all the stolen lands, treasures and spiritual goods, if they rebuild the destroyed cities and factories and let them create the UNITED STATES OF EUROPE! Such a peace would be just and worthy of the promises of the "Atlantic Charter and the ideals of the best American patriots who had warned the nation from provoking this war, and its consequences. Such a peace would give Europe under German leadership a living possibility and we would have a bulwark again in the mother of our Christian civilization against the Asiatic Bolsheviks. We Americans would thereby lose nothing. but again only gain, for we could enjoy in peace our immense. riches and lead our land and people to true Christian culture.



All these historical, geographical, ethnographic economical and moral facts should be known to every educated theologian. If he knows them, then he dare not be silent. If he is silent, then he is either a coward or servile to the state. As such he is not a minister of the just and holy GOD, and no good patriot either. For only he who stands on the side of truth and justice, is in alliance with GOD. We are in duty bound to enlighten our nation, to bring her the truth, so that she may perceive how she was belied and misled, in order to repent her sins ere it is too late! Patriotism built on lie and deceit, selfishness and greediness at other people’s costs, cannot abide and leads inevitably to crime! We need more men of God like Bishop Muench and Dr. W. A. Meier, who unmask all the war- and post-war criminals. We need more political leaders like senators Taft and Wheeler, and Col. R. R. McCormick and Col. C. A. Lindbergh who are able to think justly and therefore know that we are not all angels and the others all devils. We need more military leaders like Gen. McArthur and Gen. Mark Clark who are brave soldiers but not oppressors and mass-murderers!



Clergy of America! TELL OUR PEOPLE, that it is not true that Germany is the most warring nation. The historical fact is that she is the most peace loving of all the great nations because she waged the least number of wars.

TELL OUR PEOPLE that our propagandists are the greatest misleaders and thus the greatest hate-mongers, for they claimed contrary to their better knowledge, in thousands of radio speeches and articles, that the Germans are the most "war-loving" nation and that they started the two World Wars. Here are historical facts: "Prof. Pitirim Sorokin in Vol. III, Part II of his "SOCIAL AND CULTURAL DYNAMICS", shows that from the 12th century to 1925 the percentage of years in which leading European powers have been at war is as follows: (p. 352)

Country Percentage of years at war:

Spain 67
Poland 58
England 56
France 50
Russia 46
Holland 44
Italy        36
Germany 28

TELL OUR PEOPLE, that they were belied and misled by the satanic propaganda that the Germans are aggressors. A look at the map shows the real aggressor nations. The formerly 100 million German people in the heart of Europe live in a land which is not quite as large as Texas with her 3 million inhabitants! Had the Germans been aggressors they, too, would have an empire such as England, France, Russia, little Holland and as we Americans have!

TELL OUR PEOPLE the scientific findings in Professor Quincy Wright’s "A STUDY OF WAR" wherein it is shown that in the period from 1480 to 1940 there were 278 wars involving European powers. whose percentage participation was as follows: (Vol. 1. p. 221.)

England 28 Poland 11
France 26 Sweden 9
Spain 23 Italy        9
Russia 22 Netherlands 8
Austria 19 Germany (incl. Prussia) 8
Turkey 15 Denmark 7

TELL OUR PEOPLE it is a he that Germany attacked her arch-enemy, France, three times in one century. Louis XIV attacked Germany in the midst of peace and took Elsass-Lothringen. Napoleon Bonaparte conquered all of Germany and drove on to Moscow. In 1870, 1914 and 1939, it was France which declared war on Germany!

TELL OUR PEOPLE, that the cruelties committed by the Nazis in World War II were only retaliations for Wilson’s deceit and for the outrageous Versailles dictate, the hunger blockade, the robbing of the colonies, the reparations, the humiliation of a great nation, etc. What would we have done if we would have been treated as Germany was treated by an envious and ungrateful world?

TELL OUR PEOPLE for truths sake, that we Americans, in comparison with the Germans are a more "war-loving" and more "cruel" nation. It is a historical fact that we in our short national history waged comparatively more wars than the Germans did in their 2000 years history. We conquered this great and blessed country from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada (a territory about 20 times the size of Germany!), took everything we wanted unpunished and exterminated the aboriginal inhabitants by starvation, whisky, and disease.

TELL OUR PEOPLE, that the Germans never had any intention of conquering the world, as confirmed by General G. C. Marshall and the Nuremberg lynch trial!

TELL OUR PLOPLE, that the Germans wanted to create a United States of Europe as our Lincoln preserved our Union in the bloody Civil War, and as Churchill wants it done now after he prominently helped to ruin and kill Mother Europe!

TELL OUR PEOPLE, the Germans never interfered in our affairs as we waged aggressive wars against the Indians, Spain, Mexico etc. and took everything we wanted

TELL OUR PEOPLE, that the Germans never were our enemies but our friends and benefactors in our whole national history; that we could not be the world’s greatest and richest nation without German blood and sweat; that there is German blood flowing in the veins of every third American!

TELL OUR PEOPLE, that the Germans never wanted war with Us, but it was we who set out twice to destroy them because our leaders feared that German ingenuity and diligence would conquer the world in a peaceful way’.

TELL OUR PEOPLE, that we were lied into this war through Roosevelt’s ,smart way" over Japan, not on ideological grounds but out of greediness and power politics, just as we are now stirred up against Russia not because of Communism, but because of the oil fields in Iraq and Iran, and the great might of the Russians!

TELL OUR PEOPLE, what Oliver Lyttlet,on British Minister of Production, told the Chamber of Commerce of America June 20, 1944, as reported by the United Press: "Japan was provoked into attacking the United States at Pearl Harbor. It is a travesty on history ever to say that America was forced into the war." And how did our propagandists, led by President Roosevelt, misuse the "sneak attack" story and thus stirred hatred against Japan:

TELL OUR PEOPLE, what cruelties our troops committed against the heart of the world. how our flyers destroyed everything mercilessly, killed millions of civilians, how enlisted men and officers have stolen and raped, how our government set up a systematic starving campaign, how millions of innocent Germans were driven from their centuries old homes into death by freezing and starving!

TELL OUR PEOPLE, that before God and history, the had of responsibility for the chaotic conditions and the indescribable misery all over the world rests on our conscience: because we played havoc with prehistoric brutality and saved Bolshevism making it a world menace. Without our intervention there would have been peace and order in Europe and the world long ago!

TELL OUR PEOPLE, how hypocritical and selfish we act forbidding non-Americans through the "Monroe Doctrine" to intervene in the affairs of the Western Hemisphere, while we because of our power mix into the affairs of all the other nations and continents!

TELL OUR PEOPLE, that after we have destroyed the bulwark of Christianity and of the white race, the great stabilizer in world affairs, the biggest educated and most cultured nation on earth, after we have pierced the heart of Europe – now we have to shoulder the great responsibilities for all that, for which Germany stood in all her glorious history in the last thousand years. We have to become a militaristic nation to be enabled to defend the most precious treasures of mankind: Christian culture and civilization!

This time we cannot act according to our old motto: "Sell, but don't buy!", or "Just take what you want, unpunished!" This time we cannot go back into the safety of isolationism after we created the chaotic conditions of the world. This time we have to face the facts and take the consequences of our deeds as grown-up people!

TELL OUR PEPLE, why our leaders can afford to treat the "unconditionally surrendered" foe in the most inhuman and cruel way: because according to Mr. Edgar Hoover, Chief of the F.B.I., the total of American criminals "is ten times greater than the number of students in our colleges and universities"; because "for every school teacher in America there are more than seven criminals" because "we have become the most crime-ridden of all civilized nations." "The year 1946 alone has brought America 46,000 more drinking places so that now we have more than two taverns for every church." - With such a background it is understandable that our leaders kill the Germans by millions through starvation, deportation, and freezing to death! We have no Niemöllers and von Faulhabers, no Bishop Dibelius and Lilje, to protest against the atrocities of the leaders and to take the consequences. We have no moral background to stop the "greatest crime of the age!"

