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Relief donations for the school hostage crisis
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If you can't find information on a particular indigenous people or group,
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or Survival International.

The fact that links are provided on this page
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Undying thanks to micropatriologist DD Ting of the Hong Kong SAR, PRC,
as well as Tarek Chemaly, Bob Kee, John R. Scharff, Jay Bohren, Michael Marinacci and "NhuskYurgNyw"
for the research and information in locating many of these websites.

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Last updating: 13 September 2004

For more information on similar movements,
visit Wikipedia and their listings of
ethnic groups and active autonomist and secessionist movements.

Abhkazian flag
Republic of ABKHAZIA (Western region of [former Soviet] Georgia)

"Half a decade has gone by since the war in Abkhazia ended. Ever since then, Abkhazia has been isolated, blockaded, terrorized, and ignored. Neither the blockade, nor the sustained level of Georgian terrorism, nor the severing of communications could force the people of Abkhazia to surrender their hard-won freedom. After half a decade of de facto independence, in October 1999, Abkhazia held a referendum on independence, which passed by a large majority." - from the Republic of Abkhazia website
Republic of Abkhazia
Yahia Kazan's Abkhazia Website

Upon proclaiming independence in 1991, Abkhazia issued postage stamps bearing the likenesses of Groucho Marx and John Lennon (instead of Karl Marx and V.I. Lenin). The stamp may be seen here or here.


Scottish flag
See Scotland




Official Flag of AndaluzCivil Flag of Andaluz
ANDALUZ (Andalucía, Andalusia, Andaluza) (Spain)
A region of southern Spain that is seeking independence.
(All of these websites are in Spanish. Approximated translations of these websites can be read via the AltaVista Online Translator.)

Comando Botijo
Nación Andaluza
Revolucionarios de Andalucía

Anjouan flag
State of ANJOUAN (Comoros, Eastern coast of Africa)
(Website maintained by
{Much of the website is in French, but there are several informational pages in English.
An approximate translation of this website can be read via the AltaVista Online Translator

Arabistan Flag
ARABISTAN (Khuzestan) (Southwestern Iran)
(Website maintained by Ahwaz, Arabistan Online Network)
Flag is from their website.

Seditionist website for a group consisting almost entirely of Arab Shi'ites seeking independence from Iran. Nearly all the website is in Arabic.
According to Jay Bohren:
"Some Arab Shi'ites on both sides of the Iran-Iraq border might decide now is the time for both sets to secede from their respective states and form a new Greater Arabistan around the mouths of the Two Rivers, with its capital at Basra. On the other hand, this war might give the Iranians the idea that all Shi'ite lands on their borders are theirs by right, regardless of the inhabitants' ethnicity. So far, none of the press coverage I've heard mentions either possibility."
According to a friend of mine who is fluent in Arabic and has perused the website:
"They claim a certain history, they count 8 millions, their country extends 375,000 Kms, it is boredered by mountains of Iran, by Iraq, and by the Arabian penisula. Actually, they claim the Shah of Iran and the British state fooled their ruling prince (After giving him promises which turned out false) and invaded the 'peaceful neighboring state' on April 20, 1925. I am omitting of course, the propagandist terms here."

Araucanian & Patagonian flag
Kingdom of ARAUCANIA & PATAGONIA (Government-In-Exile, Argentina & Chile)
(Website maintained by the North American Araucanian Royalist Society)

Assyrian flag
ASSYRIA (People scattered in the border region of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey)

Assyrian International News Agency (AINA)
Assyria Online
Atour: The State of Assyria
Nineveh On Line
Additional links through AINA
Thanks to Jay Bohren.

Australian Flag

"Reclaim Australia, has one main purpose, and that is to assist the people of Australia to reclaim their country from the parasites and predators of the Abdicated Government that have used every means at their disposal to attempt to sell or give-away, our country.
"We will do this in a manner coincident with all necessary to achieve our aim.
"No Australian will be without a means of making 'elected representatives' hear their concerns."
- from the website
Affiliated with the Principality of Caledonia

Balochistanian flag
BALOCHISTAN (Southeastern Iran, Southwestern Pakistan)

The Baloch (Balouch) are an ethnic group in Pakistan and Iran. This website, which emphasises the plight of Pakistani Balochis, also features a large number of related links.


Biafrain Flag
Republic of BIAFRA (Nigeria)
(Website maintained by the Biafra Actualization Forum [BAF])

The Republic of Biafra was proclaimed after the eastern region of Nigeria seceeded from the country in 1967. Despite being diplomatically recognized by Gabon, Haiti, Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire), Tanzania, and Zambia, the secession led to a horrific civil war, where starvation was used as a weapon against the Biafrans. After a total of 1 million Biafrans died, the Biafran govermnent surrendered in 1970, and Biafra became a part of Nigeria once again.
On 1 September 2001, a clandestine shortwave radio station, "Voice of Biafra International" (broadcasting over transmitters in Tbilisskaya-Armavir, Russia) premired, proclaiming "Biafra is your right...Biafra is your hope."
The station is run by the Biafra Foundation (BF), Ekwe Nche and the Biafra Actualization Forum (BAF).
According to the website:
"Biafra Actualization Forum (BAF) was formed out of a real need to rescue Igbo people, land and culture from the merciless and brutal stranglehold of Nigeria, and accomplish this using peaceful means.
"BAF is in the process of applying for Non-Profit Organization status. BAF is also exploring the area of Non-governmental Organization (NGO) to discover if it is eligible.
"Currently, members of BAF are mostly Igbos in Diaspora (exile).
"BAF supports all persons, organizations and institutions who share the common goal of Biafra actualization using peaceful means."

