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Free State of Danzig


and Falsifications of Polish History


und die Faelschungen seiner Geschichte

The Crime of Our Age

Human Rights and Justice for Danzig
not just for Tibet

The Uknown History of the 1939 German-Polish Conflict


Danzig seeks fair Justice  

Justice delayed is Justice denied!

Lest we forget

We accuse

Truth Must Prevail

Application for UN Membership

Demand to set the record straight

Case for Restitution

The Image of the German in Polish Literature

Imperishable, Immortal Pain

Allied War Crimes

Pre WW I Germany Map

Chamberlain's Speech Before the House of Commons at the Eve of WWII

Danzig Gulden

Why and How the SECOND WORLD WAR Happened

Polnische Netze ueber Danzig

Germany and the Polish Corridor (In German)

History: City State of Danzig

Death of a City, Apocalypse

Apocalypse at Dresden

Genocide: Secrets of the West

Marienburg ( Essential reading for any Polish Student of History)

Polish Ethnic Cleansing

Free City of Danzig and Judgement at Nuremberg

Seeds of Disaster (H.G. Wells)

Governments-in-Exile Unprepresented (UNPO)

Alte Danziger Erinnerungen

Karl-Heinz Jessner

Polish Pre-War Imperialism


Why the World had to be pushed into an Abyss over the Danzig Problem

Inside Poland before 1939

Death in Poland

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