TELL OUR PEOPLE, why the leaders of the Allies are not able to make peace after two years of "victory." Because the God-less men want to make a "man-made-God out of peace. They want to build a new age without the Lord. They are laying the groundwork not for the four Freedoms but for the Four Horsemen of St. John’s Revelation Invasion, War, Famine, Death. The great scientist, Dr. Louis Ridenour, professor of physics at the University of Pennsylvania, cries out: "Religious leaders can do more for control of atomic energy than any other agency." Yet there are more than half of our people without the Lord Jesus in America!

TELL OUR PEOPLE, why our leaders insist an keeping the unholy Alliance of the Big Four for 40 years. Because they are afraid of the fruits of their terrible crimes. They know, that the Germans must be Angels and Saints to forget and to forgive all the injustices, atrocities and cruelties which they have suffered, twice in a generation, without any provocation, from the hands of the Allies. Just imagine what would we as Americans do if we would have been treated as we treat the Germans! Our cruelties would have no limits in revenging our sufferings!

TELL OUR PEOPLE, that a just and lasting peace under divine blessings is only possible if we make good what we sinned; if we give the "Have-not-nations" living space and living possibilities which we have in abundance! Germany's population is half as large as our own. These 70 million Germans are being crammed into a territory no larger than Michigan, Indiana and Ohio, i e. 133,000 square miles. Imagine trying to force half the people of the United States into these three states with their cities, factories, railways, and other production facilities demolished! Can you see the magnitude of the crime our government support?

TELL OUR PEOPLE, that after June 1941 it was clear to the world that the war in Europe had become a struggle for survival between Hitler and Stalin. By our entry into the war we assured a "victory" for Stalin. As a result of that victory communism has spread by leaps and bounds, and is now growing at our gate. Being a violent and warlike people, we will eventually decide to combat the menace in another orgy of killing and destruction. But, another war spreads more misery and poverty, the very things on which communism feeds and thrives. Thus we will find that we are fighting a phantom. The more we kill and destroy, the faster it will spread! The faster we have to meet our destiny!

TELL OUR PEOPLE, that those Prussian Junkers by our propagandists most besmeared and discredited were the most noble gentlemen an earth. They were the descendants of the "Teutonic Knights", a religious order founded in Jerusalem in the 12th century. They were the real Christian Crusaders who took the Holy Land from the Mohammedans and safeguarded Christians on their pilgrimage to Palestine. After the Mohammedans reconquered the Holy Land, the Pope sent those knights to Transylvania where they built mighty fortifications against the pagan Asiatic hordes, the Mongols, Kumans, Petschenegs, Tartars etc. Pope Coelestius III. called the knights "The Bul wark of Christianity." From there the Pope sent them to the Baltic Sea as a Christian order of missionaries. There they built the mighty tnonestary-castle "Marienburg", dedicated to their patroness Mary mother of our Lord. They colonized and cultivated that part of Europe later known as East Prussia. During the Reformation they became Lutherans and were traditionally the most pious and faithful Christians with their daily "House Altar" in their castles or mansions, the head of the family acting as pastor. The old Christian spirit and zeal of the crusaders was inherited from generation to generation. The "Junkers" i e. knights never were rich in earthly goods like English lords or American industrialists. The size of their farmland was seldom more than that of an average farmer in the Middle West of America. But they were rich on century old tradition, culture, and religious zeal as safeguards and bulwark of Christianity and the white race. This noble nation was exterminated with the consent and help of our leaders, East Prussia divided between Russia and Poland, Königsberg, the birth- and working place of Immanuel Kant, the greatest Christian philosopher, was renamed Kaliningrad after the God-less Bolshevik leader. How can we Americans take the responsibility before God and history for this most terrible crime? Will we ever be willing and able to render for mankind what those noble Junkers accomplished through the centuries? West Paint was founded by one of those Prussian Junkers, a general of Frederick the Great, Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steub.~ the savior of George Washington’s cause in the Revolutionary War!

TELL OUR PEOPLE in connection with the above, what Anne O'Hare McCormick in the New York Times Nov. 13, 1946, writes: "If the Allied had imagined how heavily the wandering mass of helpless people would beat upon themselves, they couldn’t have assumed so casually the moral and historical responsibility for the most inhuman decision ever made by governments dedicated to the defense of human rights." And what Dr. Alex Boeker, secretary on "Human Events" states: "Nowhere has the 'conspiracy of silence' been more effective than in the matter of mass expulsions now being practiced in Eastern Europe. Although the very existence of some 20 million human beings is at stake, and although the whole peace structure in Europe is being systematically threatened and undermined, no comprehensive account of these monstrous undertakings has yet appeared in the American press, nor has any Cabinet officer, diplomat, or Member of Congress drawn attention of the American people to what is going ", Just remember, what did our press and our hate mongers do with the case of Lidice! There were 200 men executed for the murder of a governor, here 20 million human beings are systematically killed, and our press and propagandists are silent! Isn't that the greatest hypocrisy? Isn’t that "double standard"? Isn’t that the greatest sin of omission and the greatest crime of the age?!

TELL OUR PEOPLE, that even the savage Bolshevik and the cruel English, who really suffered under the mighty power of the Nazis, are by far not so brutal in their treatment of the defeated foe as the policy of our American government is although the Germans had not inflicted the slightest damage on our country. The Russians and the English had no Roosevelt-Morgenthau-Eisenhower Plan, their generals did not talk and act like our Eisenhower of German origin and his successors McNary and Lucius Clay, nor did their justices act like our "illustrious" Jackson and Biddle in Nürnberg!

TELL OUR PEOPLE what the most famous American historian, Professor Harry E. Barnes, says: "President Truman has well said that constructive public acts must be based on truth. It is too had somebody could not have whispered a little truth into his ear before he left for Potsdam. There is little prospect that a structure erected wholly on lies in 1945 will endure any hetter than the one that was wholly based on lies in 1919!"

TELL OUR PEOPLE to study "PEARL HARBORY, THE STORY OF THE SECRET WAR" by George Morgenstern; "HISTORY’S MOST TERRIFYING PEACE" by Prof. Austin J. App Ph.D.; "GRUESOME HARVEST’ by Ralph F. Keeling. of the "Institute of American Economics" in Chicago, and "THE PLANNED FAMINE" by A. 0. Tittmann, P. 0. B. 136, Middlebury, Vt., in order to learn the truth about the chaotic conditions which our leaders brought deliberately over mankind!

Tell our people to read "THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE". one of the few newspapers of our country which has the courage and dignity to stand up for truth and justice. It would sell itself neither to England nor to Wall Street nor to the Reds. It represents the true Americanism in the sense of WASHINGTON and LINCOLN, not in the distorted farm of the New Dealism of the Raosevelt and Truman administrations.

TELL OUR AMERICAN CHILDREN that their fathers and grandfathers were lied into the two World Wars by our leaders to destroy the German race. Tell them that the Germans are not Huns, as they were taught by same conscienceless teachers, but that they saved the white race and Christianity from the Huns, Avares, Kumanes, Petsheneges, Tartars, Mongols, and Mohammedans in century long defensive wars while the other West European nations set out to conquer far away countries and thus build their world empires under the protection of the Germans. Therefore, our children should not hate the Germans as their fathers and grandfathers were taught to do in their military training but they should lave, honor, esteem, and thank them for their great rescue work of Christendom.

TELL OUR AMERICAN CHILDREN, that because we destroyed Germany, the bulwark of Christian civilization, we have to take over the great responsibilities which the Germans so faithfully and effectively fulfilled through the centuries. In order to be enabled to accomplish this difficult task we must become militaristic, i e., we must have a strong army, a powerful navy and air-corps, and a compulsory military training program.