Those interested may wish to read a debate among Biafran expatraiates at USAfrica Online.
Thanks to Bob Kee.
For current news from the region, see BiafraNigeriaWorld.


See Celtic Congress and Celtic League.

Bougainville flag
Republic of BOUGAINVILLE (Papua New Guinea)

Bougainville Freedom Movement
Bougainville Resource Page (State, Society and Governance in Melanesia Project)
Also visit the UNPO Database.


Burmese flag
Union of BURMA (Presently known as Myanmar)
These groups seek to end the Myanmar military government and re-establish the Burmese state.

National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma (Government In-Exile)

Cabindese flag
Republic of CABINDA (Angolan enclave between Congo/Brazaville and the Republic of the Congo/Kinshasa)
(Website maintained by the Government-In-Exile of the Forces of Liberation of the State of Cabinda (FLEC)

"The CABINDA is a state located in Central Africa, bordered on North by the Republic of Congo, on East and South by the Democratic Republic of Congo, the last border, being the Atlantic Ocean itself. ...CABINDA is Territorial Entity recognized by the 1933 Constitution of Portugal, distinctively from Angola which is a former Portuguese colony, since the XVth Century.
"Therefore, it is obvious that CABINDA is really a State, and not an enclaved province as it is commonly believed. Objectively, CABINDA has no common border with Angola, a country which is occupying militarily and illegally CABINDA.
"Today, the Cabindese Refounders of the F.L.E.C. called their popular uprising the Front of Liberation of the State of CABINDA (F.L.E.C.). The Independentists refounding CABINDA settle their actions on the basis of the International Rights which autorise any Tenitory illegally occupied to submit their case to the United Nations Organization (U.N.O.), although it is not a Member, as clearly stipulated in the articles 33 and 34 of the UN Charter. In 1964, the Organization of African Unity (O.A.U.) classified CABINDA as the 39th State of Africa to be decolonized.
- from the website

Celtic Congress
Celtic Congress (Brittany, Cornwall, Ireland, Man, Scotland, Wales)

"The Celtic Congress was founded in 1902 in order to promote the knowlege, use, and appreciation of the languages and cultures of the six Celtic countries. National Branches of the Congress meet in an International Congress each year in order to help further these aims." - from the website
The Celtic Congress should not be confused with the Celtic League, although the two organizations share many common objectives.

Celtic League
Celtic League (Brittany, Cornwall, Ireland, Man, Scotland, Wales)
(Celtic League - American Branch [CLAB])

"The fundamental aim of the Celtic League is to contribute, as an international organisation, to the struggles of the six Celtic nations to secure or win their political, cultural, social and economic freedom. This includes:
- fostering co-operation between Celtic peoples.
- developing the consciousness of the special relationship and solidarity between them.
- making our national struggles and achievements better known abroad.
- campaigning for a formal association of Celtic nations to take place once two or more of them have achieved self-government.
- advocating the use of the national resources of each of the Celtic countries for the benefit of all its people.
These aims are pursued by non-violent means."
- from the website
The Celtic League should not be confused with the Celtic Congress, although the two organizations share many common objectives.

Chagossian Flag (semi-official)
CHAGOS ISLANDS (People In-Exile, British Indian Ocean Territory)

"The British have expelled the natives to build a military base on the main island, Diego Garcia. Our site is the official site for the Chagossians, the natives in exile." - from an e-mail
(Website is Bilingual: French/English)

Chechen Flag
(Website maintained by Amina LLC)
See also: UNPO Database)
Chechnya News

Flag graphic by Abdulrahman Jafar.




Freetown of CHRISTIANIA (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Begun in 1970 on a former Danish army base by a brave group of hippie squatters (and still operating today), this autonomous zone, functioning under a direct participatory democratic government and its own curency, has survived almost everyone's expectations.
This website has a detailed history and photos of the self-proclaimed "free city", as well as a list of businesses operating there.
The Danish army still officially owns the buildings on the property, and all leases have been paid, but in recent months, there has been trouble between the Christianians and the Danish government. Despite the fact that Christiana has become a tourist attraction, apparent plans are to build condominiums on the property, driving out the current inhabitants. In order to prevent any further Danish intrusion after recent drug raids, the hashish and marijuana vendors on the famous "Pusher Street" have closed down and destroyed their stalls.
Detailed reports can be read here and here.

CORNWALL [KERNOW] (United Kingdom)
See Celtic Congress and Celtic League.

Third National Flag of the Confederacy

"The new CSA, is not a resurrection or restoration, of the old CSA of 1862 - the old Confederacy died shortly sometime after 1865 when the United Stated invaded the old CSA and instituted a marshal law for the Confederate states for over 11 (official) years.
"The new CSA is a totally new nation, recognisable to traditionalists, because of its roots in the old CSA. Since no one to this day has the authority to resurrect, or restore the old CSA, we the citisens of the new CSA declare micro-nationality of a new and separate nation, separate from the old CSA.
"Since the new CSA is merely a new micro-nation, we are not a movement or country to overthrow or encourage sedition against any current governments that occupy our territory, as claimed by the old CSA, or its citisens.
"Currently the new CSA is in the re-education process. Our goal is to establish an active working government, and to educate not only descendants of Confederates, but also anyone who has the spark of the Confederate spirit and ideals (which is) freedom of State's and individual rights; and freedom from tyranny of 'elected' governments. In this day & age, elected officials are not the people that 'fit' the job, but rather the people that can 'buy' their way into the job. Therefore as that was one of the reasons for establishing the old CSA of 1862, we hereby establish the new CSA of the new millennium.
- from the website



Cyber Yugoslavia

"This is Cyber Yugoslavia. Home of Cyber Yugoslavs. We lost our country in 1991 and became citizens of Atlantis. Since September 9, 1999 this is our home. We don't have a physical land, but we do have nationality, and we are giving CY citizenships and CY passports. Because this is Atlantis, we are allowing double and triple citizenships. If you feel Yugoslav, you are welcome to apply for CY citizenship, regardless of your current nationality and citizenship, and you will be accepted. Please read our Constitution for the details. If you are just curious, you are welcome to visit us as tourists.
"This land will grow as our citizens wish. Neither faster, nor slower. Neither more, nor less. So, this site will always be under construction. For a solid country to grow, even a virtual one, it takes some time.
"When we have five million citizens, we plan to apply to the UN for member status. When this happens, we will ask 20 square meters of land anywhere on Earth to be our country. On this land, we'll keep our server."
- from the website

Flag of Cymru (Wales)
CYMRU [WALES] (United Kingdom)
(Website maintained by Plaid Cymru [The Party of Wales])
(Website is Bilingual: Welsh/English)
See also Celtic Congress and Celtic League.

Danziger Flag
Free State of DANZIG [Government In-Exile, Former free city, Germany/Poland]
(Website maintained by Mr. Ernst F. Kriesner)

Danzig was a self-governing free state established by the Treaty of Versailles under the League of Nations in 1919. For 20 years, it flourished as a self-governing free city, consisting of a bustling port and 1955 sq. km (754 sq. mi.) of territory. It was invaded by Nazi Germany on 1 September 1939 and "annexed" into the Reich. It is now officially part of the city of Gdansk, Poland. This webpage seeks to gather aid and support of the people who are former Danzig citizens, as well as some sort of official recognition to the Danziger government that was never officially abolished.




Temporary East Timorese flagOld East Timorese Flag
Now independent. Links have been moved to Actual Small Countries.


Flag of Eastern Turkistan
EASTERN TURKESTAN (Ethnic province, People's Republic of China)
Moslem province of the PRC that is seeking independence.
Suggested websites:

Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda (CACCP)
Eastern Turkestan Information Center
Eastern Turkestan WWW Virtual Library
The Public Information Network Of Xinjiang Government [Official Chinese Gov't Site. In Chinese]
Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) [Informational page]
Uyghur American Association
Uygur Awazi Radiosi
Uyghur Human Rights Coalition
Uyghur Information Agency

See Celtic Congress and Celtic League.

English Flag (St. George Cross)
English Independence Movement (England, United Kingdom)

"We the English Independence Movement advocate a policy of National & Individual Freedom. We believe ALL Nations on this earth have the RIGHT to determine their own future & as such demand INDEPENDENCE for ENGLAND! We believe in the need for ordinary men & women to ARISE & take CONTROL of their own lives." - from the website

Flag of the Kingdom of Ethopia
Kingdom of ETHIOPIA (Government In-Exile)
(Website maintained by the Crown Council of Ethiopia)

Euskadi (Basque) Flag)
EUSKADI (Basque Region, France and Spain)

Basque Country
Basque Red Net (Radical Leftist)
Buber's Basque Page
Center for Basque Studies, University of Nevada, Reno
North American Basque Organizations, Inc.
Larry Trask's Basque Page

Flemish Flag
FLANDERS (Belgium)
(Website maintained by the Flemish Popular Movement.)

Flanders (known by it's inhabitants as Vlaanderen) is a section of Belgium. This website is devoted to it's independence movement. The bulk of the website is in Flemish, but there are articles in English, French and German.




Frislandian Flag
Kingdom of FRISLAND (Rockall Island, United Kingdom)

"The Kingdom of Frisland, with a long and illustrious history stretching back many centuries, suffered severe flooding in the later Middle Ages until only a small area remained above water - the island of Rockall. This was unilaterally annexed by the United Kingdom on 10th February 1972, in defiance of international law. Exactly thirty years later the Senate and People of Frisland repudiated this annexation and declared independence from the UK." - from an e-mail
Flag is from their website.