When you have preached and taught all these historical, economic and moral facts honestly and truthfully, then ask yourself. ask our people: Who committed "the greatest crime of this age"? Ask, if we can justify ourselves: "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her!"

Clergy of America! In the name of God I beg you do your duty as ambassadors of Christ! In His name I beg you’ have the courage to fight with the weapon of the spirit and the truth against the post-war criminals as our brother Niemoeller, the Apostle Paul of our time, and many thousand Germans with him fought against the war criminals: Allied with God we are always in the majority! Help to awaken our nation to moral responsibility! Cry it out into our land: "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her!"



Christians of America! Take it to your heart: America and the world needs the German nation That people is the mother of all the Teutonic nations, of the Dutch, Swiss, English. Danish, Norwegians, Swedes, and to a very large extend the mother of our American nation! We need the people of Charles the Great, Otto the Great, Frederick the Great! We need the people of Thomas von Kempten. Meister Eckehard, Johann Tauler, Martin Luther, Paul Gerhard, Count von Zinzendorf, August Hermann Franke, Melchiar Mühlenberg. Father von Bodelschwingh! – We need the people of Albrecht Dürer, Hans Holbein, Frederick Kaulbach, Fritz von Ude, Paul Richter! - We need the people of Kloppstock, Leasing, Goethe, Schiller, Uhland, Reuter, Gerhard Hauptmann, Thomas Mann! We need the people of Immanuel Kant, Schelling, Schlegel, Hegel, Fichte, Schopenhauer, Nitzsche, Troeltsch, Windelband, Wundt! We need the people of Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart, Schubert, Schumann, Von Weber, Wagner! - We need the people of Paracelsus, Copernicus, Robert Koch, Wilhelm Röntgen, Friedrich Landsteiner, Sauerbruch! - We need the people of Johannes Gutenberg, Friedrich von Krupp-Bohlen, Siemens, Zeiss, Diesel, Count von Zeppelin, Hugo Eckener!

We need the people of the 'poets and thinkers' and inventors as the teachers of the nations and the bearers of true Christian culture! - We need them as the only bulwark of Christendom against barbarism and bolshevism!



Clergy of America! The responsibility before God and the history of mankind rests with us!. With what determination our misled people had worked during the war to create ,the most terrible murder weapons, may they work with a thousandfold greater determination for a lasting peace built on truth and justice for all, not on lie, hatred, revenge, and greed. That peace treaty our Lord, the Prince of Peace, will sign with His precious blood shed for us all. A dictated peace He will never sign because it is devil’s work!

Clergy of America awake!
Clergy of America, awaken our nation!
Christians of America, act!


Good Friday, 1947



Chicago, Ill., July 22 - That is the question of W. S. in the Sunday Tribune June 29. May I give him the answer? Yes, Mr. W. S., we ought to help mother Europe every time our democratic leaders lie us into a new war and we, consequently, bring misery and starvation, devastation and chaos into the world! That is exactly what we did in the two World Wars Wilson, the "great idealist" lied us into World War I with the battle cry:

"We ought to make the world safe for democracy!" The consequences of our victory were, that almost every European. state became a dictatorship! - Roosevelt, the "great humanitarian" lied us into World War II, the "smart way" via Japan and Pearl Harbor with the catchword: "We ought to destroy, Fascism and Nazism!" The consequences of this war are starvation and enslavement of about 250 million people and the creation of the monster "Asiatic Bolshevism."

We expect from the outsiders the respect our "Monroe Doctrine" i. e. not to interfere into the affairs of the Western Hemisphere. At the same time we take the liberty to provoke and mingle at every occasion into the affairs of other countries and continents. Is that fair and honest? Is it worthy of a great "Christian" nation? If it is right for us to say "America for the Americans" then by the same token the others have the right to say "Europe for the Europeans" and "Asia for the Asiatics." But what did we under the democratic leadership do? We set out twice to destroy Germany which struggled to create a self-supporting United States of Europe as our great Lincoln held the USA together in the four year bloody Civil War. - According to our great expert and really Christian and humanitarian statesman. Herbert Hoover, Germany is the heart of Europe. And Europe, as the mother of Christian civilization and of the white race, is the heart of the world. Now, if the heart is sick, the whole body suffers. Therefore we cannot expect a recovery of the world-body until the heart beats regularly again. We were the ones who pierced that heart. Consequently it is our moral obligation and duty to heal it. Is that not logical enough Mr. WS.?

Roosevelt demanded "unconditional surrender."

This terrible term, born of a cruel heart, can be defined in two ways: the old barbaric one according to which the conqueror has the power to kill, destroy, lot, rape, enslave, starve, exterminate; and the Christian definition, to be as a victor magnanimous and kind to the beaten foe, to win him as a friend. Our democratic administration accepted the Roosevelt-Morgenthau plan which calls for the first conception in the most cruel and sadistic form.

Now, if we want to be just the shadow of a "Christian" nation then it is our duty before God and history to provide our ,unconditionally surrendered" enemies, after we destroyed and looted everything and thus made them unable to take care of themselves, with all the necessities of life until such time as they will be enabled to take over. The responsibility for the misery and chaos in the world today is ours because we decided both World Wars on the wrong side and thus destroyed the only great stabilizer and bulwark of civilization. It is high time that we see the consequences of our deeds and fall on our knees be searching the merciful Lord for forgiveness of our sins against mankind. It is high time for us to get rid of our hatemongers and hypocrites and repent, ere it is too late!

Dr. L.A.F.
A Christian historian.


Chicago, Ill., April 26. In the April 19 issue of THE TRIBUNE. I read the condemnation of the Sudeten Germans as Benedict Arnolds. I waited till today hoping that a Sudeten would reject the falsifications of R. K. in a suitable manner. Since this has not happened here are the historical facts:

The Sudetens are the descendants of the old Teutonic tribe of the Markomans who have inhabited the hills and valleys of Bohemia and Moravia since the dawn of history. Their number have been increased by Charles the Great, first Kaiser of the "Holy Roman Empire of the Noble German Nation, when he founded the "Ostmark’ for protection of Christianity and the white race against the heathen Slavs and the wild Asiatics. These East Germans have been of great blessing for humanity and Christianity. The fact that the Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Kroats and Slovenes are now culturally Europeans is the great merit of the Germans. As Slavs, these people should logically be Greek-Orthodox and Asiatics as the Russians. The world can thank the Germans, who converted them to Western Christianity, that they are Roman Catholics while the Russians were Christianized by Byzanz (Constantinople). Everything European from the Adriatic to the Arctic, is German culture work of a thousand years. Archbishop Adalbert von Bremen was the great missionary of the Poles and the Baltic peoples, while the archdiocese of Breslau, Vienna, and Salzburg have converted the Czechs, Slovaks, Kroats, and Magyars to Christianity. East of this line the peoples are Greek-Orthodox: Greeks, Bulgars, Serbs, Ukrainians, and Russians. Bohemia and Moravia, the present Czechoslovakia, were part of the Holy Roman Empire for centuries.

Prague was once the capitol of this empire and here the first German university was founded in the 13th century, i e. before Vienna and Heidelberg. The beautiful cities, Prague, Brünn, Pilsen, Eger, Karlsbad, Marienbad, Johannesthal etc. were all built by Germans just as were Pressburg (Bratislava)1 Ofenpest (Budapest) up to the north Riga, Dorpat Kronstadt, St. Petersburg (Leningrad) German art and culture were planted in the East while the Anglo-Saxons and French set out to build their world empires. America received great blessings from the Sudetens. That great religious organization of the "Brethren" was originated in Moravia. The pious German count von Zinzendorf. a close friend of Wm. Penn, organized and transplanted them to Pennsylvania. Today we find the Brethren congregations all over America as a most diligent God-fearing, and faithful people!