Geenland Flag
Principality of GEENLAND

" The principality of Geenland is a non-profit Organization in the form of a micro-nation. Our priority is to promote charity and humanitarian activities to help a other selected organizations referred by us... Geenland give recognition to citizens involved in these kind of activities according to their level of contributions to any of our referred organizations. For this purpose we give honorary distinctions and noble titles to proper Geenland citizens who has proven to deserve these honours..." - from the website
The name "Geenland" in Dutch means "No Land".

Gemini Islands Flag

This is a website of a group of Italians who seek independence for two islands from Italy. The webpage is in Italian, but has an informational page in English.
An approximate translation of this website can be read via the AltaVista Online Translator
NOTE: The Gemini Islands website plays a loud patriotic song when opened.
(Flag is from their website.)



Hay-on-Wye Flag
Independent Kingdom of HAY-ON-WYE (Wales, United Kingdom)

More a publicity stunt than an actual secession, the Welsh village of Hay-on-Wye (bordering Powys County in Wales and Herefordshire County in England) proclaimed "independence" on 1 April 1977, establishing Richard Booth, owner of Europe's largest second-hand bookstore, as King Richard I. The Hay Peerage sells honorarary titles of nobility via the website, along with other ephemera.
Among the pamphlets by King Richard available for sale are "Bring Back Horses", "Abolish the Wales Tourist Board" and "God Save Us From the Development Board for Rural Wales".

Link moved to the New Country Projects page.


See Celtic Congress and Celtic League.

Flag of the Inner Mongolian People's Party
INNER MONGOLIA (People's Republic of China)
(Website maintained by the Inner Mongolian People's Party, Princeton, NJ, USA)

"At the end of the W.W.II, Soviet-Mongolian joint army entered Inner Mongolia, in order to expel the Japanese army. After the war, despite the all 51 banners (county) of Inner Mongolia expressed their will to be independent, Joseph Stalin handed Inner Mongolia over to China according to the Yalta treaty. A few large cities remained in the control of Kuomintang (KMT) and the vast rural area of Inner Mongolia fell into Mao's Communist army after the Soviet-Mongolian army's withdrawal from Inner Mongolia. On May 01, 1947, the Chinese government declared the establishment of the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region, after the PLA took control of the entire Inner Mongolia."
"During the cultural revolution (1966-1976), the Chinese government claimed that there was a counter-party (Chinese Communist Party), counter-revolutionary, counter-socialism party called 'Inner Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party' (IMPRP, 'Ovor Mongoliin Ardiin Khuvsgalt Nam' or 'Ovor Ardiin Nam') in Inner Mongolia. The Chinese government used this non-existent party as a pretext and under the name of 'dig-out' the IMPRP, launched a campaign of genocide against the Mongols in Inner Mongolia. The genocide campaign carried out by the Chinese Communist Party and the People's Liberation Army touched every Mongol's soul and body and resulted in unnatural death of more than 250,000 Mongols in Inner Mongolia (at the time, the Mongol population in Inner Mongolia was only about 1.5 million) .
"The establishment of the party and naming the party as the 'Inner Mongolian People's Party' is to show the Chinese government, as well as to our Mongol brothers and sisters that we, the post-IMPRP generation of the Inner Mongols, are taking the historical responsibility of telling the world the truth about the IMPRP and also to show our determination to fight for the freedom of our own land."
- from the website
Thanks to Jay Bohren.


Jamtland flag
Republic of JAMTLAND (Sweden)
(Website maintained by Bo Oscarsson)

Flag of L'anse-Saint-Jean
L'ANSE-SAINT-JEAN (Quebec province, Canada)
(Website is in French)

This is a small Canadian town that had modeled its municipal government as a constitutional monarchy. While not a seperate "nation", nor a successionist movement, a royalist government operating within a parlimentary democracy is worth noting.
An approximate translation of this website can be read via the AltaVista Online Translator.

KERNOW [CORNWALL] (United Kingdom)
See Celtic Congress and Celtic League.

Khalistanian flag
KHALISTAN (Sikh seperatists in India)

"Formed in 1984 to look after the interests of Sikhs around the world and especially in the Indian union. Khalistan Government in Exile and all important Sikh bodies around the world have decided to seperate from the Indian union and form a seperate country - Khalistan." from the website
Khalistan Affairs Center
Sikh Lionz UK



Kurdistan Flag
KURDISTAN (Northern Iraq & Southern Turkey)

A distinctive ethnic group in the Middle East that has shown resistance to Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein.
American Kurdish Information Network
Fali Kurds
Kurdistan Regional Government
More links at Kurdish Links Directory

Government of LEBANON in Exile

According to an e-mail from Elias al-Ward: "They work together with the Lebanese Christian Resistance (NOT the Hezbollah "Resistance") and hope to overthrow the Syrian occupation and to reform the government."

LIMA True Sex Maniacs (Peru)

This is a Lima, Peru based group of (according to an e-mail) "...polyamorous anarcho-capitalists (or libertarian anarchists) of the Northern European race (who) want to found a network of intentional communities and secede from the so-called 'peruvian' 'state'. Sometimes we may include Stirnerian egoists, Nietzschean egoists, and nihilists. The network will work as an 'antistate' leaving much room to freedom and all kinds of sexually deviant behaviours except male homosexuality..."
Due to the graphic sexual content of the website, a link cannot be provided here. However, the following URL's are listed for those who are of legal age and wish to see such images:

Flag of Lodenrode and Koila
Republic of LODENRODE (Estonia - Restored Claim)
Also known as Free Cities of Lodenrode and Koila

"First mentioned May 25, 1296, were these Free Cities a patrimony of the ancient v. Lode family, in Duchy of Estonia. After conquest of the Duchy by the Teutonic Order in 1343 were they abandoned for centuries (v. Lode family became extinct in Estonia 1753), until Oskar Felsen, Esq. restored his citizenship of the Free Cities (June 13, 1992) and assumed the Patrimony (May 25, 1996), but now as an incorporeal property, without any territorial claim." - from the website

Mapuche flag
MAPUCHE NATION (Aboriginal tribe, Argentina & Chile)
(See UNPO Database)

MARITIME INDEPENDENCE MOVEMENT (Eastern provinces of Canada)

This is a group of Canadians who live in the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, who seek the formation of a state independent from Canada. Their website is still under construction, but has contact information listed.


New Zion Flag

Government of NEW ZION

"The Government of New Zion, a sovereign nation, was created so long ago that there is no written record of it. It was created in Heaven by Almighty God himself. HE longed for HIS government to be placed here upon this earth so HE called out a chosen son from among humans. In 1993 Nicodemus was called out as an Apostle of God. Over the years God molded him into the leader HE wanted to rule over HIS kingdom. In 1997 God tapped Nicodemus to be King of New Zion here on Earth. In February of 2004 God introduced Nicodemus to his wife Zipporah. They were married in May of 2004. With the leaders of HIS kingdom now joined HE was able to use them to finish HIS kingdom here on Earth. In a revelation to King Nicodemus the First it was revealed the plan and desires pertaining to the country from God." - from the website

Proposed Ngati Whaoa Flag
(Maori tribe, New Zealand)

"The Ngati Whaoa Nation is located in the Central North Island of New Zealand between Rotorua and Taupo." - from the original website
The website originally detailed the plight of the Ngati Whaoa concerning forestry rights, land royalties, and recognition of their sovereignty by the New Zealand government. (Proposed flag is from their website.)
(As of 11 October 2003, this website is now being used as a contact point concerning those involved in the proposed formation of a Ngati Whaoa Land Trust. It does link to other informational websites.)

Seal of the NSK State

NSK State (Self-proclaimed Government At-Large)
(New URL!)

This "non-territorial" country, whose name is an abbreviation for "Neue Slowenische Kunst [New Slovenian Art]" was founded by a collective of Slovenian artist groups, including Department of Pure and Applied Philosophy, Irwin, Novi Kolektivizem (New Collectivism), Noordung, and the industrial music group Laibach.
(Laibach gained both fame and infamy when Slovenia was still part of Yugoslavia and under that country's Communist regime led by Josef Tito. They responded to the totilitarianism they lived under by being even more totilitarian in presence and performance. Because of this, they were frequently, and incorrectly, identified as being either fascists, Stalinists or Neo-Nazis, and were subjected to government harrassment. They still perform and record, and many of their recordings are available for sale.)
Information on NSK passports is available from their "electronic embassy".
During the Sarajevo Civil War, NSK passports were used by some officials as identification, and were accepted as valid by various factions.
To signal the beginning of the Dayton Accord, which brought about the end of the horriffic Sarajevo Civil War, NSK State opened a temporary "embassy" at the at the National Theatre in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina on 20-21 November 1995 (similar to an event organized in Berlin, Germany in 1993). The musical group Laibach held a rock concert to a packed house in the theatre's auditorium. One of the concerts was carried live by national television.
According to the website: "Over the course of event the premises of the NSK State Sarajevo were visited by more than 5000 people. According to information from Sarajevo both evenings saw several hundred people turned away from the building. The same sources say that the event was the best-attended cultural event in Sarajevo since the beginning of the war.".
Full details of the event may be read here.
Interested parties may wish to read Peter Clarke's Thesis on the NSK State.

Okinawan Flag
(Website maintained by Mr. Nobumasa Sato.)

This is a personal website, detailing one man's (very strong and well researched) opinion of why Okinawa Island should become independant from Japan.

Ontario flag
(Website maintained by the Ontario Independence League)

Orania logo
Village of ORANIA
(Republic of South Africa)

Not a seditionist movement, but a "whites-only" enclave in South Africa's Northern Cape province. Among the White Afrikaners living there is the the village's founder, Carel Boshoff, son-in-law of late prime minister Hendrik Verwoerd, the architect of South Africa's infamous apartheid policy.
The village, formerly known as Vluytjeskraal, was originally built on a developed farm but was later abandoned. The ghost town was put up for sale by the government in 1990 and purchased by members of the Afstig (the Afrikaner Freedom Movement). It is presently run by a company called Vluyteskraal Aandeleblok (Whistling Shareholders).
Recently, the village has established a local currency called the Ora. This has brought both attention and sarcasm to the community.
The concept of a "whites-only" community in de-segregated South Africa is not without harsh criticism.
The website is mostly in Afrikaans, but there are some English pages.