As the result of the Napoleonic Wars the Austria- -Hungarian Empire was founded and Bohemia and Moravia were the integral part of the Danube monarchy. The crown princess murdered in Sarajevo was a Czech countess. The Vienna government was so tolerant to the 17 nationalities (a kind of United States) that each of them could develop her own characteristics. It was a sinful and ignorant idea of Wilson's to break down and destroy this economic unity and to form a Czechoslovakia of 8 different nationalities (Germans, Hungarians, Czechs, Slovaks, Poles, Ruthenians, Jews) through the swindle of the "Self-determination of nations." Wilson’s brother-in- law, Prof. Thomas Massarik, became the first president of this newly created state. The Slavs were the only ones that benefited under Wilson’s scheme (of the double standard) because it was forbidden to apply it to the Germans and Hungarians. That is how Czechoslovakia was founded and the murderous Serbs, the tool of the Russian Pan-Slavism, received a land double the original size. Had the Versailles criminals applied the "Self-determination" to all the nations, then Austria, Sudetenland, Tyrol, Elsass-Lothringen, Danzig etc. would all have joined the German motherland, Hitler would never have come to power and there would have been no cause for World War II and the present murdering of millions through deportation and starvation.

When the products of Czechoslovakia were praised and bought here between the two World Wars, few Americans knew, that these wares were made by Sudeten’s. The world famous German ability, skill, and diligence created the best glassware and textiles as well as the best Pilsen beer. The Czechs are not capable of such things. Therefore, they kept thousands of technicians and skilled laborers as their instructors in slave camps, while their wives and children were deported in open cattle cars at sub-zero weather, having left behind all their possessions, into the devastated and over-populated Reich. For this terrible act of barbarism the Czechs have the excuse that Roosevelt in Quebec "had used strong pressure to obtain Mr. Churchill's acceptance of the Morgenthau Plan which called for forced German labor outside Germany and »transfer to Germany of German populations, or elements thereof, remaining in Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary, will have to be undertaken«."

As Slavs, the Czechs continually sided with the Pan-Slavic mother Russia and thereby betrayed the monarchy again and again. The most vicious act of treason was committed during World War I when whole divisions deserted to the Russians with flying banners. During and after the Bolsheviki Revolution they founded, under the name of "Tscheka"’ the most terrorist groups in Russia. For all these treasons they were not expelled from their land. Therefore, if R.K. condemns the Sudetens as Benedict Arnolds, this condemnation is only for the Czechs, because for the three and half million Sudetens that land is historically, economically, and morally their rightful homeland. A just comparison R. K.’s with our American situation would only be if he would say: "What would be the feeling of the American Indians, if we would expel them from the homeland of their forefathers?"

The expulsion of millions of East Germans from their thousand year old homeland is and will remain "the greatest crime of our age" as Bishop Muench from North Dakota designated it. The worst part of this is however, that our American Wilson and Roosevelt policy of intervention in European affairs, in contrast to George Washington’s advice, made this chaos and misery possible. The fate of those millions rest: heavily on our conscience!

Dr. L. A. F
A Christian Historian.




The sins of omission of the German-Americans have caused unspeakable misery and sorrow for all humanity. The recovery of the dangerously iii world, the vindication of honor of the Germans and the reconstruction of the homeland is only possible, if all Americans of German origin demand justice and rehabilitation; and in order to attain this goal, they must bring real sacrifices in untiringly fulfilling their duty.




We have assembled here today in order to celebrate the German Christmas. Through this we make known, that we are members of the German race and of the Christian faith The celebration of this holy Christian feast really belongs in the church and in the home . In the house of God because our: Savior, whose birthday is the master of the church. In the home, because the family is especially aware on this day that each of its baptized members is a child of God, acquired and won, bought and redeemed from sin by the Savior of the immortal souls. While we celebrate Christmas here, we wish to make known that we, as humans of the same race and religion, belong together.

Therefore, permit me to refer to the history of the past and of the present in order to draw a few pictures of the origin and growth of Christianity in the German soul, and. the consequences thereof for humanity.



In the north of Europe; the cradle of the white race, there lived about 3,000 years ago a mighty people. They were giant-like, blond and with sky-blue eyes. The women were adorned with long wavy hair, and the full beard gave dignity to the men. They called themselves the sons and daughters of Odin or Wotan. They were divided into many tribes such as Goths, Saxons, Franks, Friesians, Angles, Allemanns, Marcomanns, Kimberns, Teutons, Lombards, Bavarians, Swabians, Herzynes, Salians, etc. They lived as free people under dukes, who were leading characters, elected by the people, and who marched at the head of the armies; or princes, i.e. the first among equals. Today we would call them tribal chieftains. All these Teutonic tribes had in common their blood, their language in different dialects, their runic writing; but above all, their belief in their deities, which we call today the German Mythology.



The gods of the Teutons were the embodiment of the powers of nature. The father of the gods and goddesses was Wotan or Odin; the mother was Frya or Frika. The god of thunder was Donner or Thor with the hammer. The god of light was Baldur, and the one of darkness was Locki, The rivers and streams were inhabited by nymphs: the forests by fairies and elves. The air was filled with the sound of the flying Walkyre, the messengers of Wotan, who carried the fallen heroes to Valhalla, the heaven of the ancestors. The manifold phenomena and powers of nature were personified in a most intimate manner in the minds of those children of nature. It is no wonder that the Germans invented the most beautiful fairy tales for humanity from this source of primeval beliefs of the ancients. The reverence of the gods can be clearly verified in the naming of the days of the week after gods and goddesses, and is, up to our times, common to all Germanic peoples.



The two most prominent feast days of the Germanic tribes were the summer-solstice and the winter-solstice, or Yule feast, on June 21st and December 21st. Our ancestors unfolded the abundance of their spiritual life and that of their soul during these days, which were preceded by great preparations. It meant devotion and reverence toward their gods. The Yule feast was especially richly celebrated. A noble white horse was sacrificed by the priests on a giant pyre, around which the enthused people, in festive attire, performed the ancient round-dance accompanied by song. The youths had worked for weeks to make those large wheels and during this, the longest night of the year, these wheels were ignited and rolled down from the high mountains into the valleys while the multitude enthusiastically jubilated. Afterwards bears, elks, bison, deer and does furnished the festive roasts and meet brewed of the finest barley and sweetened with honey flowed freely. Thus, our forefathers celebrated the victory of their most beloved god Baldur, the radiant master of light, of the sun and of warmth over the powers of darkness, of night and of cold. That was the Yule celebration of the ancient Germans!



And now a second picture out of our history. In the far off East there has risen a new star in radiant splendor. The three Wise Men of the Orient follow its majestic path across the sky and find in the manger at Bethiebem the newly born little Christ-child. "When the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth His Son, made of a woman..."

"What the fathers most desired,
What the prophets’ heart inspired,
What they longed for many a year,
Stands fulfillcd in glory here."

Behind the manger of Bethlehem, with the radiantly shining Star, rises into the deep darkness of the sky the Cross of Golgatha. The horrified multitude at Calvary hears among thunder and lightning the last words frorn the Cross: "lt is finished"

The Lamb of God has carried to the Cross the sins of the world, your and my guilt, He has become Himself accursed in order that we shall be saved. The Savior of sinners has fulfilled the great work of redemption from distress and misery of sin through His obedience until death upon the Cross! Great silence envelopes Golgatha for moments. The terrified multitude of the blood-thirsty is paralyzed by the testimonial of the elements of nature. Into the stillness of night sounds a second voice from beneath the Cross: "Truly this man was the Son of God!"

lt is the testimony of the captain of the execution guard. The pious legend relates that this man was the first con vert under the Cross. Sighardus was captain in the Roman army and of German blood. He, deeply moved by the wondrous happenings, uncovered his blond head and held his helmet reverently under the wounds of Jesus so that not a drop of blood should be lost. Furthermore the legend tells us, that by God’s miracle, that helmet became the HoIy Grail, which Wolfram von Eschenbach has sung in the twelfth century and which RichardWagner centuries later, glorified in musical perfection in his "Parzival". Indeed, Manger and Cross, Christmas and Good Friday belong together as God’s merciful deed of redemption.