See also VOLKSTAADT Movement

Palestinian flag
(West Bank & Gaza Strip Regions, Israel)
(Website maintained by the Palestinian National Authority)

(Alternative Website)
Office of the President
International Solidarity Movement
Negotiations Affairs Department
Palestine Children's Relief Fund
Palestine Red Crescent Society
Palestine Remembered
Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine to UN
Reports from Rafah, Palestine (First-person reports on life in a refugee camp.)



Pukhtunistan Flag
PUKHTUNISTAN (Pashtunistan)
(Pashtun-dominated area of Afghanistan and Pakistan)

"Pukhtunistan is located on the junction of Central Asia and Indian Subcontinent. The land comprises of Afghanistan and Western part of Pakistan." - from the website
Also visit these sites:
Wikipedia entry on Pashtunistan
Biography on Pukhtunistan leader, Abdul-Ghaffar Khan
Additional information on him can be read here and here.

Quebec flag
(Website run by Parti Québécois)

Much of this website is in French, but there are selected articles in English. An approximate translation of the French content can be read via the AltaVista Online Translator.
A reader from Québec (who requested anonymity) sent me the following message (posted verbatim):
"I am from Montréal, the biggest city in Québec province. I was happy to see that Québec is part of the Sovereignty Projects & Governments-In-Exile section of your site. Unfortunately, you don't seem to have much information in english about the Québec Sovereign project.
"In Québec there is a political party called The Parti Québécois (that has been elected 2 times in a row (for a total of 8 years) but has been defeated in march 2003). One of their goal is to realize this project."
The reader suggests this English language FAQ on PQ's website.
Merci, mon ami!


Rapanuian Flag
(Chileian Island)

There are reports about small but growing independence and pro-autonomy movements on this island, better known for the ancient and enigmatic giant statue heads that dot the shoreline. If you know of a website for such groups, please forward the URL to me.
Thanks to David Stanley for this information.



Rhodesian flag
(Zimbabwe, fomerly known as Rhodesia)

The following is taken verbatim from the website:
"Homeless, stateless, rudderless, brainless... Rhodesians have heard it all before, and have now decided to act decisively to ready themselves for a return to their proud status of yore (well, pre-1980 anyway), those heady days when the fledgling Rhodesian Empire was expanding and flexing its muscles, ready to play a leading role in world affairs as the newest souperpower, just before scurrilous Pommy, Slopey and Yankee politicians pulled the plug and turned it into a new Chocolate Nation...
"The Rhodesian Government in Exile is preparing for a return to power in the near future, and is forming a shadowy cabinet of bold, fearless men, ready to grab the reins when the time is ripe. If it cannot be done peacefully, we will return to the bush and wage a new Chimp-urenga, or Gorilla war."

Part satire, part protest. Definately not for the politically correct!

See also Republic of ZIMBABWE

Rom Flag
(Stateless Ancestry)

Around the year 1000 C.E., members of India's Banjara tribe are believed to have migrated north to Europe, mingled with other tribes, and formed the people we know today as the Rom, commonly known as "Gypsies" (a corruption of "Egyptian", where they are known as "Dom").
During World War Two, the Rom were the only other race (besides the Jews) marked for genocidal extermination by the Nazi regime. During the Holocaust (or as the Rom call it, "porrajmos" ["The Devouring"]), between 500,000 to 1,500,000 Rom were systematically exterminated in concentration camps. There have been reports of serious consideration to save a number of Rom/Gypsies in a type of "human zoo" after the Nazis finalized their plans for global conquest.
Today, approximately 12,000,000 Rom live in Europe (contrary to popular belief, only 5% are nomadic), and thousands of others live elsewhere around the world. Still, they have no homeland. In many countries, they are forced to live in poverty, are subject to racist harrasment by legal authorites, and are considered outsiders and outcasts (sometimes even being denied their citizenship).
The International Romani Union (IRU)*, recognized by the United Nations, is attempting to form a diplomatically recognized, non-territorial nation with a "floating" parliment, financed by taxes paid by Rom citizens around the world.
Interested parties should contact them directly at their office in Prague:
International Romani Union
Pod Strasnickou vinics 6
Praha 10
Strasnice, 100 00 Czech Republic

Fax: +420-2-747-83886
Another address has been listed for this group on the United Nations website:
International Romani Union
58 Country Oaks Drive
Buda, TX 78610-9338 USA

Fax: 1-512-295-4772

Below are other Rom-related websites. They include links to even more Rom-related resources:
Association of Gypsies/Romani International
Dom Research Center (Egyptian Rom)
Domari (Israeli Gypsies)
European Roma Rights Center
Flamenco World (Flamenco is a fusion of Spanish and Rom folk music)
Es Flamenco (Flamenco website based in Spain. Content in English, Spanish and Japanese)
Independant Journalism Foundation (Concerning anti-Rom bigotry in the media)
Pavee Point (Irish Travellers)
Roma Chat (Website is mostly in Romani)
Roma Community and Action Centre (Canada)
Roma Media Fund
Roma National Congress
Roma News Network
Rroma Gypsies Organization
Union Romani



"At least 5,000 racial, ethnic, linguistic and cultural groups are lumped together into only 189 nation states. Most of the world's violent conflicts are related to struggles for dominance within or independence from some large, multi-national nation state. A large percentage of the world's people (especially in populous India, China, Indonesia and Africa) would choose to secede from their respective nation states if given the opportunity." - from the website
A libertarian-themed discussion and news site on secessionist movements worldwide.



Scottish flag
(United Kingdom)
(Website maintained by the Scottish National Party.)
See also Celtic Congress and Celtic League.

Seborgian Flag
Principality of SEBORGA
(Italy) (Seborgian Consulate Page)

Seborga is a small principality in Italy, with a pedigree that dates back to the 10th century, giving it a legal basis for independence.


Srpskan Flag
Republic of SRPSKA

(Website maintained by Republic of Srpska Government)

"Republic of Srpska is proclaimed on 9th of January 1992, and as a State Entity verified by Dayton Peace Agreement and signing of peace accord in Paris, on 14th of December 1995, with which was ended the 3,5-years war.
"The frontiers of the Republic of Srpska have been defined by the internationally recognized border with Yugoslavia and the Republic of Croatia and the inter-entity boundary with the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Both these lines were established with no regard to basic principles of delineation between peoples (ethnic, historical, natural-geographic, functional-economic, military-strategic)."
- from the website


Taiwanese flagFlag of the Taiwanese Indepedence Movement

See also:
New Taiwan
Remember 228
See also the UNPO Database.

The Republic of China was founded in 1911, and was a founding member of the United Nations (it retained a seat representing China until 1971).
The island and province of Taiwan has been under the administration of the Nationalist Government of China since the Mainland was overthrown by the Communists (led by Mao Zedong) in 1949, and is considered a Government-In-Exile by some authorities.
The People's Republic of China (P.R.C., "Mainland" or "Red" China), considers Taiwan a "renegade province" and has often threatened "restoration" (a deceptive euphemism for military invasion and annexation of Taiwan with the total abolition of the Nationalist Government).
The Taiwanese constitution still claims sovereignty over the whole of China and (Outer) Mongolia, and still controlls Taiwan and outlying islands in the southeast China region and the South China Sea. Taiwan is diplomatically recognized by 30 countries around the world.
Some in Taiwan are demanding that the Nationalist Government reclaim its authority over the Mainland. Others seek total independence from the P.R.C.
Others note the unofficial economic relations between the two Chinas (many businesses in Tiawan have factories on the Mainland), and insist that this is all sabre-rattling on both sides.
According to micropatriologist DD Ting, "...the independence movement of Taiwan and the [Republic of China] are in fact two different concepts with different historical and territorial claims.
"Technically speaking, Taipei municipality is only the provisional capital of the ROC as announced in 1949 (the official capital is still Nanjing {or Nanking} in...Mainland China). The ROC government has a National Unification Council which is governed by the "Guidelines for National Unification". So although the present ruling party of the ROC government, i.e.. the Democratic Progressive Party, is pro-Taiwan independence, the ROC government is still in fact a government in-exile which claims sovereignty over the whole of China, unless someday in the future it officially [denounces] the claim."
He also recommends the following sites:
Official Website of the Office of the President of the Republic of China (Taiwan)
Guidelines for National Unification" (Official Taiwanese Gov't website)
Taiwan Independence Party (Website in Chinese)
World United Formosans for Independence
Democratic Progressive Party (Present ruling party of Taiwan, Pro-Indepednence)
"Mainland Affairs and Unification Policy"
Coalition of Unification in China (Website in Chinese)
New Party (Pro-Unification) (Website in Chinese)
People First Party (Pro-Unification) (Website in Chinese)
Kuomintang (Nationalist Party of China) (Ruling party of the ROC 1928-2000. Founded by Dr. Sun Yat-sen)
"Republic of China" (Personal pro-unification website. In Chinese) The official website of the (Mainland) government of the People's Republic of China (PRC) which provides information from their point of view (in short, a propaganda website).

TE PITO O TE HENUA ("The Navel of the World")
("The Navel of Mother Earth")

Tibetan flag
Kingdom of TIBET
(Government-In-Exile, People's Republic of China [Occupied Tibet])
(Website maintained by the Goverment of Tibet In-Exile)

The Kingdom of Tibet, an independent, sovereign nation, was invaded and annexed by the People's Republic of China (PRC) on 10 March 1959, and many of the native Tibetans face persecution for practicing their traditional Buddhist faith and for using the Tibetan language. Many of their temples have been destroyed and much of the land has been heavily mined, leaving many sections barren. Their leader, His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, Tenzin Gyatso (1989 Nobel Peace Prize winner, pictured below), currently resides over the Government In-Exile on donated land in India.
In both the PRC and Occupied Tibet, to fly the Tibetan flag (pictured above), to print anything in the Tibetan language, or even to display a photo of the Dalai Lama, is to risk imprisonment. Many of the faithful display an empty frame to protest this prohibition.