From the open Grave, Christianity took its triumphal procession to the Occident. The Goths submitted first to the Prince of Life Wulfilas Silverbible gives testimony of this in the Gothic language at Upsalla. Next, Winfried Bonifacius felled the Donnar-Oak in Thuringia. The bright light of the joyous message of the sin-forgiving-love of the World-Savior shone deep into the German primeval forest. The dukes and princes with their tribes came in multitudes to be baptized. The light-seeking Germans found in Christ their Sun of Grace! Only the tribe of the Saxons under their Duke Wiedukind was forced by Charles, King of the Franks, in hard battles to accept the Cross. With this there began for Europe and for the world a new era.

At Christmas, 800 A.D. the Pope in Rome crowned Charles Emperor and gave to his country the title: The Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation. No other people on earth has ever had such a glorious name, for no other people ever had such a bigh mission to fulfill as the German people. The history of Christianity knows only one Holy Land where Our Lord was born, had lived, was active, suffered, died and arose from the dead, thereby fulfilling the Salvation of all humanity; and one Holy Empire, which was called upon to protect and safeguard Christianity and the white race. For 1,000 years there were in Christianity only two authoritative powers, the ecclisiastic powar culminating in the Pope in Rom, and the secular power of the Holy Roman Empire of the Noble German Nation culminating in the in the Kaiser who stood with drawn sword on guard for the bigbest treasures of humanity. What we call today European culture and civilization could come to its biggest perfection only under the protection of the German Empire. The German Empire was for 1,000 years the bulwark against the Asiatics. German blood flowed in streams through the centuries in order to ward off the danger from the East. After the annihilation of the Huns under their king Attila, the Avares and Magyari stormed against that bulwark at the turning of the millenium. They were retarded and conquered by Charlemagne and Otto the Great on German soil. The on-rushing assault of the Mongols under Genghis Khan was broken at Liegnitz in Selisia and the danger of the Mohammedan Turks was banned after 300 years of bloody and bitter fighting.

The EngIish and the French through all the centuries did nothing whatsoever to ward off the great danger of annihilation by the Asiatics. They only pocketed the trophies of the bleeding Germans and under their protection set out to the far off West, here, to the land of the Indians and went into all continents for conquest. No people other than the Germans have brought such gigantic sacrifices in life and property for the salvation, preservation and advancement of European culture and for the spreading of the Christian Faith.

The imperial splendor of the great Houses of the Karolinger and the Ottonen, of the Hohenstaufen and Habsburger has not been equalled in world history. And the unity of Europe has never again been so consolidated as at the time the Holy Roman Empire was bordered by the Atlantic Ocean in the west, by the North Sea and the Baltic in the north and by the Adriatic in the south, while the Sudeten- and Carpathian-Mountains formed the frontier toward the east. That was the First Reich which, after its inner weakening through religious strife and shattering through the French policy of the Strong Hand, was partitioned into powerless small principalities and Napoleon Boneparte forced his father-in-law, the last Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire of the Noble German Nation, Franz von Habsburg, to lay clown the German Imperial Crown and accept the ,dignity of Emperor of Austria-Hungary. This happened in the year 1806. Therefore, the First Reich lasted a full millennium, from the time of the coronation of the first of the German Emperors, Charlemagne, in Rome in 800 A.D. for the glory of Christianity, of the white race and of all humanity.



I would like to paint a third picture before your mind. When the light of the Gospel penetrated the twilight of the German virgin forests, the winter-solstice gave place to a new epoch Christian era, While in the Orient the sixth of January, Epiphany, is to this day celebrated as the Feast of the Adoration of the Wise Men, on German soil the birthday of the Lord was determined to be on the 25th of December; close to the winter-solstice. The flaming pyre with the burning victim of Baldur became the luminous Christmas tree. The burning fire-wheels which, rolling down the slopes and lighting up the dark night turned into the advent wreath. The roaring nocturnal songs and the round-dance in honor of the gods turned into the sweet, melodious Christmas carols beneath the radiant Christmas tree for adoration of the Christ Child in the manger at Bethlehem. The entire intellectual, spiritual and inner life of the Germans brought forth new and unsuspected blossoms of beauty beneath the warm glory of the Sun of Mercy, Jesus!



Everything became new, internally as well as externally. The scriptural word: "If any man be in Christ he is a new creature; old things are passed away; behold, all things are become." II. Cor. 5, 17. verified itself in a wondrous manner in Germany. First externally. The forests were made arable, the swamps were drained. The wandering roaming tribes settled down. Villages and cities came into being in which diligent bands worked eagerly and the inventive mind showed itself in practice. Splendid cloisters with exemplary agriculture and stock farming adorned the virgin land. It seemed as though every mountain in the German lands had been created by God the Lord for the purpose of carrying a proud castle with a private chapel in it. Just as the German script accepted the pointed curve in contrast to the Latin form prevalent at that time, the German mind and the German soul invented the Gothic style with the pointed arch and the towers aspiring toward eternity. As inventors of the measurement of time, the Germans were the first in the world over to place docks into their church towers. The three professions developed on the biblical foundation: the producers (Peasantry) the fighting forces (Knighthood) and the solastics (Ecclesiastics) to these joined with the founding ~f cities and the development of craftsman ship and trade the citizen class. An abundant variety of the external life and the activity of a great and inventive nation unfolded itself in greatest splendor under the influence of Christianity, manifesting itself in propriety, custom and dress.

But deepest was touched the German soul by the gentle Savior. This fact brought forth an entirely new inwardness. The deep German mind joined the Gospel of the sin-forgiving Love in a unique tender union. This union was so perfect that during the ninth century there arose on German soil a new Gospel the "Heliand", a recast of the life and sphere of activity of our Lord; and a transplanting from the Holy Land into the Holy Roman Empire of the Noble German Nation. No other people in all the world has anything even similar to the Heliand. The Unique heroic song, the "Nibelungenlied" finds its equal only in the classic Greece of Homer. On Christian foundation stand the great poets of the Middle Ages such as Walter von von Vogelweide, Hartmann von der Aue, Wolfram von Eschenbach and Gottfried von Strassburg. There stand the great men of the Faith the mystics who in deep thought pondered over the creation and redemption by God, whose lives and works enliven and invigorate the whole of Christianity up to our day: Meister Eckehard, Thomas von Kempten, Johann Tauler, Jacob Böhme to mention but the foremost ones. There rises the giant figure of the Christian Hero Luther out of the multitude of the great ones, with his unbending testimony of Faith and Truth: "Here I stand I cannot do otherwise. God help me. Amen." His deed as the man of God and German hero brought forth a second new era. With him is counted the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of a New Age. The biggest unfolding of the German spirit and soul reveals itself in the creation of the Church art and Church music. Two men symbolize the magnitude of their time: Albrecht Dürer in Nürnberg, the great painter and copper plate engraver and Johann Sebastian Bach in Leipzig, the incomparable creator, whom the Swedish Archbishop Södeblom called the fifth Evangelist because he composed the Word of God in most devine music.



The fourth picture paints before our soul Christmas of long ago and of our present day. It is the Feast of Love for: "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him, should not perish, but have everlasting life." St. John 3, 16.