His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet
His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet,
giving a commencement speech at Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Other Related Websites:

Drepung Loseling Monastery, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Free Tibet Campaign
International Campaign for Tibet
The Milarepa Fund
Mongolian & Tibetan Affairs Commission (of Taiwan) (Website in Chinese)
Online Tibet Resource Gathering of Tibet Support Groups
Tibet Rights Campaign
UNPO Database (Tibet listings)
China Tibet Information Center [The official People's Republic of China [PRC] site on Tibet. Mostly a propaganda piece, since none of the content deals with the Chinese invasion, and they call the Dalai Lama a "seperatist".]

Flag of Trans-Dniester

Self-proclaimed republic, founded by ethnic Russians on the shores of the Dniester river, that has broken off from Moldova (The capital city is Tiraspol). The sedition was brought about when ethnic Russians opposed the use of Moldavian (Romanian) as the official language. No nation has recognized Trans-Dniester, but it does have a notable history, a national currency, and a number of related websites:
Trans-Dniester Republican Bank
OLVIA-PRESS (Trans-Dniester Information Agency, Tiraspol)
Kvint Wine & Cognac Distillery
Article on
Flags of the World listing
More websites can be found on the TMR On The Net page.
Thanks to John R. Scharff.





Flag of Ulster
(Northern Ireland)
(Website maintained by Ulster Nation Magazine)

Ulster is the much fought-over territory also known as "Northern Ireland"*. While part of the island of Ireland, it is officially British. There are those who seek to keep it British, those who want it part of Ireland, and those, such as the ones who run this website, who would like to have it a seperate, sovereign nation.
*These are the counties of Antrim {Aontroim}, Armagh {Ard Mhacha}, Derry (or Londonderry) {Doire}, Down {An Dún}, Fermanagh {Fear Manach} and Tyrone {Tír Eoghain}.
Thanks to David Nevin.

Flag of the United States of America
(Protest group)

Formed in protest to the election(?) of President George W. Bush.
"...we now move to form the United States Government-in-Exile, to preserve the fires of liberty and the heritage of self-determination until such time as democratic and Constitutional rule returns to the United States of America."- from the website
"[Bush] didn't actually steal the White House from Al Gore, he just brutally wrestled it away from him in the darkness of one swampy Florida night. He got mugged, and the local Cops don't give a damn..." - Dr. Hunter S. Thompson
This website has been off-line as of 4 August 2002. Any information will be welcome.
Other related sites can be found linked at


Inverted Vatican Flag

"With the death of Pope Pius XII, according to Canon Law, the Papacy became vacant and the election of Angelo Roncalli as apparently Pope is actually invalid." - from the website
(The Vatican City flag is displayed inverted on this website.)

Boer Freedom Flag
(Republic of South Africa)

There is a movement to start a seperate White/Afrikaner homeland in South Africa (Ironic, since seperate "Tribal homelands" or "bantustans" were established during apartheid to deny South African blacks their citizenships).
The following are related websites:
Boer Cyber Volkstaadt
Freedom Front (Vryheidsfront)
Southern Africa In Crisis

See also ORANIA




Unofficial postage stamps issued by the Alberta Provincial WCC

An independence movement for Canada's western provinces.

Flag of the S.A.D.R.
(Website maintained by the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic [SADR])

Disputed territory under Morocco's occupation and a small part is under the control of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), established by the Polisario Front (accepted by the Organization of African Unity as member states).
Multi-lingual website (French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese). See "Site Map" for your choice of language.


Kingdom of YAP (United States of America)
Link moved to Model Countries

Principality of YVETOT (Normandy, France)

This French language website is dedicated to a small principality in Normandy that supposedly was never officially annexed by France. The managers of this website are hinting of ressurecting Yvetot's sovereignty.


Zimbabwian Flag
Republic of ZIMBABWE

SW Radio Africa bills itself as "The Independent Voice of Zimbabwe". Founded by expatriate Zimbabwian radio news reporter Gerry Jackson after her attempt of starting an uncensored radio station in Zimbabwe, "Capital Radio", was stormed by police on orders from President Robert Mugabe only six days after broadcasts began. (She previously worked for the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation but was fired for taking live telephone calls from listeners during the 1997 food riots, reporting on accusations of police brutality.)
With the base of operations in London, England, and shortwave transmitters in the Republic of South Africa, the station broadcasts uncensored news into Zimbabwe for three hours every day (6 to 9 PM Zimbabwe Time on 4880 kHz, 60m band), defying the official government line of Zimbabean radio and TV.
The station also webcasts live (see website for schedule), and has archived programs on the site (Windows Media Player is required). The website also provides text news and a message board for expatriate Zimbabeans.

Another site of interest is the President Robert Mugabe parody site.


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