"Ich bete an die Macht der Liebe,
die sich in Jesu offenbart,
Ich geb mich hin dem freien Triebe,
wodurch ich warm geliebet ward.
Ich will, anstatt an mich zu denken,
ins Meer der Liebe mich versenken."

Christmas is the Feast of the Christian family:

"Ihr Kinderlein kommet, o kommet doch all,
Zur Krippe her kommet, in Bethlehems Stall,
Und seht, was in dieser hochheiligen Nacht
Der Vater im Himmel für Freude uns macht."

Christmas is the Feast of grateful and blissful joy!

"O du fröhliche, o du selige
Christ ist erschienen,
Uns zu versühnen:
Freue, freue dich o Christenheit!"

The Christmas customs in German countries give testimony of how the merciful Love of God, the dearest Love for the family and blissful joy embraced intimately the German soul. These customs have been initiated in a greater of lesser degree of inner truthfulness by the entire Christian world. The burning pine tree of the old Germans became the radiant Christmas tree of all Christianity.

"O Tannenbaum, o Tarmenbaum, wie treu sind deine Blätter!"

lt symbolizes the three Characteristics of Christ and of the Christians Light- Love - Life. Jesus the Light of the world Jesus the All-Forgiving Love; Jesus the Eternal Life. Unfortunately, the old German Knecht Ruprecht with the switch to punish, and the gifts as reward, has became the often greatly distorted Santa Claus. The once so thoughtful and sincere Christmas gift, as a small symbol of the greatest gift from God, his only Son, has changed into the mockery of commercialization of the Holy Feast, by means of which the infidel and the enemies of Christ make big business. But the German Christmas song which gives true consecration to the highest Christmas festivity and which lifts the Holy Night and Christmas Day above all human turmoil, could neither distort nor be taken from the German soul by a cold and infidel world, which celebrates the Feast only outwardly. Where ever in the world Christmas songs are heard, the original songs or melodies have sprung from the German heart and soul. They sing in all languages of Christendom throughout the world in translation "Vom Himmel hoch, da komm ich her", "Es ist ein Reis entsprungen", Süsser die Glocken nie klingen als zu der Weihnachtzeit", "Nun freut euch Christen insgemein" usw.

"Good news from heaven the angel. bring". "Behold a Branch is growing", "Rejoice, rejoice, ye Christians". "All my heart this night rejoices". "Wake. awake for night is flying . . ", etc. and that one, unsurpassed in depth of soul, without which no real Christmas can truly be celebrated:

"Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht."    "Silent Night Holy Night".

Indeed, what an abundance of spiritual gifts. treasures of heart and soul have the Germans given to this world! And how has the world rewarded it? Which is the gift made in return to the Germans who were the safeguard and protector of Christianity and of the white race for more than a thousand years? Behold the thanks the gratitude of the world at Christmas, 1947, in Germany!

"Heilige Nacht auf Engelschwingen nahst du leise dich der Welt..."   "Oh, holy night on angels’ wings nearing softly towards this world..."


Night, indeed! not a holy one, but a dark, gloomy, cold, gruesome, unholy night weighs heavily upon the land of the "Poets and Thinkers", the "Seekers for Truth and heroic Fighters for Christianity." The magnificent cities, century old creations of German diligence and industry, he in ruins! The glorious churches with their inestimable treasures of art are desecrated. Thousands of schools of all grades hospitals, homes for orphans and the aged are rubble and their inhabitants are buried beneath the debris. The factories and workshops where once millions of industrious hands busied themselves are blown up and devastated or dismantled and carried away Hundreds of thousands, who worked as patriots in faithfully fulfilling their duty toward their country and people, languish in prisons! Millions of German fathers and sons work at home or abroad as slaves! Millions of German mothers and daughters are ravished and robbed of their dignity as women and their virgin innocence! Tens of thousands of Negro, Moor and Mongol bastards degenerate the noble German nation"! And the whole German people are famished, freeze, starve and suffer as never before a great people has suffered and has been humiliated!

What a Christmas! What a Feast of Peace and of Joy in the cold and moist cellars and caves, in the unheated rooms and barracks. What a Christmas for those fellow countrymen from the East, driven from their homes and farms, who since centuries stood on guard, who have carried our culture and civilization to the Bast. Alas! those pitiful children who can not laugh anymore and enjoy themselves because they are tormented by hunger and cold!

Oh! Those poor mothers who stand empty-handed in tears and utterly helpless facing the gigantic misery! And those unfortunate men and youths who work as slave laborers far from their homes, who perish with longing for their beloved ones! Haw many have already put an end to their wretched lives as slave laborers! Man’s cancentrated woe overwhelms the former Holy Roman Empire of the Noble German Nation. Fellow countrymen! Do you feel the hunger, the cold, the pitiable hopelessness? Sometimes I wonder how I can still eat to satisfy my appetite, how I can put on a warm coat, knowing that my aged 86-year old father starves and freezes Indeed, Christmas, 1947!



Did it have to come to this? Did this have to happen? Whose guilt is this general misery? Who will have to answer for this monstrous crime some day before the Tribunal of the Highest? The self satisfied hypocrites have the answer ready in thoughtless ignorance of world events: the Dictators! They in their narrowness and superficiality do not look deeper for the causes of events, and do not ask how it was possible for those dictators to come to power in their old cultural countries? The hypocrites would never come to think that greed and inordinate desire for power of the possessing ones has anything to do with this catastrophe of all humanity!

There are in nature as well as in the life of peoples eternal, unchangeable laws. Those who possess and have power want to retain and even increase their wealth, and subjugate the have-nots and impoverish them still more! The old capital crimes of humanity which have remained unchanged by Christianity, namely avarice, greed for power selfishness and revenge are the causes of the present chaos and general misery in Germany and throughout the world. We all are guilty. Not a single one of us can pronounce himself free from it. But the unusual harshness and cruelty with which the Germans are treated would be charged by many to the brutal Eisenhower -Morgenthau - Roosevelt - Churchill - Stalin - Plan which, according to McCormick's statement of the 12th of December 1938, agreed already that same year upon war against Germany. The lamentable facts certainly speak a loud condemning language against these murderers of women and children. But there is a great law of cause and effect! How could these men dare to plan and execute such a plan of wholesale mass-murder? The answer is clear: because after the unconditional surrender- there was nobody who interceded in favor of the cause of the Germans and demanded a "stop."



Who could have done that? Who should have done it? The German-Americans! I believe in the word of God. And this word states that there will be wars up to the end of the world. I believe that the two World Wars were judgments of God on account of the sins of humanity. I also believe that the allied powers were victorious, not because they were better and more God-fearing people but, because the Germans in America have not fulfilled their Christian duty their duty as a people and as American citizens. In plain words, the heavy guilt and responsibility for the chaos in the world and the unspeakable misery in Europe, especially the rape and plundering of the German people lies on the conscience of all those of German origin in America! We must look facts and the historical truths straight in the face. We must, like the physician, objectively diagnose the illness, before we look for the correct medicines. Some of these facts are the following

1. More than one third of all Americans is of German origin, i e. all the other hundreds of races and peoples inhabiting this country, which is so richly blessed by God, do not make up quite two-thirds of the nation.

2. The greatness and power and the wealth of our nation must be attributed first of all to the Germans in this country. The victories under Washington and Lincoln have been

won with German blood and German valor. German farmers were the first to cultivate the virgin soil of our country. German tradesmen, technicians and scholars created our industrial might, German artists instructors and clergy gave us the culture which we have.

Due to such accomplishments the Germans ought to have great influence in the government of the country regarding both our internal as well as foreign polices. Do they have this influence? No! And why not? Because of their national sins of omission they are condemned to utter impotence. Let me name some of these sins:


1. It is the duty of Christians to see that a just settlement between peoples as well as between individuals is created. It is a fact that the world was and is partitioned among those "who have" and those "who have not". All possessing ones have raked together their tremendous wealth in land and goods by conquest, slavery and extermination of humans. As a result, in our richest country in the world there are but 43 persons to a square mile, whereas in Germany the ratio is 502 persons to a square mile. God did not create this world only for the Americans, Anglo-Saxons. Russians and the French There are other peoples who have done infinitely more good for humanity than these, yet who in spite of greatest diligence and economy starve even in times of peace because they must import the greater part of their provisions from those who possess.

The Question of Space Required for Life is one of Christian Moral. The problem of space required for life is solved in true Anglo-Saxon fashion in condemning 30-40 millions of Germans to starve and freeze to death. The remaining miserable survivors will then have sufficient space in the ravished torso of the Empire. Here, the German-Americans have committed the greatest sin of omission. All of us know that we emigrated on account of the space problem. But after we had made ourselves comfortable in the abundance here, we forgot those who remained in want, and we did nothing for them. We did not insist upon an allotment to them of a portion of the millions of square miles of uncultivated soil where they could have settled the overflow of their population. just as other peoples did. Our Helping-Christian-Love has failed shamefully!



2. With respect to their own race, the German-Americans, among the many races inhabiting this blessed country with us, commit the greatest sin. Felix Dahn once uttered the great truth: "A people’s soul lives in its language!" What have the German-Americans done regarding their noble, beautiful language? They have laid it aside as soon as they acquired a smattering of English, in the manner of casting off an old shabby coat. If they at least would exchange it for a better and more beautiful language, but the fact is, that English originated from German dialects of the Angles and Saxons, and in spite of distortion, today consists still two-thirds of German words.

At the time of Queen Elizabeth. about 6 million people spoke English while more than 18 million spoke German. Today however, more than 250 millions speak English and only about 100 millions German. How many German-American knew that The first hook to be printed in Ihis country was the German Lutheran Bible and that the first newspaper was the German "Philadelphia Gasetta". At one time, millions of German schoolbooks and hundreds of German newspapers were printed here. Today, no German book is printed here and the few German papers fight for their existence. Whose guilt is this? It is te guilt of the German parents, especially of the mothers.

When the English mother proudly states that she loves her native tongue, she means it and proves it through her action. When a German mother makes the same assertion, she says knowingly an untruth, otherwise she would not tolerate any other than her mother-tongue in her family. How many million children of German origin sing, for instance, the ever beautiful Christmas songs at Christmas in the English translation rather than in the lovely German original? How completely different would have been the progress of the history of our country, had our Volksgenossen held fast to their mother tongue! More than 50 millions of the people of our nation would to-day speak the language of Luther, of Goethe, Stiller, Bach, Richard Wagner and of the rest of the very great men. No constitution demands thatEnglish be the language of the country. Who would, for instance, call the Canadians unpatriotic because they prefer their French mother tongue to the English language of the country? And the people of French origin in Canada are but a small group compared to the Germans in America! I am very glad to have read the splendid article by Mr. Leonard Enders in the Sonntagspost regarding the revival of the German language. Would that each and every one of us would accept and take to heart this good advice



3. The sins of omission of our race in the politics of our country have had the most catastrophic consequences for Germany. for the world and even for us here While all other nationalities in our country are organized in racial groups which in turn are fused into a head organization whose president is able to speak in the name of hundreds of thousands, even millions, the Germans are rent into thousands of small groups and minor organizations without nationwide solidarity and are therefore completely without influence and without power. The unspeakable misery in Germany and in the world, and the wretched confusion and indecision in this country are the best proof that our many singing-clubs, sport-clubs, gymnastic clubs, clubs for the care of the ailing, and clubs of Americans of German Origin have not helped the German Cause in the least. No doubt, all of these groups strive for valuable aims. But they move only in a narrow frame and are often means merely for entertainment, pleasure and as a pastime. They lack the outlook over the whole. How much useful force and vigor is spent up and squandered, which on the other hand might accomplish a great deal for the Germans! We have one single German organization reaching from coast to coast, which had the courage even during the war to stand up for right and justice: the Steuben Society.

The head organization of the Poles in America assisted in creating a new Polish Fatherland after the first World War. The Czechs here founded Czechoslovakia. The Irish in America liberated their motherland after 800 years of English subjugation, and during our time the united American Jewry has created a Jewish homeland after 2,000 years, because all these hold tenaciously together. We need not mention those among us of English origin. Politics in Washington are made according to British interests and we follow their demands more meekly than their own Dominion of Canada.

Let us contemplate upon this idea a bit closer. The citizenry of the United States may easily be divided into the following groups: 100% Americans are the remaining Indians, the former masters of this blessed country. The Negroes may also be classified as 100% Americans, whose ancestors were brought here by force as slaves. The other larger groups of peoples in our country are devoted in the first place to the land of their origin and their race, and only in the second place do they consider themselves Americans.

The Irishman sings of his beautiful, green native isle from which he was driven away by the terrible famine caused by the English. Here he did everything in order to liberate his homeland from the British yoke. For this reason he has risen to a leader in the political life of this country.

The Pole holds tenaciously to the thought that, "Poland is not yet lost" and he makes the greatest sacrifices for the homeland of his fathers. The organization and co-operation of the Poles is exemplary. They regard it a matter of honor to read their paper in their mother tongue and a holy duty to belong to their own church.

The Italians are enthusiastic about their old land of culture, and they work and sacrifice incessantly for those who remain in the homeland. In close unity they act politically through their church and racial organizations. For this reason, political parties count a great deal on the Italian voice at the polls.

The Jews pursue throughout the centuries the one great aim, the re-erection in Zion of the Throne of David. Where ever be lives in the world and which ever language he speaks, he places his racial union above all else. The synagogues are their place of assembly; the banks, the press, the moving picture industry, trade and commerce are his realms of activity through which to  influence public opinion.

The Englishman is attached to his language and to his motherland. According to a recent act of voting 3% of the Britons regard our America still as an English colony. By means of schools, through falsification of history, through the ever present oratorical ambassadors, by conferring medals and titles, by presentation at the Royal Court of England - the highest honor for a dollar baron – the British rule our internal as well as foreign politics. He remains English wherever he goes and anglicizes peoples and races of the world.

In contrast to all these groups which, as American citizens, live and act first of all for their ancestral homeland, stand the German-American, together with their Scandinavian brothers, as 200% Americans.

They do not even consider themselves as Americans of German descent, ("Volksdeutsche") as millions in other lands have done but put aside all racial virtues and merge completely into the New World. They cannot forget quickly enough their language, their customs, their ancestors’ home and glorious past. No other race has anglicized and falsified its name more than the Germans. No other people has so little racial consciousness, is so shamefully without backbone and displays such despicable indifference toward the fate of the homeland than the Germans. For that reason absolute lack of power in public affairs. That is why politicians pay not the slightest attention to the vote of the Germans at the polls. They know our dissension and lack of influence only too well.

While all other groups of peoples in our country have fulfilled their natural and holy duty toward their home country and are highly respected for it, the local Germans on the whole failed sinfully in this respect, with only a few worthy and therefore all the more praiseworthy exceptions.

What have the German-Americans as a whole done for their race and country? They have helped to lay their homeland in ruins. and to surrender their relatives into slavery, to starvation and death by freezing and exposure. They have helped to dishonor Germany and to make homeless beggars out of millions of faithful Germans from the east. Those are the horrible consequences of our disunity and lack of an influential head organization whose president could speak in the name of millions of Americans of German descent.



Most tragic of all, however, is the fact that our Volksgenossen, as soon as they acquire wealth, reputation and influence, betray their race and work for the enemy. We need think only of the Wilkies, the Kaisers, the Rockefellers, the Astors, of the Eisenhowers, Eichelbergers, Wedemeyers, Nimitzes etc. and of those thousands in industry, in economics, in the intellectual world and in the armed forces. If all these had fulfilled their racial duty as did the British, the Poles, the Czechs, the Irish and the Jews, they could have prevented both World Wars and seen to it that ample space required for life ("Lebensraum") would have been given to the Germans. Instead, they allow decorations to be conferred upon themselves by the English King and by Stalin because of their assistance in laying their mother-country in ruins.

I have had the bitter experience that the greatest haters of the Germans are the disloyal Germans themselves as was the disloyal disciple of the Lord, Judas. Many are so intimidated through the hate-propaganda that they will attribute the very worst to their own people because of their fear of losing their bit of bread and their comfort, and by that they display their 200% patriotism! I side a thousand times rather with that true patriot, that great German-American, Carl Schurz, the right hand of the martyred President Lincoln when he said: "I love Germany as a child loves his mother, and I love America as a man loves his wife." This should be the attitude of every German-American. He who does not love his mother violates the Command of God and is not worthy to be honored by his own children.



All these facts that have been brought forth and many more still, are frightful realities. That is to say the body of the German-American race is ill to death.

That is the conscientiously and objectively established diagnosis. More-over, as soon as the nature of the malady has been diagnosed, the remedy may be sought for to bring about recovery and the regaining of strength. All of us know that some medicines are bitter, others even painful but they bring about the desired results and heal the ailing body. Permit me to mention a few of these remedies:

1. In complying with our CHRISTIAN duty the medicine means: Belong to a congregation in which you hear the Word of God in your mother tongue and in which your children will receive the biblical Truth in their tender souls at Sunday School and, if possible in the parish school through the Word of God our world of ideas becomes sanctified and clarified and we therefore recognize matters in us, about Us and in the wide world in a correct way; and our will shall become strengthened so that we may understand how to intercede fearlessly and faithfully in favor of justice and righteousness. We recognize in the "Golden Rule" of Jesus:

"Whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them", how many are the blessings which the Germans have brought to us and to our country, and in what way we have reciprocated evil for good by twice –without provocation from them - waging war against them with the intention of annihilating them. The Word of God opens our eyes, our hearts and our hands! It is distressing and most shameful for us to realize that for instance in 1946 the Italians raised 50 million dollars for their Volksgenossen while our by far more numerous Germans raised only about 14 million dollars for their devastated country. The Word of God teaches us the great duty of making amends. German-America must learn to know Helping and Sacrificing Love! And one learns this from God’s Word in Church!

2. In order to fulfill our NATIONAL duty the medicine means: Pray in German, speak German, read German, sing German! See to it that the German "Our Father" does not cease to be heard in your home. Speak in your mother tongue with your children, with your relatives and your fellow-countrymen both at home and outside. Send your children to German instruction classes in both high school and college. Read German books from the library and give German books to your friends! And above all, subscribe for at least one German newspaper; take out a yearly subscription so that you will receive the paper daily! You will find a great deal which the leading daily newspapers withhold from the public by means of their "conspiracy of silence!" You will find things that stand close to your heart in the German newspapers, and besides, events of world-wide importance are brought to you truthfully. And last but not least, give your support to enterprises of a cultural and artistic nature. Do not neglect the business people who acknowledge their German origin by word and by deed.

3. In order to fulfill our POLITICAL DUTY the remedy means: Stand firmly upon the foundation of our Constitution. Ii is the best one That man has ever drawn up. See to it that our state and federal officials carry out the constitution in accordance with its spirit and content. In order to do this, join that political party which deals justly with Germany and is inclined favorably toward her. Examine with great care the political views of those candidates with German names. There are many renegades with most enhancing German names, but inwardly these are traitors of the German cause Above all, work for Co-operation and solidarity of all Americans of German origin. Regard your special club as a small branch of that gigantic oak which shall grow out of the solidarity of all the clubs, to become a powerful authoritative, leading and influential central organization, which will speak publicly in the name of millions of German-Americans. Throw over board your particularism! Do not regard yourself a Prussian, Bavarian, Saxon, Austrian, Swiss. Sudetenländer, Banater, Swabian, Siebenbürger or Zipser-Saxo, neither a Wolga-German, a Bessarabian-German, nor a Dobrudscha-German, but simply - German. Being German, our Volksgenossen have abandoned all their belongings and have been driven away from their century old homes, driven into death by starvation and by exposure! As Germans thousands have been kidnapped in Central and South America and dragged into our concentration camps in Dakota and elsewhere. Those few Germans who had the courage to work against our entry into the war, have been persecuted. The great sorrow of the Germans throughout the world should at last have taught us that we are companions in a common fate, and that we are united in both happiness and misfortune. Where ever we come together with people of German origin, be it in church, in a club or in a gathering of friends. our topic of conversation should be the merger, the solidarity of us all. We must undertake that gigantic task of informing by means of the written and spoken word. We must raise millions of dollars for this task if the future and fate of our race, which during its 2,000 years of history has stood on guard for the high and noble ideals of life, is really a matter of utmost sincerity to us.

We must arouse the self-satisfied and indifferent ones in such a way that the misery of our people will cut them to the quick, and they in turn will become conscious of their duty to be fulfilled scrupulously and faithfully.



After our national body has recovered, that is to say, after all those of German origin are well disciplined in a head organization. striving faithfully and in unison toward that one common goal rehabilitation of the German honor in the world - we shall come forth with our demands:

1. Creation of an international, neutral body of historians whose task should be to indisputably, impartially, and truthfully establish the causes and the ones responsible for the two World Wars and the justification of theVersailles peace dictate.

2. Immediate publication of the secret agreements which the War-President in his dictatorial power made in the name of the people of the USA with our Allies, England, Russia, Holland etc. before and during the war, and which even today are unknown to the members of Congress and not available to the historians.

3. Immediate return of all prisoners of war and slave laborers, payment by the slave holders for the work performed, and compensation for the humiliation and suffering imposed upon them.

4. Return of all areas taken away from the Reich, and union with all those border lands where German industry and genius has carried through the cultural work throughout the centuries.

5. Resettlement of all banished Germans and reimbursement of all their tremendous material losses by those peoples who committed this gigantic crime.

6. All the criminals who agreed that millions of Germans be murdered by starvation, cold, exposure and disease shall he called to account for their monstrous crime. Furthermore, all those generals. officers and officials who executed this agreement. Those who committed these crimes before and after the war shall account for their deeds before God and the world in the same manner as the war criminals were punished.

7. Return of all stolen goods of material and intellectual character. inducing patents. Offenders of patentrights shall be summoned to answer as thieves of intellectual goods, and shall reimburse the inventor with the full value of the patent.

8. Re-construction of German cities, which the aviators of the victorious powers without consideration laid in ruins in their mania for destruction and desire to murder.

9. Creation of the United States of Europe under German leadership. and a free hand for United Europe in Africa, regarded as a grainary and as space for settlement purposes to relieve overpopulation of Europe.



I have come to the end, I have tried in few words to show you the value of the German people and their accomplishments for all of humanity. I have endeavored to bring out clearly the dire distress and our responsibility for it. I have attempted to show the way we must go so that by truest performance of duty the world may be liberated from chaos. Before us lies an immense problem. And problems are there to be solved. We shall be able to solve it by lifting our eyes to God, and with regard to the world of woe we shall fulfill our duty as Christians, as Americans of German origin. as true Americans in the sense of Washington and Lincoln and on the foundation of the Constitution. May Christmas, 1947, place before our souls the holy duty which only we German Americans are able to fulfill for all of humanity, May Christmas. 1947, endow us with strength from above so that we may not rest until we have aroused and welded together like steel for this holy crusade all those of German origin in our country. May then all future Christmas days bring Peace and Blessing for all peoples on earth under the eternal Prince of Peace.

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